Glee Season Finale Review: Off to New York

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Nationals finally arrived, along the season finale of Glee, this week.

With "New York" as host to The New Directions and the other 49 top show choirs in the nation, the Naked Cowboy may have been looking for ear plugs as the group broke out its rendition of "New York, New York" in Times Square. And were we really to believe that Rachel didn't know "Cats" was no longer running? Tough start to the season's final episode, but it turned out to be a stumble and not a fall. 


Despite a few unrealistic moments, even by Glee standards, I thought it was a good finale. It didn't leave me with chills, or tears in my eyes, but it definitely had me chomping at the bit for next season.

The original songs didn't live up to the high standards set by "Get It Right" and "Loser Like Me," but that was strategic. The songs were mediocre and that was why they weren't in the top 10 (note to the Directions: don't wait until the day before to prepare your Nationals routine, okay?)

The writers did the storyline justice. The club got a taste of Nationals, but still failed to reach the ultimate goal. Next year with Blaine on their roster, they are a, dare I say, Schue-in? 

I felt the writers put too much emphasis on the kiss between Finn and Rachel being the scapegoat. I was shocked when the song finished and only Will stood and clapped. You're telling me the entire crowd agreed with Jesse that the kiss was common and vulgar? Please, I saw Lea Michele's breasts in Spring Awakening on Broadway and I didn't flinch for a second. It's art, people! Once again, though, I had to remind myself, it wasn't real, it was reali-Glee.

I liked seeing Artie and Brittany share center stage and how she threw a little Charleston into the choreography, but again the results were not a shock. We saw the level of competition they were up against when that Chelsea Handler look-alike belted out Usher. 

While the loss was tough to take, several moments more than made up for it. Santana's Lima Heights tirade; Blaine and Kurt's I love you's and the latter's Pip Pip Hooray; Samcedes!; and how a single Quinn scoffed at how even Zises was hooking up. 

Possibly my favorite moment was when Puck stood up and hugged Mr. Schue. Puck had some great moments in this finale, but please don't ever let him ride a skateboard again. That was just painful. 

I liked the cameo by the "Gas Man" from Dumb and Dumber, who told Will he had real talent. Also, the guard at the Gershwin Theatre letting Rachel and Kurt have 15 minutes on stage was a nice touch, although I'm not too sure if such a nice person exists in Manhattan. I didn't dwell on it too much, however, because I was completely moved by the duet we were treated to. The look in Kurt's eyes as Rachel pulled him to center stage and he looked out on the house was fantastic. 

I was underwhelmed by Finn and Rachel's big date. Patti LuPone made a cameo and Rachel told her she was her idol? I hope Barbara wasn't in the booth adjacent because you know what happens in booth adjacent. Bad things! I thought Rachel and Kurt had more chemistry during their breakfast at Tiffany's than she and Finn shared. It was also strange how they went from midtown to the West Village in subsequent scenes. The transition didn't quite gel with me. 

What did gel though was Quinn's new hair. No pun intended. Loved, loved, loved the new look, even though I had thought they would make more of a fuss over it. It also was a bit weird how she cared so little about the show choir competition after placing so much emphasis on something as frivolous as a school dance, but we have to suspend reality at times with this show and turn a blind eye to some of its inconsistencies.

Like, for instance, when Quinn was so cheery to Rachel and Finn as they walked into the choir room to close out the episode. Do haircuts really work that well, ladies?!?

Dustin was great in his return, as he tried to educate Will at the bar and Jesse dropped his usual lot of lines, as well. I didn't really care for the whole Sunshine scene or Vocal Adrenaline's performance either, for that matter. I was expecting something more. 

Brittany was preaching the truth to Santana and her words made for a great summation. Church was in service as she nailed this season's theme of acceptance. Like Rachel and Kurt sang to one another, everyone in the glee club is who they are today because they met each other.

They have been changed for the better for having met one another, just like I have been after watching this season unfold. Until next season, enjoy the reruns and look forward to the 3D movie. Next year, The New Directions are going to bring home the hardware! 

Did Finchel's kiss cost New Directions the title?


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ok, it wasn't that bad, people! i hated the 'i love new york/ new york new york' scene but 'ligth up the world' was amazing. Heather just killed it!
about the kiss, i think it was a little too much, but Rachel was right, if you are an artist, you have to show how you feel, no matter what people think about you.
Quinn's new haircut was awesome.
My favourite part was when Santana'looses it', even though i couldn't catch a word of spanish there except 'cosas malas' (bad things)and i speak spanish so... weird.


ok the finale was just okay. but lets forget about season 2 and move on to season 3. personally i would like to see some more high school drama OTHER THAN RELATIONSHIP DRAMA.all high school kids arent in relationships and honestly most of us are single. there are other things we do OTHER THAN COMPLAIN ABOUT ARE RELATIONSHIPS they need to show the academic struggles, drinking alcohol, taking drugs and single life. and PLEASE MORE SUE. she still needs to get revenge on the glee club for stealing her best cheerios lol. MORE BRITTANA!!!!!!!!!!!!


this episode was bad by good television standards, but for a glee episode it was quite good. are you REALLY focusing on all the inconsistencies here? have we been watching the same show? te writing is crap on glee why do you act so suprised? we all watch it for the music and the one liners, it's all that the show has to offer. i absolutely loved the original songs, whereas i thought the original song loser like me sucked, (no changing the way i are?really?l-o-s-e-r?REALLY?) the show really needs to let matthew morrison go, he is so annoying as mr.shue and the actor itself should head to broadway, he doesn't fit here anymore. i'm not going to focus on the annoying stuff, because if i did i would have stopped watching 2 years ago(pregnancy storylines, will and emma, will and sue, the whole bullying dull), but this episode was entertaining, the original songs were good. but a big fail was : how can a glee club write in one day two original songs, prepare a routine, and inform the orchestra of the music? get real people


To answer your question - yes, a new haircut does miracles for a woman! :))


Quinn and Jesse together sounds perfect. He's ambitious the way Finn isn't and needs a Quinn to take charge of him just as much. Of course, she'd have to put him through school and/or support him until he gets a break on Broadway, but he will do his part (if she can keep him from forgetting about going to class, or keep track of where there are auditions, whichever! Like it ...


Howcome we didn't got so see Sue in this episode? Glee episodes without her making fun of will's hair are made out of borredom


The first song with the whole kiss thing = borring
The other one= not bad but still too weak to win nationals


My favourite characther in this episode was Santana mostly because of the vudu doll and her threat in spanish


I'd say that 12th out of 49 is not that bad...


I love Jessie.. More of him next season . Maybe him and Quinn and get together.

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