Desperate Housewives Season 8 Spoilers: A Secret and A Separation

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The seventh season finale of Desperate Housewives gave the ladies of Wisteria Lane a reason to bond this fall:

A dead body, courtesy of Carlos coming to Gaby's rescue, hidden in a trunk. How will this development affect season eight?

"The question now will be what will they do with this body?" producer Bob Daily said to TV Guide. "It will take a toll on them next season. That will prove an interesting wrinkle."

Gaby with a Gun

So will what appears to be the end of the one stable marriage in town: that of Tom and Lynette.

They "will not be divorcing," Daily says. "But when we come back next year, they will be going through a separation. Tom will be living elsewhere for a while. And I do think one or both at some point will dip their toes into the world of mid-life dating. But we will also look for them to find ways to fall in love again."

But not before a couple women, one of whom we know well, makes things tempting for Tom.

Desperate Housewives returns in September and will continue to air on Sunday nights.


when will desperate housewife season 8 come out!
are ther some who know it? can not wait to buy it!
and sorry for my bad language I come from Denmark! :)


ive been watching season 8 and after the christmas break or even before i have not seen M.J.(susan and mikes son) at all and when it came back on january 8 2012 i still have not seen him or they dont mention him.even when susan tries to leave for new york and to see gabbies stepdads family she didnt even mention about leaving him what so ever.can someone please help answer this im going crazy cause i feel like i missed out on something


When do they return? I can not see them anymore on ABC, Hulu, Netflix, Exfinity... Where did they go? What happened? Are they on a winter break too?
Happy Holidays:)
I'm craving!!! Bye and thank's for your answer in advance!


What happened to Lynette & Tom's baby!?!? I watch it every week but havent seen the baby... i feel like i missed something!


Im totally appauled by Toms behavior .......he and Lynette have been married many years and a seperation is not a invite to cheat its a goal to work towards mendings...or divorce, I dont believe in seperation ...either ya marry or divorce simple as, Tom is a total pig to me now and hope hes the one killed off the show!


eeeeek I'm lobing the show ! its finaly got its mystery back, which it did lack last season. I also agree I dont want to see Renee become the whore next door, she is to valuable as a character! Susan is my least fave, I LOVE bree, she's fierce, funny, tough and beautiful. As for lynetts and toms marriage... well there great together.. yeah Lynett is controlling but tom is a child and needs the foot up his ass.. Fair does she did push him to the job, but only to better himself. Tom changed when he got the job, lynett had always been controlling, she never changed. Tom did and for him not to tell her about his dating is awful. I love tom hes my favorite husband but my heart pours out to Lynette It would be nice to see gabby pregnant... we've seen all the wives go into labour except gabby. I just think whith her wicked humour and a preganancy would be epic. I'm board of these 'art' lessons of susans.. and mike has been dull. I think Susan is much more fun when shes getting herself into cringey situations. The art classes dont play a role in the story, I think they should bring back Julie marry her off and perhaps have susan kicking off with Julies mother-in-law .. something like that would be far more entertaining then watching Susan throw paint... and Im a art student. Bring back the peadophile from season 3, bring back the guy from the pizza place Lynette fell for, bring back Kayla, also bring back Gabby's maid from season 1 that carlos had an afair with, that could rattle a couple of shelves. Marry Julie off to John Rolland.. that would be interesting. I just think for the final season bring EVERYONE back. Even Zach Young. Would be great to have everything wrapped up


I bet they tie this season in with mary-alice by zachs mother they killed is related to gabys stepfather or someone in his family so they sent the letter i know what you done im going to telll to alice and now bree because they know she helped hide his body.Or all the past seasons were mary-alice imaging what would happen in years in too come if she was too kill herself.


I was so addicted to this i cant explain. It looks like its happening next door.I love this show :-)and waiting for season 8


I love ALL the housewives!!!! This is MY favorite show I'm OBSESSED!!!! Of course, Gabby is my favorite I love her Style Lynette's attitude, Susan's bubbly personality, and Bree's perfect life style...Can't Wait till Sept. 25th!!!


I hope lynette gos out with Rick Colleti from season three! She implied she fell for him. :) tom shouldn't go on a date with Renee, would be wird and I love Tom! ;D Lynette and Tom should get back together towards the end of the series and they should get along because they are so good together! Kayla should come back to stir things up but not for too long because she was a tad annoying. When Tom and Lynette get back together they should start dating again and go to a resturant and happen to bump in to laura Leighton and William H. Macy (their real parteners) who are also on a date! Ooh yeah Susan should go die down and hole because she is annoying, sorry to those of you who are Delfino fans! :D

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I love you once. I love you twice. I love you more than beans and rice.


(after Andrew tells her he hates her) The opposite of love isn't hate. It's indifference. And if you hate me, that means you still care, and we're still connected and I still have a chance to set you right.