Criminal Minds Review: "Out of the Light"

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Criminal Minds returned last night with "Out of the Light," a typically strong episode in which a southern tourist town is rocked by a young woman's plunge from a bridge.

We begin with a girl trying to escape the UnSub, while Hotch is shown running as well ... after Jack at a soccer game. He's trying to balance fatherhood and the FBI.

The woman survived the fall, but suffered similar injuries to a case three years ago. The woman been raped and tortured but was able to somehow escape her assailant.

Rossi Pic

Reid tries to get answers from the girl at the hospital, but "he has mercy" is the only info they can get before she slips away. At the crime scene, more graves are discovered.

Some of them are a decade old, as well, in a case becoming more eerie by the second. Putting the pieces together, Hotch has Garcia look into suspects with sexual offenses.

Marcus Talbot, a teacher at the local school, is the prime candidate, at least at the onset, when Morgan finds a bloody sweatshirt emblazoned with the victim's college name.

He insists, despite Rossi and the local Sheriff's interrogation, that he didn't go it, while Morgan and Reid find pictures of underage girls, which he says his art students took.

Marcy's parents show Hotch texts from her, and he puts together the fact that her parlance changed and that the UnSub was using the phone, which we previously witnessed.

Rossi is just about to nail Talbot, or so he thinks, before the K-9 unit finds another grave that's indicative of someone framing Talbot. But who - and where is Marcy then?

The BAU must then walk the tightrope of keeping Talbot in custody even if they know he didn't do it, because of what he does know, while the sheriff still wants to nail him.

Morgan and Rossi continue prying whatever they can from Talbot, while Seaver talks to Marcy's parents about what the family does, learning that she sang at their church.

No one at the church had priors, but glass fragments and lead in Angela's body can be traced to stained glass, and Garcia comes across Robert Bremmer, the new suspect.

Robert's wife drove a car into a lake because he wouldn't let her leave with their daughter. Hotch fears Bremmer plans to reenact the event and die with Marcy in the lake.

A police checkpoint doesn't deter Bremmer, who speeds past it, leading Morgan to chase him on foot and dive into the lake to save Marcy, which is how the episode began.

Morgan gives Marcy CPR and brings her back to life. He was front and center this week, as was Seaver in a more prominent role than we've seen in many past episodes.

It was also nice to see Hotch doing the family thing. Rossi joining him as his assistant on Jack's soccer team is a fun image, too. Good leadership for the youngsters.

What did you think of this week's Criminal Minds? Discuss!


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This is more like a summary of the episode than a review.


You realize that if you shoot a pistol underwater, the bullet won't travel much further than a foot, let alone the glass that was in the way....


I, too enjoyed this episode, and I agree, the underwater scene was very well done. I think my personal favorite banter was between Rossi and Hotch regarding Jack's soccer game and the fact that they don't keep score at Jack's age. I like the fact that they are showing Hotch more as a single parent rather than ignoring the fact that Jack exists like a number of other shows do. Good job.

Sue ann

I was bemused to see the JJ haircut on Seaver. Also, I believe they said that the daughter his wife drowned herself with was his step-daughter, not his daughter. I may have mis-heard that.


I watch the show last night. I,m glad they were able to catch the one holding the kidnapped girl;but, they seem to have let go the other suspect who still might be involved in the crime. Also it never showed which suspect had dug up those skeltons.


I thought registered sex offenders weren't allowed to work at schools -- or have underage girls come over to be photographed in summer community programs. I don't understand why at the end they let the Talbot guy go on as usual -- perving out??


The underwater shooting scene was hilariously bad, and Morgan's "Stay with me!" during CPR was so Hollywood. Also, gotta love the case of the disappearing Seaver, and the spontaneous rain. They gave a lot of stupid lines to Seaver too, like "Cut him off, Hotch!"


The underwater shooting sence they should add to the opening cerdits


Loved the show last night - it held my interest through its entirety. Good to see the team working together well, including Seaver. Enjoyed the little "personal" touches they added here and there throughout the episode. I agree with Michael, the underwater shooting was amazing. AND, it was great to see "Hotch" in no tie, t-shirt and jeans, with his son, coaching (with Rossi helping too!), smiling AND laughing. Loved to hear that beautiful Thomas Gibson laughter! It comes straight from his heart and soul! Only two more episodes to go and then the long wait until September. Hope all goes well with Thomas's and Shemar's contracts.
And Paget's as well! Guess we'll have to just wait and see. Wishing them the very best!


was I the only one who thought the shooting underwater thing was cool also I know most show do thing when a father or monther become a single parnet but please don't trun jack bad don't make him a drug dealer or a gothic do something cool for a change.

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