Gossip Girl Caption Contest 155

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Welcome back to the 155th Gossip Girl Caption Contest at TV Fanatic!

This week's Caption Contest winner is Katherine. Congratulations!

Honorable mentions go out to LuckyBastarda, Maz8645 and PatchPerkins. The winning entry appears below. Thanks to all for playing and best of luck again next time!

Jack Bass is Back Baby

Nate: Wait, wait, wait!
Chuck: What, Nathaniel?
Nate: We forgot to invite Dan to the Two And A Half Men recasting!

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La vritable rachel

kimmy bree should win ! ^^ha

La vritable rachel

Ed: I need all of you! Thanks for coming.
Chace: Why do you need us?
Ed: Jessica Szohr is off the show. I need some cheer up.


Chuck: Alright, fellows. Dweedle-Dee and Dweedle-Dum, get Blair here. Uncle Jack, rush to get the pregnancy test and Nathaniel...just go on thinking who´s got the most shiniest hair.


Nate: Wait, wait wait!
Chuck: What, Nathaniel?
Nate: We forgot to invite Dan to the Two And A Half Men recasting!


Nate: I get Blair Mondays and Tuesdays!
Chuck:Fine Fridays and Saturdays for me.
Jack:I only need Sundays to wow her...
Random Guys: When do we get some ass?


Nate: You know what? You're the one who made me like this so you could use me for your Russell revenge!
Chuck: God! See, at least me and Russell know we're mean! You try to act so innocent like, "Oh, I use be a good friend with my messy hair, and my women addiction!"
Nate: You know what! It's not my fault you're like, in love with me, or something!
Chuck: What?
Jack: I want my pink shirt back! I want my pink shirt back!


Chuck: I choose you, Nate.
Nate: What?
Jack: Wha... Really? REALLY? You're not going to pick me to be part of the band? YOU WILL SEE, 'THE BAD BASS' WILL BE NOTHING WITHOUT ME AS THE LEADER SINGER. NO WONDER WHY I HATE YOU!


Announcer: And we are back with The Russell Thorpe Show...
Russell (standing on balcony): Chuck, if you were intimate with Ms. Waldorf, why do you think you are not the father?
Chuck: The baby is not mine. Just look, see that picture? I am NOT Blair's baby's daddy!
*Audience boos*
Nate: It's got your eyes...
Jack: It's got your mouth...
*Guys in lab coats crack knuckles like bouncers as Chuck moves suddenly*
Russell: Are you ready to hear the results?
Chuck: Bring them on, like I said, I am not the father.
Russell:In the case of Blair's six month old baby, YOU ARE THE FATHER.


Chuck: You ain't Backstreet Boys without me!


Eeny Meeny Miney Moe
Point me to the biggest ho.
If he's got crabs, then you'll know
Nate's the winner! Good job, bro.

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