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Gossip Girl pushed Chuck Bass to the brink this season. Did the second portion of the two-part, fourth season finale deliver the ending you were hoping for? Did it fall short?

Tell us what you thought of "The Wrong Goodbye" right here and now.

Our review, quotes, music list, analysis, future Gossip Girl spoilers and Round Table will be live shortly. You have the floor, Gossip Girl and TV Fanatics. Go to it below.

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What did you think of "The Wrong Goodbye"?

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The episode was great... Buit i can't t september... Im to excited abt the pregnancy test...i think that it could be the right way for chuck and blair t be again together... But however he can't let go blair without fight... Also cause now he is maturing n he could be the true man blair need..... Im against blair n louis's wedding he is 2boring for her! So... Im wiating for them actually.. Abt serena 's drama i can't think that she doesn't do enything! Isn't normal..and also i hete vanessa couse she can't do always what she wants... It's dan's life and he ve to decvide what is better for him.. And also she can't take the money however cause i don't think she 'll give them t dan at the end of time...!!


In "Friends", we didn't know Ross and Rachel had sex until after we learn Rachel is pregnant. So, the same thing could be going on with Serena - she could have had sex and we didn't know about it. I don't know. It just seems too obvious to be Blair's.


Serena and Nate are absolutely useless. I hope Serena gets that stupid movie job and moves to California (btw, word has it that GG was filming in Cali). I love that she's become a secondary character, because the previous season finales were all about her drama and it sucked. Everyone wants to see Chuck and Blair together, so seriously writers, just make it happen already. Their whole drama is getting a bit tiring, and they're relationship just makes the show. Thank god Reina is gone. I hated her character. No one buys the whole "buisness woman" look when half of your boobs are hanging out. And I'm also happy the Russell drama is over. Oh and Georgina's dress was HOT. Glad to have her back for a while. And Ivy looks like a stupid bimbo. Make her leave.


i loved this episode, it was great. charlie storyline was actualy kinda shocking, i love it


i love chuck, and yes chuck and blair will always be forever, they both know it!
i totaly agree with you
but i think the pregnancy test belongs to like blairs mom or something, but it would be awesome if there was a chuck and blair baby! but maybe not yet


Did anyone notice how heartbroken dan was at the end of the episode for blair's wedding.It was really sweet the way eric understood dan and that he is missing blair.I dunno how but now I realize that i love chair too.Those moments.God it was awesome.But poor dan.poor chuck.both in love with blair.I wish I could see DAIR happening.I mean come on give us atleast a few episodes of DAIR.I loved this episode.It was really good.And loved both chuck and dan and felt bad for both of them.but writers plz kill vanessa and bring back jenny.and welcome back georgina.but that charlie chick is seriously psycho but in a borng way.hope 2 c more


and we all know the saying
'if you love something set it free, if it comes back to you, its yours forever'
oh chuck and blair, i will never let you go.
you will be together, we all know it.
they are the show,
there would be no gossip girl without chuck or blair, i mean imagine?
there is no blair without chuck (like she admitted)
and no chuck without blair (like he admitted)
so without them together, we have nothing.


oh my god, this episode is epic.
chuck and blair are one of the greatest love stories on tv shows of all time. they will be endgame, chuck is finally maturing and him and blair will find a way back to eachother.
i would love to see louis and blair or dan and blair live up to the trainstation scene, or the 'letting go' seen in the finale, there is no way they can even chip away at there epicness. im not sure if the pregancny test is blair and chucks, im hoping it is, but i dont want that to be the thing that brings them back together. they will come back together because they both need space and need room to grow in order to mature and become even more epic (if that's possible).


I NEED to know who the pregnancy test belonged to! I cant wait for September!!


haha yah i know its crazy that's just my thought but go chair! and hopfully they won't kill louie lol haha


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