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What bothers me is that Chuck is getting the blame for informing Raina about her father when Nate is really the one who did trying to stick up for Chuck. She could've just said she heard it from Nate. However I guess then they wouldn't have a storyine.
Does anyone else think it's weird that Charlie dumped her medication (after swearing she'd take it) right in a little waste bin in the living room? Seriously, if you are trying to get rid of something and don't want to be found out, one could've just flushed it down the toilet. That was weak. Of course they needed it to be in a place where Rufus could find it and realize what she did.


Pathetic, stupid episode. I see we're back to the season-end disasters, just like season 3. After a hopeful spring with some great episodes, they just punted it all away.

Okay, I can accept that there were four good things about this episode, and ONLY four:
1. Cyrus and Queen Whoever bonding over ornithology.
2. Blair's dress.
3. The fact that Serena only clues in to her cousin's weird ways because of anger over her dress.
4. Jack Bass surprisingly helping out Chuck, and being funny.

I'll try to help the numerous mentally challenged among us to understand the Jack situation: he assaults Lily, yes, and does other bad things. However, we accept that because a) he's a bad guy! we don't have to like him!, and b) he chose not to have sex with Blair precisely because he knew she didn't want to, so at least he's not Always in rape mode. From this show? Small favors.

You Chuck Blair "shippers" depress me. The world suffers on the whole for your collective idiocy. Wow, I'm so glad Chuck's bad behavior wasn't "supposed" to be interpreted as abusive. Thankfully we don't need to use our own brains to understand what we see for ourselves. The fact that y'all don't get it is, right there by itself, a perfect example of The Problem. No, you dumb girls don't get it, and I pray you wake up.


Ooh yeah GG needs a truly crazy girl around... I'm proud of Dan, he did the right thing but I can't believe how quickly the writers forget all the Dair storyline... Ok I'm not one of the Dair fans but let's be realistic, Dan liked her but suddenly mini-Serena appears and he forget it??
However, I really enjoy this episode from the appearance of old faces like the little-crazy GG fans and Cyrus (always awesome!! Love when he said "like your stepfather I'll do like I didn't heard about sex games" LOL) to the new development in the Thorpe's storyline...
How awesome was that?!
OMG number 1:Russel killed his wife
OMG number 2: jack bass helping chuck... WTF?! the last thing I think I would have seen in this show
OMG number 3: raina knows, thanks to Nate (I really started to think he's just a cute face...)
OMG number 4: that last scene with russel an Blair in the rooftop.... AAWWW can't wait to see the next episode!!
Just an amazing and twisted episode like the old ones, let's see next week how this amazing season ends!!


Dan is a straight guy, and most of the time, they will not remember an outfit or the designer who made them! He should have believed Serena though, he gets suckered a lot by liars. Needs to sharpen his instincts.


This episode was awesome! It was so funny and interesting to watch. The twists and turns kept me engaged all the way through. For once no one was boring. I still don't understand what Charlie's issue is, but the girl is crazy! It's weird that Dan can't recognize Serena's dress though, since he was with her at Cotilion...


Flawless-- you are 110% RIGHT!!! and umm can we please understand one thing, Chuck didn't punch Blair, Chuck didn't slice Blair's face, Chuck didn't in no way physically come after Blair so can we please explain how everyone is making a big deal out of the fact that Chuck did NOT abuse Blair by punching a window that in turn broke and a piece of glass hit Blair??? That relationship has been abusive before possibly in the verbal sense, but that particular scene was not (and I repeat) WAS NOT considered physically abusive. Chuck was being self abusive, but not abusive to Blair... And all these reviews just keep bringing up this nonsense about how they can't believe the writers forgot about it so quickly. The meaning behind that whole incident was to show something deeper between the 2 of them, and that was how no matter what happens to Blair she ALWAYS puts Chuck's needs before her own. She will always put Chuck before herself. That was why the writers did that. It wasn't for the audience to be like "OMG Chuck is sooo abusive!!!!" that was not supposed to be the way it was interpreted, it was even stated in interviews w/ the producer. And just like Flawless also said, how can anyone say 'all that Chuck has done'. Have you people watched this show??? Not one person on this show hasn't done some crazy f*cked up sh*t!!! (Maybe w/ the exception of Dan)... THat's like saying how can Blair and Serena still be friends b/c those 2 have done ridiculous amounts to eachother! Or how can Serena and her mother still communicate w/ one another.. Blair and Chuck probably have the most honest relationship out of ALL OF THEM. If your going to use a certain point to back up your opinion, at least make sure it makes sense.. Especially if it's about Chuck being dishonest when the show itself is based on dishonest tactics.


loved the episode!!! Great stuff, so entertaining. Great to see Chuck in control and getting the truth and working against an enemy! I hope after this now he can be all about Blair. Loved the CHAIR focus and emphasis. Keep it like that always!


I loved the episode. Just straight up fun. Chuck and Jack where made of win tonight and while I think Ed once again proved why the producers pay him Im going to say Desmond stole his thunder a little bit. The food line was hilarious. I also was surprisingly touched by their truce at the end of the episode. I still think Jack has ways to go before he can be totally forgiven but it was a nice start.

Loved crazy Charlie and am oddly intrigued by the Dan Charlie Serena triangle going on. I also really loved how much Serena was trying to be a good friend for Blair and be the bigger person after her angry outburst over the DB hookup. Im glad the SB friendship wasnt set back to much.

I found the Louis/Blair stuff cute but a little childish and it made me miss the feirce Blair Waldorf. Im not really feeling the chemistry between Blair and Louis. I did how ever feel for her during her speech about wanting a guy to love ALL of her and I hope she finds that guy. Personally I think its obvious that that guy is CHuck.I really loved Blair in her scenes with Chuck and Serena I thought she shined the most with them.

I thought the CB was good albeit it felt a bit filler like and it would have been nice to see some more meaningful story going on between CB post 4.20. But I liked that Blair stood her ground and still cared for Chuck's well being, while I also found Chucks line about how he didnt know how he can prepare for her marriage heart wrenching. I am however hoping to get a more heart felt apology from Chuck next episode.

Russell is a total PYSCHO.

Love the mini Blair and Serena being CB shippers LOL. I have missed having thoselittle side back ground characters.

Also laughed at Cyrus mentioning Princess Birde- "inconceivable!"

This was a great lead in to the finale with so much to look forward to but the biggest being that I cant wait to see Chuck finally get to be a hero and save Blair's life, Im also looking forward after a year and a half of angst to see some happy CB once again :D


Thank you Anna! :)


You have a brilliant point of what you say about Dan, I thought about Dan right after she said it. And I quote what you wrote:
"Blair said that Chuck only sees her dark side. It seems like she wants someone who sees her, the good and the bad. I think Dan actually sees her. He knows her good points, he even voiced them to Chuck, but is completely aware of her scheming and her other issues, but still likes her. So, maybe Dan is the best guy for her, I'm interested to see if she realizes that."
I do not care if CB will be the endgame (in 5th season), if only they had continued with Dan and Blair´s build-up a bit into the fifth season.

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