Desperate Housewives Season 8 Spoilers: A Secret and A Separation

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The seventh season finale of Desperate Housewives gave the ladies of Wisteria Lane a reason to bond this fall:

A dead body, courtesy of Carlos coming to Gaby's rescue, hidden in a trunk. How will this development affect season eight?

"The question now will be what will they do with this body?" producer Bob Daily said to TV Guide. "It will take a toll on them next season. That will prove an interesting wrinkle."

Gaby with a Gun

So will what appears to be the end of the one stable marriage in town: that of Tom and Lynette.

They "will not be divorcing," Daily says. "But when we come back next year, they will be going through a separation. Tom will be living elsewhere for a while. And I do think one or both at some point will dip their toes into the world of mid-life dating. But we will also look for them to find ways to fall in love again."

But not before a couple women, one of whom we know well, makes things tempting for Tom.

Desperate Housewives returns in September and will continue to air on Sunday nights.

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I love this show... For being so unrealistic it shows personalities and relationships with more realism than any other show out the. I can relate to each of the characters.... Being a good southern girl who kept being forced into the perfect stepford role like bree, gabbys vanity and the tough exterior she puts up to protect herself, lynnettes fear of being out of control, and susans naïveté and silliness.I think we can all see a little of ourselves in them. I hope Tom and Lynnette work things out...even though I do want to slap her every five min...and him sometimes too. He needs to put on his big boy pants and stop pouting, and she needs to stop being so damn selfish. She did push him into the job after all.


MISS SUSAN LUCHI is joining the cast or just a guest star??
It think the guest stars make the show,
ex: Shirley Knight Polly Bergen Leslie Ann Warren.. past Carlos's mama ( sorry I forgot her name..loved her character she gave Gaby a run for her money,and beloved late Miss Dixie Carter) Lily Tomlin etc all very memorable...
Susan is too annoying and whining/// less of her
glad to see DANA DELANEY is gone.. never cared for her .. over rated actress HATCHER and DALANEY..
Miss Lynette be a bit more kinder to Tom .. lucky to have him
the villains are fun also.. DHW is a guilty pleasure..


I'm glad Tom is finally going to leave Lynette, I can't understand how they ever hooked up in the first place. I'm totally against divorce but in this case, there could be an anullment! Tom deserves a good and loving woman, finally!
I hate Susan so much, and so does my boyfriend haha , although towards the end of season 7 she started behaving a little less annoying than usual, but I hate it how the producer seems to favor her over the other ones, it's stupid! She's the ugliest most disgusting character!
I love Gaby and Carlos, they're my favorite too!


Gabby is the new Lucielle Ball. I'm soooooooo loving her. And yes, Lynette needs a break to find her way back to her man (going thru a similar situation). She just better watch her "friend" because she's been in love with Tom since college. September can't come fast enough.


I wanna see lyentte depressijon look like


Desperate Housewives is the best show ever. I love it so so so so much. Gabby is my favorite housewive. Her humor and STYLE keep it interesting (: When lynette and tom get back together i picture them kissing in the pouring down rain and falling back in love (:


I just simply love Desperate Housewives.........Gaby is my favorite
and i am so proud that i shared the same name with her......Lynette she is a gr8 Mother but as a wife she control so much.....Bree she is a perfectionist.........Susan she is so Hot......Can't wait to see the next season


i am extremely excited for season 8! I really can't wait. Carlos and Gabby will always be my favorite! Gabby's so funny! Im already counting on the days left till the season premiere- especially hearing about Gabby poll dancing! Truly enjoy watching every single episode!


Gabby n Carlos r my favorite couple, Lynette is just a control freak n its really annoying, y cnt she just handle toms success. cnt wait till September......2 start watching my favorite housewives :-(


i think at some point the pedophile from season three should move back in because nothing really happened lynettte found out the truth as he was leaving the lane :) i love desprate housewives so much cant wait till september i want there to be loads more seasons ;)