Gossip Girl Season Finale: A Toxic Event

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An Airborne Toxic Event, that is.

This new poster for tonight's Gossip Girl season finale hypes the appearance of the band Airborne Toxic Event. With the already-buzzed-about Chair on chairs pic, of course.

How will it all go down in "The Wrong Goodbye"? Will Chair be together at long last? That remains to be seen, but the musical cameo looks like it will be prominent featured.

Gossip Girl Season Finale Poster

Should be a memorable episode, no matter how the fourth season comes to a close tonight. Check out a new promo for the episode featuring the band below:

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OMG Suburban Swagg’s songs “Preppy White Boyz� and “Old Money Way� are so Gossip Girl! xoxo


I have never seen Chuck so happy before :(( so sad they they finally break up :((


Okay im guessing thats when Chuck steps back into Blair's life to claim what he thinks might be rightfully his :)
On that note, i cant wait till next season...
Oh & as for "Dan with Blair".... ill no way, Blair deff. belongs with Chuck ALWAYS ....

Kimberly anne

This wasn’t the best season finale, I have seen from Gossip Girl. Obviously I wish it ended more like season two’s done, just for the sake of Chair. But the way it ended was pretty good though. Okay so what exactly was Russell waiting for when he was trapping Blair on the roof? And damn, this business man is really not that intelligent if he did not take her phone as soon as she got up there.
Yay, Raina is gone. I wished her exit was because of a social humiliation by Blair and Chuck, but I suppose she will be a disgrace back in Chicago when they find out what her dad did. So does Chuck get Bass Industry back? Not that I find that story interesting, but I just forgot if he did or not.
So Serena never answered Charlie’s question about who she would have picked. And I thought it was kind of useless and pathetic to get both Dan and Nate back to the party to give them a 3 second apology. Unrealistic because they act like they are in the building next to each other or something. And I thought her last scene with those men seemed rushed. I don’t even know what they were doing, because I was still in shocked that she read a book.
Why do I feel like Dan’s storyline about being a writer is like a fly that just won’t go away? I now see that it will be a developed early in season 5, but I have love standards that it will be good. I’m just glad Vanessa is gone. And I hope there is no more Dair. I don’t even want them to be friends but I’ll settle for that as long as there won’t be anything more.
I thought Louis’ party was for their engagement, so why is everyone partying and not asking a thing about Blair?
Umm, what was the point of having Lily and Rufrus in this episode?
Oh damn, Charlie or rather Ivy just got so much more interesting. This is more like the Gossip Girl I know. This scheme was completely unexpected. The only thing that confused me was if she genuinely had feelings for Dan and what was the point of acting like you were on medications?
OMG, I am so sad by the way Chair ended it. I know I said that I wish the wedding is going to be with Blair and Louis so that Chuck can fight for her and win her back during the wedding, but it is just really sad right now. Their sex scene was awesome. I wished it lasted longer and that other scenes didn’t have to cut into it. And I really wished they could have picked a better dress for Blair to wear because whatever she had on was not pretty. Chuck couldn’t wait to take it off her. So he finally let her go in order to win her back. And it looks like Blair is pregnant!!!!! OMG!!!!! I hope it is Chuck although I know she had done it with Louis.


Okay okay, I know im new to this, but i also been watching "Gossip Girl" for quite some time now & i maybe a lil lost with this final episode...
But did anyone see the pregnancy test in Blair & Serena's bathroom at the end of the show???
What am i missing here???
Can someone please fill me in....????


GO CHAIR GO! *I havent had a chance to watch the episode yet* But I believe in Chair! Excited for the Airborne Toxic Event! They're one of my favorite bands!


please give nate a part to play again.. a real one.. i want NJBC back. i think nate/serena is quite good, he's good for her .. .maybe the whole serena and blair fighting over nate should come back... i want the old gg the one that actually relates to the books ... but i think dan/blair is quite interesting, gives the show somethin new and different.. they wont be endgame.. we all know it .. but i'd like to see them as a couple with their intellectual arguments...




I hate the gg writers. If there will be nothing happen between dan and blair, why they wrote those 7 episodes?? To fill the empty story slot??
And if chuck and blair meant to be together, why they always make it so hard for them???
And no more dan and serena pls, they're sibling, and i just can't help their incestuous affair.. Zzz


CHUCK AND BLAIR!! "i will stand by you through anything"!!


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