Friday Night Lights Review: "Perfect Record"

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Two words: Jason Street.

Yep that's right, my beloved "Six" made a cameo in "Perfect Record" when he came to visit Coach Taylor. Aside from the fact that Street is now happily married and his family still prefers the ol' Panther blue, he was in Dillon to see if Coach was interested in pursuing any college offers.

It came as no surprise that Street got as many calls as he did about Coach, but Coach already had his hands full with the Lions. Rivalry week has never been a quiet time in Dillon.

Coach vs. Vince

Last season's pranks were nothing compared to what the Panthers pulled this year. While we didn't actually see the Panthers making the LionHater website, it smelled of all things blue and gold and Coach knew that.

Between him marching into a Panthers lunch and Buddy and his shotgun wielding friends protecting the field, they had the Lions covered. However it was too personal for the players themselves not to take the matter into their own hands.

In the past, Coach warned against the dangers of playing revenge football.

After Ruckle laid out the Panthers' wide receiver in about a nanosecond, it was clear the game was going to be anything but sportsmanlike. With more flags and violations than you could imagine, the Lions were leading.

Instead of taking a knee like they should have done, Vince proceeded to show off by making a 65-yard pass. Obviously Vince was showing off his arm to impress the recruiter in the crowd. I get that the boys were angry, but they took it too far.

Also, while it probably wasn't a direct violation, Ornette is on thin ice with Coach and shouldn't have been pursuing recruiters the way he was. In their confrontation he told Coach he was looking out for Vince's future.

In my opinion, he's doing more harm than good.

Another Dillon resident with a questionable future this week was Julie. It's clear she has no intention of heading back to school anytime soon, which forced Tami to take matters into her own hands.

The complete opposite of the Lions, Tami has a lot of restraint when faced with a bad situation. Then again, the icy glare she gave to Derek the TA was far more effective than any bad words she could have spewed.

Tensions are high in Dillon and it seems like the battle is only beginning. The only two people who seemed to be on a good path were Luke and Becky. That is, now that Luke has stopped pretending to ignore her!

Billy Riggins is good for a lot of things, but love advice? Eh, maybe not so much.


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@Kelly I agree. I love this show but it has a problem with continuity and dropped storylines.


So what happened to J.D. McCoy of the Panthers? We didn't see him, his father, or the coach that was hired to replace Coach Taylor at the end of season 3. J.D. was a freshman that year so he should still be at Dillon as a junior. Was any explanation given? I don't like this lack of continuity on a great show.


Excellent acting & writing as always...but Coach Taylor has lost control of his team. Case in point, Vince's defiance when he threw the bomb after being coached to take a sportsmanlike knee. Wouldn't this type of thing lessen Eric's chances for a college head coaching job? And our Tami, thought for sure she was going to confront the TA.