Exclusive Video Interview: The Vampire Diaries' Nina Dobrev Speaks to TV Fanatic!

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TV Fanatic was fortunate enough to visit The Vampire Diaries set in Atlanta, Ga., earlier this spring, and while there, we sat down for exclusive talks with the cast.

Check out our previous interviews with TVD stars Ian Somerhalder, Kat Graham, Paul Wesley, Steven R. McQueen, Sara Canning, Matt Davis and Candice Accola.

Our Vampire Diaries interview series concludes today with the show's leading lady herself, Nina Dobrev. Watch our three-part discussion with the actress below ...


I'm confused. According to her diary the writer, Gabrielle, went on set in March. All of these interviews are awesome and all... but why is this being posted in May? That doesn't make any sense. Granted, the material is still good and it's really cool to see Nina talk about stuff (as well as the other actors) I just don't see why the writer would post this so late.


Great actress!We love u gal,kip up the gud work.Cant wait for season three!Enjoy uaself,u deserve it.


Nina you are the best!!!
thankyou for all the emotional,scarry funny and romantics moments that you have bring to us.
All the VD fans love you so much Nina,have a nice hollidays you deserve it so much,see you on season 3!!!

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