Fairly Legal: Renewed for Season Two!*

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* With a twist.

USA network has renewed Fairly Legal for a second season. But co-presidents Jeff Wachtel and Chris McCumber, when making the announcement, implied that changes to the Sarah Shahi-led series may be afoot when it airs again in early 2012.

Judge Nicastro and Kate

"We think there is a creative and audience upside to the show," Wachtel said. "Not every first season is the best, and we think it is a show that can do better."

Might the biggest change be to bounce Michael Trucco from the cast? The actor will appear this month on How I Met Your Mother in a role that may become recurring in the fall. Stay tuned for more on both shows.

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Are you kidding me? The way of attracting more viewers is definitely not by letting Michael Trucco go!!! I personally watch the show just because of his characters´ and Kate´s relationship.
Without them, this show would go down.
The fact that Kate is a great mediator, but finds it impossible to manage her romantic life and is afraid to sort her own issues out is the main (and probably only) point of the show.
If you want to attract viewers let Kate resolve some of her own (characteristic) issues and work on herself. Because I can only imagine that, only very few people watch(or would watch)the show for her alone.


Do not bounce Michael Trucco from the cast!! He's the best!!!


Good Lord! Why change something that isn't broaken! The only reason I got hooked on Fairly Legal was because of Michael Trucco. Just loved him on Castle series, and now rumers he might not return to Fairly Legal! Sarah and Michael have such chemistry.The writers could go so far with their characters.Sarah can learn that everything doesn't revolve around her and her job.Michael should stop looking for her to be someone she isn't. He fell in love with her in part because of the way she is. Whatever happens ,I love the show, glad its returning! Please bring Michel back!


I love the fact that Fairly Legal is coming back for a 2nd season. But please don't change any or let go of any of the characters on the show. I liked the way it was on the 1st season.


Great new ! Good idea... no boyfriend, lot of fun !

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