Gossip Girl Caption Contest 154

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Welcome to the 154th Gossip Girl Caption Contest at TV Fanatic!

This week's Caption Contest winner is girlonfire. Congratulations!

Honorable mentions go out to CharlieTroutJack Bass doesn't like mushrooms and dee123. Thanks to everyone for playing and best of luck again next week!

Chuck and Serena Photograph

Serena: Is that true, you can get pregnant from sitting on a public toilet?
Chuck: ... Yeah, I need to go now.

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Chuck: One more go around... I need to clear the pipes
Serena: wait for it... wait for it... GO!


Chuck : I'm drunk and depressed .
Serena: I know , Have sex with me like you had sex with the raccoon .


Serena: It's over Chuck, Nate's with Raina now.
Chuck: I don't care... I just want to be the one with the Bieber haircut!


Serena: Now is not the time to unveil Magnum!
Chuck: That was CLEARLY Blue Steel.


Chuck: See? This is what I'd look like if I was a male model. Serena: No, Chuck, you're doing it wrong!


Serena: Wait Chuck what's my motivation again?
Chuck: I'm not going to tell you again!Now if you'll excuse me I need to remind Blair why she loves me so much.
Serena: You can't be serious? Just saying because I'm Chuck Bass is not going to whoo her back into submission.
Chuck: Ssh your the job is to stand there awkwardly and blend in with the furniture.
Serena: OH!Now I remember...this dress makes my boobs look awesome! What were you saying Chuck, I forgot?


Serena: Chuck, no, it's not your place!
Chuck: But it's a huge mistake! Dying your hair red, what were you thinking?


Chuck: No one understands what we have!
Serena: It's a scarf Chuck, it's time to let it go... *A little alteration on my other one. I really miss that scarf =(*


Serena : Chuck! You have to leave, it's my time to ruin Blair's night.


Serena: Chuck! You can't just bash Blair over the head and cart her off! UES is all out of enchanted towers with neither door nor stairs, and I seriously doubt Blair will let you climb her hair.

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