Glee Season Finale Review: Off to New York

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Nationals finally arrived, along the season finale of Glee, this week.

With "New York" as host to The New Directions and the other 49 top show choirs in the nation, the Naked Cowboy may have been looking for ear plugs as the group broke out its rendition of "New York, New York" in Times Square. And were we really to believe that Rachel didn't know "Cats" was no longer running? Tough start to the season's final episode, but it turned out to be a stumble and not a fall. 


Despite a few unrealistic moments, even by Glee standards, I thought it was a good finale. It didn't leave me with chills, or tears in my eyes, but it definitely had me chomping at the bit for next season.

The original songs didn't live up to the high standards set by "Get It Right" and "Loser Like Me," but that was strategic. The songs were mediocre and that was why they weren't in the top 10 (note to the Directions: don't wait until the day before to prepare your Nationals routine, okay?)

The writers did the storyline justice. The club got a taste of Nationals, but still failed to reach the ultimate goal. Next year with Blaine on their roster, they are a, dare I say, Schue-in? 

I felt the writers put too much emphasis on the kiss between Finn and Rachel being the scapegoat. I was shocked when the song finished and only Will stood and clapped. You're telling me the entire crowd agreed with Jesse that the kiss was common and vulgar? Please, I saw Lea Michele's breasts in Spring Awakening on Broadway and I didn't flinch for a second. It's art, people! Once again, though, I had to remind myself, it wasn't real, it was reali-Glee.

I liked seeing Artie and Brittany share center stage and how she threw a little Charleston into the choreography, but again the results were not a shock. We saw the level of competition they were up against when that Chelsea Handler look-alike belted out Usher. 

While the loss was tough to take, several moments more than made up for it. Santana's Lima Heights tirade; Blaine and Kurt's I love you's and the latter's Pip Pip Hooray; Samcedes!; and how a single Quinn scoffed at how even Zises was hooking up. 

Possibly my favorite moment was when Puck stood up and hugged Mr. Schue. Puck had some great moments in this finale, but please don't ever let him ride a skateboard again. That was just painful. 

I liked the cameo by the "Gas Man" from Dumb and Dumber, who told Will he had real talent. Also, the guard at the Gershwin Theatre letting Rachel and Kurt have 15 minutes on stage was a nice touch, although I'm not too sure if such a nice person exists in Manhattan. I didn't dwell on it too much, however, because I was completely moved by the duet we were treated to. The look in Kurt's eyes as Rachel pulled him to center stage and he looked out on the house was fantastic. 

I was underwhelmed by Finn and Rachel's big date. Patti LuPone made a cameo and Rachel told her she was her idol? I hope Barbara wasn't in the booth adjacent because you know what happens in booth adjacent. Bad things! I thought Rachel and Kurt had more chemistry during their breakfast at Tiffany's than she and Finn shared. It was also strange how they went from midtown to the West Village in subsequent scenes. The transition didn't quite gel with me. 

What did gel though was Quinn's new hair. No pun intended. Loved, loved, loved the new look, even though I had thought they would make more of a fuss over it. It also was a bit weird how she cared so little about the show choir competition after placing so much emphasis on something as frivolous as a school dance, but we have to suspend reality at times with this show and turn a blind eye to some of its inconsistencies.

Like, for instance, when Quinn was so cheery to Rachel and Finn as they walked into the choir room to close out the episode. Do haircuts really work that well, ladies?!?

Dustin was great in his return, as he tried to educate Will at the bar and Jesse dropped his usual lot of lines, as well. I didn't really care for the whole Sunshine scene or Vocal Adrenaline's performance either, for that matter. I was expecting something more. 

Brittany was preaching the truth to Santana and her words made for a great summation. Church was in service as she nailed this season's theme of acceptance. Like Rachel and Kurt sang to one another, everyone in the glee club is who they are today because they met each other.

They have been changed for the better for having met one another, just like I have been after watching this season unfold. Until next season, enjoy the reruns and look forward to the 3D movie. Next year, The New Directions are going to bring home the hardware! 

Did Finchel's kiss cost New Directions the title?


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@kreeto Will thinks he's a wonderful teacher cos the kids constantly call him 'the best teacher' and when you consider their other teachers (Sue, Coach Tanaka, anonymous teachers who throw shoes at them, Holly the creepy gropey teacher, numerous others who ignore them being bullied in hallways and Principle Figgins who without a thought humiliates a gay kid at prom) he probably is, even if he is lousy at his job, shouts at Rachel and is so judgemental, sanctimonius and preachy it makes me want to scream, punch the tv and vomit. Personally I don't get why the kids on meeting Coach Bieste haven't all decided she's a better teacher, she gets better results out of their work and she's a lovely person too (is never mean or judgemental or abusive, never oversteps anything or grinds against schoolboys while singing creepy sexy song).
Baffles me too.
They need to get rid of Will and replace him with a new funnier teacher like Sean Hayes (who can sing, dance and is a wonderful pianist as well as actor). I want the dark humour and laughs back on Glee, not all this vomitus maximus.


*about Quinn and Kurt sneaking out. Anyway, there's an awkward moment in which Will tells Dustin about how he has watched the Glee kids grown into mature men and women, and how that has been the joy of his life. I'm not sure if that is supposed to be sweet or what. I feel awkward because I never thought of Will as a good teacher. The only clue that I get that saying he's a good teacher is, himself. He keeps saying so and that's kinda annoying. Most of the time teachers know that they are good teachers when the students performed in the exam and got good grades. With all the fights and backstabbing in the Glee club, I don't think he should be thanked for doing a lousy job 'teaching' the kids. And Kurt, I don't think he should be so excited getting to perform in New York because he didn't help New Directions to win in the regionals. In fact he was 'playing for the other team' didn't he? I hope there wouldn't be as much flaws in season 3.


