Gossip Girl Caption Contest 157

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Welcome to the 157th Gossip Girl Caption Contest at TV Fanatic!

This week's Caption Contest winner is frantrack. Congratulations!

The winning entry appears below. Honorable mentions go out to MissRooobin, Audreyhep and Brazilian Girl. Thanks to all for playing and good luck again next time!

Love Note From Charlie?

Note to self, make up your mind, you loved Serena 10 minutes ago and Blair five minutes ago, try to not to make any bad decisions with Charlie.

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Charlie: Look, its me witch a lots of candy when I was 10.
Dan: Why this say "Ivy"?
Charlie No reason...


Whoa, hang on - you bought 445 dollars worth of candy? Am I reading this right?


charlie: dan, take a look at this. i´m planning on creating the world´s most delicious coca-cola. and here´s my secret formula! on the paper: sugar, water, bubbles. dan: yeah, i think you should work on that...


Charlie: I'm Blair's twin sister, do you love me now!?!
Dan: I'm just about to do errands on this piece of paper......I'll just bring some candy for the actual Blair Waldorf.


Dan: And, this is me, at the age of fifteen.
Charlie: Oh, nice. (Trying to hold on the laughter.)


Charlie: Next time, I will dye my hair brown and you can call me Blair!
Dan: If it only wasn't for candy, I would get the heck out of here.


Dan: And here is the first sheet of paper that Serena wrote her number on...
Charlie: Really? Can I hold it?


Dan: Says "I.O.U. edible panties..." Charlie: Goodie! Then, you really can call me "Serena."


Penn: This is the page from our contract that talks about how much we get paid for each product placement idea we come up with that the show uses. Using this much merchandise from Dylan's Candy Bar gets you .......... an extra $100.
Kayle: *clapping with excitement*


Dan: (reading) "Charlie becomes a phsyco if she eats too many sweets, Don't let her eat more than a couple - S" (after reading) I think it's too late

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