Gossip Girl Caption Contest 156

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Welcome to the 156th Gossip Girl Caption Contest at TV Fanatic!

This week's Caption Contest winner is Coriander. Congratulations!

The winning entry appears below. Honorable mentions go out to SHANA, Vesper and Nelly Yuki. Thanks to everyone for playing and best of luck again next week!

Now This is Awkward

Serena: ... and also I'm having terrible mood swings lately and eating nothing but pickles.
Georgina: Oh my God, you're pregnant!
Serena: But I haven't been with anyone lately... Why are you looking at the window?
Georgina: 2011 years ago, when the very same thing happened, one very bright star appeared on the sky.

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Serena : That's right Georgina. I'm gonna be in a movie. And in a real one. Not a Disney movie about ice-skating princesses.


G- Who are you?
S- I'm not sure, you see, I thought I was Serena but Charlie told Dan to call her Serena meaning she's now called Serena and then Carol called her Ivy, so I really don't get who's who. I must be Blair!


Georgina: Serena, I´ve really got some surprise for you.
Serena: I´m Milow´s Daddy?


Gossip Girl: Oh my looks like a bitch fight is going to occur, who will sleep with the first guy they get??


Gossip Girl: With her fatal look Georgina Medusa petrified Serena who turned into stone...or maybe she's being silent because she didn't understand the meaning of Georgina's phrase. Only time will tell. XOXO


Georgina: What's up with that dress Serena?
Serena: Well I have about 5 party each week so it's hard to come up with a nice dress everytime. What's your excuse?
Georgina: Milo vomited on the first one, I had to run and buy this one at Macy's
Serena: Ok you win!


Georgina: First rule about the Ugly dresses club, you don't talk about the Ugly dresses club.


Georgina: You thought catelan was hosted in ancient greece too?
Serena: no, I thought it was in Thibet. that's why I' m not half-naked.


Serena: Where is your baby?
Georgina: Snakes eat babies...so when are you due again?


Georgina: I met Charlie, her voice sounds like a broken instrument.
Serena: I know! Can't do anything since she is my cousin.
Georgina: Just tell the bitch that there is only one Georgina Sparks.

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