Glee Season Finale Song: "Light Up My World"

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Look out, New York City. The New Directions are bringing an original song to Nationals.

On the May 24 season finale of Glee, Rachel, Mercedes and company will take on the best choirs in the nation. And they'll do so armed with "Light Up My World," the latest single penned especially for this Fox hit.

Ryan Seacrest debuted the track on his radio show today and we hear shades of "Loser Like Me" in it. Give it a listen now and chime in: think it will carry William McKinley to the Nationals title?

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i love dianna agron and lea michelle follow me on twitter if u guys wanna hang out sometime this week i will be in new york city for the ball to drop hope to see some of my castmates and fans there ps bring something special and i will sign it xoxoxox


This song is awesome!!!!!! i love it!!!!!! i listened to it like 20 times already....
I really can't wait to see them perform it! it sounds as tho 4 - 5 of the cast members are singing in this song! I wanna see if I'm right! Santana starts it, followed by Arite, then Rachel jumps in along with Finn, back to Artie, then Rachel again with a line for Santana and the rest is the entire Cast....not sure i think so

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