I had a flashback - Rachel in New York. The colours, the place, the moves,the cap. A tribute to the Mary Tyler Moore Show? The ep. Not much to say about it.
The writer must have been very tired or out of ideas (or both) when he wrote it.
Hope the scripters take a nice, long vacation and come back with something better. Kurt and Rachel on a Broadway stage, or at Tiffany´s, yes, I liked that- it nourished my "that´s what I would have done". Puck and Lauren at the hotel bar, well, I would have given the guy a drink, because by now, he looks his age.
And when he was on the skateboard a "when was the last time he did that, 10 years ago?" flashed through my mind. Quinn, getting a haircut. Who told the writers that when somethings changes in a womans life, she will change her look? Let me tell you, it´s a myth. And in this case, it did not help the story at all. I am one of his "Kurtsies", I love Kurt and Blaine.
Sam and Mercedes? Why not, give ´em a chance people. Finn and Rachels, break ´em up, the story is over and so dead, not even a heart transplant could save it. Don´t try to ride a dead horse. But Artie and Brittany, let them sing together, let her dance! Give ém more story line.
Please don´t let her "change" and get together with Santana, that would be too forced.
Bring in a new love interest for Santana, why not one of the naughty girls from that other show choir? Let fire meet fire! Bring in some new ideas and I will look forward to start watching S3


I quite frankly think was a horrible sseason finale, but I love the new Sam/Mercedes relationship. They are soo cute. I also loved Blaine/Kurt absolutely it:)


the finale got off to a slow dissapointing start but dare i say i actually loved this episode ! i was actually happy to see finchel get back together ( unlike many others :( ) kurt and rachel having breakfast at tiffany's was really cute too ! i think the producers made the right choice by letting new directions just miss out as this means they will be better next year and will (hopefully) win :) dustin goolsby was HILARIOUS and brought some laughs to the show which is lacking in them considering its a comedy !
i LOVE glee and will definitely be watching season 3 ! despite all criticisms glee is one of my favourite shows and i loved this installment ! :)


@Bells You are so right! The only thing I like in this episode is when Santana went off on Rachel. Finn and Rachel, are clearly selfish as you could see at the end of the episode when they say the kiss was worth it even though it costs them (the whole New Directions) nationals. Complete jerks. Anyway, remember last episode about Quinn's sudden calm about Finn dumping him. She told him that she got a plan. Please don't tell me her plan was to tell on Rachel and Finn about them sneaking out to Mr Schu? What do think Mr Schu is gonna do, even if the kids do drugs? I don't think he would ever kick off any one of those kids no matter what they do because he wants them to win. Quinn please come up with a better plan next time. Speaking of Mr Schu, I don't see why the kids should be upset about him leaving. They don't need him. Remember in the pilot when Mr Schu decided to leave to become an accountant? Without him, Finn put the team together and they performed the epic Don't Stop Believing. Mr Schu has been drilling into their heads that he's important for them to win.


This was a bit dull for a season finale. I am so sick of Finn and Rachel (Finchel? first time I saw that was in this article). I am so bored with both of them. Individually and as a couple. I would like Glee to focus on ANYONE but them next season. Quinn looked wicked hawt after that haircut. Not that she doesn't usually.


I thought it was a good episode but they really kissed on stage not right before or right after? lol it was cute though. But what made me mad was there was hardly any Emma and Will and the episode went by really fast!


I am disappointed. Disappointed I tell you! I'm THIS close to dropping this show like last week's pizza box. First of all, I truly despise the whole Finchel thing. Why so much emphasis? why can't they just forget about dating for one minute and be serious? by "they" I dont mean the characters, I mean the writers. Or focus on something else other than Finn/Rachel. I knew it was gonna be a horrible episode from the get-go ever since Rachel says "I made it". The big date thing was awful. Don't even get me started on the kiss. I didn't even realise this kiss was supposedly "taboo" until after nobody clapped. Bah. Total lies. And then the lack of plot for the other characters. Am i supposed to believe that after the haircut, nobody, NOT ONE GIRL or Kurt was asking Quinn questions about it, and she's the Queen Bee? I would be shocked if I were a student at their High School! I would even wonder if I should cut my hair too just like hers. Next, I didn't care for Mr. Schue and him leaving for Broadway. I almost didn't notice he was there the whole time. Yeah right. Like I'm ever gonna be misled about him leaving. There was little build up and horrific writing overall. They should learn a thing or two from the writers of Castle TV series. Lastly, I dont like Samcedes. DamonElena�FTW was right. It's too stupid and forced. It's like they're trying to pull of a Monica/Chandler from Friends but failed miserably even before it started. The only things I appreciate in this episode were the vibrant colours of the fashion choices (very chic), Santana's explosion and the scene in the boys' hotel room, especially Sam talking with his mouth full, that's as close as Glee ever came to portraying a high school student in this damn season.


This was not the best episodes of Glee. It was mediocre as their original songs this episode and the last three or four episodes were better. The unrealistic turnabouts aside, I think a handful of characters were great for accepting their loss. Like Blaine and Brittany. They have learned to accept that winning is not everything and because of Glee Club they changed for the better. I can't believe they have only one year left. So what will happen after that? Can't wait for Season 3 though. Things I love about the episode:
-Rachel and Kurt's breakfast at "Tiffany and Co." and their singing at the stage of Wicked
-The three popular girls bonding (Idk, but I really loved it)
-Dustin and Will at the bar... Dustin was hilarious!
-Puck hugging Mr. Shue and the rest follows
-Santana's Lima Heights Adjacent rant
-Klaine's I love you's
-Kurt's Pip Pip Hooray
-The 12th place banner and trophy

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