Gossip Girl Instant Reaction: Discuss Tonight's Episode! 05/02/2011

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Gossip Girl fans certainly have plenty of talk about after tonight's episode, the third to last of the season. How did you like "The Princesses and the Frog"? Talk to TV Fanatic!

Was the "major" event something you saw coming - or worthy of all the hype? How do you see things shaping up with Blair and her suitors as season four winds down in May?

Our review, quotes, music list, future Gossip Girl spoilers and Round Table will be live shortly. Right now, Gossip Girl and TV Fanatics, you have the floor. Do your best/worst.

Discuss in our Gossip Girl forum and by leaving comments below!

Princess Waldorf

What did you think of this week's Gossip Girl?

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I'm a mother chucker fan. I know what he did to Blair was awful and wrong. But that's not him. The fact is that Blair still loves and is in love with Chuck. She wanted to tell him herself about the engagement. The second she got that phone call about Chuck being on the roof, she was off. Some people may say that she just still cares for him, but we all know Blair loves him and always will. I look back to the first season and see how they've both grown closer and their characters have developed. There's belong together. Chuck just needs to figure out how to win her back and make it up to her. Serena is right, Blair's prince has always been there.


To clarify my earlier comment. I do believe that Chuck was 100% abusive. No excuses. But Blair knows how he gets. She knew he was drunk, half crazy with jealousy, and probably on something. She shouldn't have gone there. While Chuck was absolutely to blame, the girl needs to use her head. If you know someone is violent, don't go there alone. If she HAD to tell him in person, bring someone. Never, ever put yourself in that position. I don't support Chair. Chuck needs help. And Blair needs help because her eyes at the end of that last episode tells me that she's struggling. She was in abusive relationship and coming out of that is tough. Hence why I think Serena is a massive bitch for not only neglecting to support her best friend during such a hard time but also to try and destroy her new, healthier relationship. And shame on Nate for not helping Blair that night. He couldn't have run after her to make sure she was ok? I understand leaving Chuck but he once dated Blair, how could he just stand there!!!?? Shame on those two for not recognizing how much their friends need them. Especially since Blair has ALWAYS been there for Serena and Serena slept with her boyfriend and then abandoned her just as her father left the family. This is to let people know that I don't blame Blair for what happened but that she needed to be more careful. Chuck is dangerous and needs help. Blair needs to protect herself.


People have opinions if you don't like it don't read it. Moron.


If you guys read the spoilers from the producers they say Blair is not scared of Chuck and he will never intentionally hurt her, and they will reconcile in the next 2 part episode. So they aren't done.


why are you all so stupid. chuck loved blair and wasled to believe she was the only one he had left. nd now shes gone, hes breaking down. course he doesnt need alcohol an deppression counciling or whatever hes cool, ita tv show, its never going to happen. get over it. on the other hand chair is going to happen so get off the dair and blouis ships already idiot.


the fact your all saying tht chuck was abusive to blair... is so wrong
It's not wrong, it's understandable. After all, he was acting like she property with his your mine rants which is a common trait in abusive relationships, manhandled her and smashed a window near her which resulted her in her being injured.


Ugh Chuck... has to ruin everything as always. The guy needs some major therapy for his alcohol and depression issues. I think that once he cleans up and gets his act together he and Blair can be together. For now I'm okay with Louis and Blair, but I would prefer to have DAIR. Charlie is so pointless, she's an annoying little weasel. Can she just leave? like now???? Vanessa is hillarious, she's always snooping about. I feel like the writers have totally ruined her potentional though. Back in season one she was actually cool. I really hope Louis doesn't end up with Blair though in the end because that would just be a tad anticlimatic. Great, intense episode though. Did I mention that I want Charlie to leave?


so many mixed feelings after this episode....one is for sure- hate serena and vanessa! Charlie isn't a big of a deal right now so i don't really care about her....
Poor Chuck! So despaired lost driven to madness totally! but from what i read here- most of you are SO wrong about him! ok this approaching was totally inaproppriate,but he truly loves her! she was the one that turned him into a meaningful existence at S1 and he kept doing good things for her make her happy for ever- his big faoul was the blair-hotel thing,which was intended as a scheme but backfired-jenny was another huge mistake when he thought blair left him for good! it was fate as they agreed on s4 easy j....they moved on from that pls do so!everyone who loves chuck bass loves him for what he is-don't except him behaving like rumbling mubling shy dan humphrey for goodness sake!!!! they belong together always will always have- she wants to be a queen but she is already and she has a dark side always had- you can't keep the bad girl down!!! we love dark crazy blair and chuck bass-they are the essence of tho whole tv show and if apart this will mean the end for the most viewers!


Ok i know how everyone is bashing chuck for what he did but , Blair truly loves him, she says he makes her miserable but he doesnt, it's just like s3 when she tells him she wouldnt be happy with him at darota's wedding and in the end still comes and tells him that she loves him before she finds out about the whole chuck thing,, And Sure what Chuck did was awful but that has always been his character . And i really want blair to be happy but she and Chuck are soul mates.. I wouldnt mind if Blair dates Louis or Dan but getting engaged to Louis after 1 week??


The Common Law Definition of Assault: An intentional act by one person that creates an apprehension in another of an imminent harmful or offensive contact. It is both a crime and a tort and, therefore, may result in either criminal or civil liability. Assault = Abuse = Domestic Violence Blair and Chuck are DEAD. Can people let them go? Allow Chuck and Blair to find happiness with other people because they are not going to find it with each other? Chuck was so happy with EVA, even when they returned to New York. Blair is so contagiously happy with the Prince… Hell, I’ll even take Dan. Point of this post? Really just to supply the legal definition of Assault to those of you who do not have a law degree or the ability to “Google� it. The rest? Me venting about Chair fans who think this was “quote�: “romantic,� “sexy,� “a misunderstanding,� “passion� or “not abuse.� Sigh. This is what’s wrong with the world... Because explaining that you were drunk and high on coke, while pushing the one who calls you “the love of their life� to the ground and punching a glass wall near their face screams romantic love for the ages. Sighs again. It was still a good episode because of the theme, though I’m still not sure what the episode title referenced. Who’s the frog? And why not call it Beauty and the Beast?


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