Desperate Housewives Review: "Then I Really Got Scared"

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I have to admit, I was a bit apprehensive that "Then I Really Got Scared" would fall on the boring side. This is only because a two-hour season finale is just around the corner.

However, last night’s Desperate Housewives wasn’t dull at all.

Actually, it was quite entertaining. With summer just around the corner, Tom surprised and/or blindsided the family with tickets for a Hawaiian vacation. The only problem was Lynette already had an RV camping trip in the works.

So, what did they do? They decided to make presentations to the kids, and let the kids cast votes and decide.

Lynette Pic

Unfortunately, the presentation ended with a huge fight between Lynette and Tom. While Tom confronted Lynette about her inability to handle his success, Lynette said it was him who didn’t know how to handle his own success. Poor Penny had to walk in on her parents fighting like that.

It’s no secret that Lynette is a control freak, and I do think that she has been having trouble lately dealing with Tom’s success. However, Tom could have easily talked to his wife about the trip and was out of line when he called Lynette a raging bitch.

I want Tom and Lynette to stay together, but I do think that they might need a break either together or apart. 

As always, Susan couldn’t seem to catch a break. She wanted her job back and wasn’t asking for forgiveness; she just wanted a second chance by showing she could help out at open house. Obviously, Susan’s previous job wasn’t particularly appropriate. Yet, how catty and smug were the other moms?

Susan was also still lending a helping hand to Paul by cooking for him. Meanwhile, evil Felicia was still poisoning the food. I still don’t understand how Mike, M.J., and even Susan haven’t had a bite of anything and gotten sick.

By the way, when Paul’s doctor told him that there was a possibility that he was being poisoned, I didn’t get why he quickly assumed it would be Susan. Sure, she was at the hospital with him at that moment and we knew that she’d been cooking for him. However, Felicia has been cooking for him, too.

Why wouldn’t he consider his worst enemy first?

It was funny watching Susan trying to get all of the poisoned cookies off of people’s plates, out of their hands, and off the tables. How embarrassing was it when the cops and Paul showed up at the school function to arrest Susan? Also, how the heck is she going to get her teaching job back now?

Moreover, I didn’t understand why Susan just didn’t tell Paul that it was Felicia who was poisoning his food and not her. That was just ridiculous.

Gaby’s certainly got some interesting parenting techniques. I always get a kick out of her teaching Juanita and Celia a lesson or two. Scary movies, though? And did Gaby really think that was just people walking by when Lee’s scary shadow appeared way too close to the tent?

I loved the dynamic of Bree and detective Chuck. Thanks to Renee’s background check skills, Bree found out that Chuck had a secret of his own – he’s married. However, he’s been separated for about a year.

Much to Bree’s dismay, Chuck also dug up his own dirt on her. Touché… right? Bree wasn’t too happy about it though. Consequently, she ran into some trust issues with Chuck. Luckily, they tried again for a normal date after an incident with a prostitute.

Bree and Chuck have chemistry, and I hope Chuck sticks around for Bree’s sake. With any luck, he’ll find out that creepy Felicia is the one who’s been trying to kill Paul.

Maybe he will also figure out who the mysterious man is outside of Carlos and Gaby’s house. My bet is that it’s her stepfather who molested her when she was a child. Gaby has been through numerous struggles this year, and I have a feeling she’s got much more to deal with before the season is up.

Overall, I liked this installment of Desperate Housewives and am looking forward to next week’s season finale.

As we prepare to bid adieu to season seven of Desperate Housewives, what would you like to see happen on next week’s two-hour season finale? What did you think of “Then I Really Got Scared”? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.


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Sorry if I came on strong. Just seems to me who else other than Lynette would be called control freak for planning what she was supposed to plan? Is she meant to have control of nothing?


I think Lynette deserves a major break. Let's not forget she was the one who was supposed to plan the trip according to their agreement. She let Tom know she did weeks beforehand. She plans a trip keeping in mind what Tom said he wanted to do (remember the rv idea a few seasons ago?) If Tom was supposed to plan the trip and Lynette pulled the same thing I imagine she'd be called control freak or worse. Nobody would care if the trip she planned was potentially the most awesome one ever-she'd be seen as insulting his manhood. She can't win.


@EmW the mayor didn't die when they threw him off the boat, he came back to haunt gaby in the very next episode, and then he died during the tornado episode during a fight with carlos, he got impaled by a stick...


Does no-one think the guy in the hat might be Gabby's ex the mayor? They never found his body when he went over the side of the boat....


Now that I am thinking about it I do think that her stepdad is dead. She was going to read him a letter at his grave, but it seems to be someone that wants to hurt her. I think this episode opened a lot of doors and maybe next season will actually be good. I also wish they would just let Susan live happily with Mike for at least a few episode if not a whole season. I love watching Desperate Housewives in HD because it gives it such a crystal clear picture. I work and subscribe to DISH Network and get the most HD in the industry with them. The best part is I get it free for life as a qualifying customer. I love that I can watch all my favorite channels in HD.I cannot wait until the finale!


God, the fights between Tom and Lynette are so repetitive... so boring! And what was that cry of Penny about? I mean, it's reasonable when a kid cries when seeing its parents fighting but in this case it must be like the most awkward moment in desperate housewives for a long time. It's like "yeah Tom, give it to that bitch" and then "ooooh stupid hgirl is crying"


Now it really gets heated with Susan and finally her storyline is exciting. Can't wait for that bitch Felicia to be caught. But there was another bitch in this episode that really annoyed me - Lynette! Man, her charactere is really getting annoying and her never-ending wish to become the man/boss/dictator/what-not of the household is getting tiring and BORING! Her story is such a filler. The writers apparently really don't know where to go with her anymore.


I personally hope the Creepy guy is not her Stepfather as I love Tony Plana as an Actor... Esp in Ugly Betty. But it is Desperate Housewives after all. Was I the only one who was annoyed that yet again there's a plot involving things not working out for Susan, why cant she just live happy for atleast 3 episodes.


I think Tom and Lynette should go on vacation and Tom runs into his Daughter he had while on a busniess trip and he remembers why he sent her away and what he loved about his family and makes things work as Lynette over comes her high horse. I think Bree and Chuck should start to date as, Susan tells the cops that the evila Felica was over helping her cook as Felica and Paul should be both locked up together.


@karen, you are correct. "Mama" Solis, Carlos's mother, obtained photographic evidence of Gaby's affair moments before she was accidentally run over by Andrew. She remained in a coma for months before awakening, and then slipping and falling to her death down a flight of stairs at the hospital. @Steph, In "Farewell Letter," Gaby wrote a letter to her stepfather for closure and was supposed to read it at his grave. However, she never made it to his grave. Maybe this was foreshadowing his arrival for last night. We'll find out in only six more days.

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