Criminal Minds Season Finale Review: "Supply & Demand"

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After a season of controversy where fans provided the demand, CBS provided the supply in the form of Jennifer "J.J." Jareau's declaration that she is returning to the BAU team in the Criminal Minds season finale, "Supply & Demand".

While exciting, to be sure, she came back in the last 40 seconds of the episode with one line to Rossi that confirmed she was coming back.

This was also not really a surprise to many of the show's die-hard fans, since it's been rumored for more than a month that A.J. Cook was returning full time. But it is nice to end the season of at least one show with happy news!

A.J. Cook is Back!

I was on pins and needles after the initial meeting where the BAU team members were each informed that they would be given an opportunity to leave.

After watch Monday's Castle season finale, I was not sure if the show had another trick up its sleeve and be sneaking in a death or departure of its own.

Thankfully everything ended up okay, or as okay as things can be.

My favorite addition to this episode was Andi Swan, played by Amy Price-Francis. I really enjoyed her work on The Chicago Code as Dina Wysocki, but that really does pale in comparison to the strong, bold, confident, agent she portrayed this week.

I don't know if we will see Swan again anytime soon but with The Chicago Code not being renewed by Fox, maybe we will get lucky.

While the case that the team worked on this week was mostly enjoyable, I was very disappointed with the big "twist" of Lucy appearing to be a victim and actually being the leader.

We just had an episode of Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior where they used the same trope. So, I had it nailed in about 30 seconds when Lucy looked at Renee all surprised that she had counted the guards.

Apparently when the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, it also borrows plot devices.

Of course, I do love how much more of Garcia we get to see and interact with on Criminal Minds as opposed to Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior.

It is great to see her interact with Morgan, who is clearly her rock and homing beacon on the team, helping her stay grounded and finding her way back to safe ground when things go crazy.

We also got to see her with Kevin and they are so cute together. My hat is off to Nicolas Brendon; itís good to see his skills from playing a teenage nerd as Xander have served him well while playing a 30-something nerd as Kevin.  

What did you think of the Criminal Minds season finale? Did you like Andi Swan? Are you glad J.J. is coming back full time? Sound off below!


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I Love criminal minds. It's my favorite show. Thomas Gibson is my favorite actor. I have confidence in the fact that he will sign his contract. CM would not be the same without him. In my opinion, he is the show. If he should leave, then I to will leave. I can not see CM going on without him. Hopefully that does not happen. Could there be a possibility of giving Hotch a love interest? that would be interesting and welcoming.


I want everyone from the team to stay. I want Emily back and for Reid to stay. How would they replace him. Unless they brought in Sheldon from Big Bang. Ha ha. But that wouldn't work the show is too serious. I didn't like the other Criminal mind show. Please please bring back Emily and keep everyone else including JJ. Oh and I agree with another writer. We should see more of JJ's husband. Maybe even include him on the team. He is a well liked character.


i love the show and do not want any of them to leave. also I love that JJ is coming back they should add her husband to the team Is she the new director or taking Hotchs spot as he would now become the director?


i get the feeling, that ALL of garcia's CM's crossover show eppies were filmed when she had "red-hair". also: thanks to whom ever explained the scene between jj and rossi, and how it was supossed to be between jj & hotch. alisa


I enjoyed the season finale and am glad that JJ is coming back. I still think it would be nice to see Morgan and Garcia have something more than a close friendship. They have such great chemistry! I didn't know Reid was leaving. That would be sad, he has an interesting personality and adds to the show.


I love this show,so glad JJ will be back. Hotch better not go ANYWHERE!!


@Christine, I wondered the same thing, she was blonde in CM, but red-head in CM:SB. Guess we will never really know since the other show was canned.


Matthew has a contract for next year as does Shemar. Thomas has still not signed. The final scene last night was originally to be between Hotch and JJ but was rewritten with Rossi because of the Thomas situation. This is not all that unusual because the SUV contracts and NCIS contracts have been outstanding at this time in previous years.


Well we just found out Reid is leaving


i'm wondering, HOW their gonna explain JJ returning to the BAU....after pretty much being FORCED to go to work for the DOD, last season. as for hotch: i have a feeling....he's gonna end of filling strauss's job, while she's out. as for emily: sorry fans of her's.....but, she can stay away.....imo, and my mom's....she was boring. just our opinion of course. alisa

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Criminal Minds Season 6 Episode 24 Quotes

Morgan: When was the last time it rained out here?
Rossi: Do I look like a weather man?

Garcia: I went to your online trafficking seminar last fall. You terrify me.
Swan: Sorry, I do remember you.
Garcia: Uh-uh, really?
Swan: Really, you asked great questions. I thought you nicked my powerpoint.
Garcia: I didn't but I could.
Swan: So I heard.