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Grey's Anatomy delivered another powerful episode on Thursday with its seventh season finale, living up to the promises of heavy emotional fallout across the board.

What did you think of it? Were you satisfied with the end of the season? Where do we go from here? Tell us by leaving comments or visiting our Grey's Anatomy forum.

TV Fanatic's official recap, review and quotes from this much-anticipated finale will be posted soon. For now, have your say on this week's Grey's Anatomy below.

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A little disapointed when the ending with no Derek and Meredith together...I'm tired of the show with have Derek no baby,or now have baby but no Derek and no job,Meredith deserved more than this...And I really mad on Derek if he really walk away like this...If he go home only because Zola is there, then is meaningless also. He should be home because of Meredith.If Derek is really in love with Meredith there should no point he get mad on Mer.I get it if he hope he can cure the Alzheimer incase Meredith have it but isn't now the one who you love stay beside you is important than anything?Not mature at all!I hate the way he always calling Mer with harsh a whore a lemon and now a bad mother...


I thought christina could not get pregnant after her miscarriage with burkes baby in season 1 or 2 ?


I was expecting a lot more this episode, but whatever. I think that Derek had every right to be upset with Meredith. What she did was definitely wrong. She kept saying that it was Adele and that's why she did it, but like Alex said, what about the person who is now getting the placebo? Maybe they are younger and have children (like the guy in this episode.) What makes Adele deserve the drug over anyone else? BUT, calling her a bad mother. That was way out of line. I know some people keep saying that the post it says not to run, and he's breaking it, but that's not all that odd. I mean, marriage vows in a church say basically the same thing. If people followed it, no one would ever get divorced. I think people are being a little too hard on Owen. Yeah, if he wanted kids so badly, he shouldn't have married Christina...but she got pregnant. Personally, if I was a guy, I couldn't stay with a woman who aborted my child. Maybe she should have been more careful if she didn't want to get pregnant. I know you can get pregnant on the pill, but that's very very rare. I don't want to start an abortion debate, but I'm just going to say that based on my personal beliefs, I agree with Owen here. I want Mark and Lexie together too. Avery could disappear from the show and I'd never notice. I officially like Kepner more than him. That's sad.


Season 7 together with season 6 were the worst seasons of GA. MerDer are treated superficially regarding Mer's pregnancy and Zola, their house and Mer's so promising career. Bailey was out of sight. Christina had no real story. Alex, again, is treated like a dog. The lack of good stories is replaced with many new, indifferent and dull characters. The fabuluous five are gone a long time ago.Superficial approaches with no continuity, illogical acts make a bad picture. And YES, we need the happy end for MerDer and we do not care about Lexie.


I'm trying to figure out how Owen kicks Christina out. Not the emotion that causes one to want the other person to leave, but the indignation that should make a woman say, uh no, you're mad, you leave. I'm staying in my house, with my furniture, my clothes, my bath tub and my warm bed, and you go find a hotel or a park bench or something. I'm just saying. But of course, Christina had to end up back in the community shelter aka Mer's place. Funny, thing about Alex. When Christina said he was dead inside, that should have registered. But how ridiculous is this: Alex shack's up with Lucy. Whore Alex is bedding a hot check, what's new. Did Lucy really think that Alex was going to ask her not to go to Africa after she stole the job from underneath him? Not a Pacey and Joey moment, "Ask me to stay." Hahahaha...that was so funny. Yes, Lucy we've had sex and I've made no indication to you that I want a commitment, but please go behind my back and take the job I was considering, especially after you just got a job at Baylor and that will evoke all kinds of tender emotions...hahahahahahah


Let's start first with the overall feel of the Grey's Anatomy season finale, it was completely underwhelming. After a season that began with the aftermath of the shooting, focused on Christina's meltdown, Callie's break-up/make-up/marriage, April's transformation, Karev's downward spiral, Arizona's irrelevance, Mark's uselessness, and Meredith and Derek thrown in just to keep the moniker-- we end with a storyline that played out like just another episode. What happened to crisis, climax and let the next season bring the resolution? Shouldn't finale's be cliffhangers? Sure you had a lot to live up to from the success of last season's finale, but are we just suppose to give you a pass for this lazy attempt? First, Owen and Christina are an annoying couple. I've wanted them to break up since day one. I've been waiting for them to bring Burke from politically correct exile and create some tension in that relationship that isn't generated from making Christina look like a neurotic. It would have been better for have Jackson pursue his Christina interest than to hook Jackson up with rebound Lexie-Sloan-to-Karev-to-Jackson, boy doesn't Lexie pull all the hot men? Puhleese. Did anyone doubt that Christina married Owen because she had diminished capacity to form a true emotional tie? Seriously, was that relationship built on mutual respect and commitment? Or was it birthed out of desperation and expectation? Are we suppose to believe that hard core Christina is going to derail her already flailing career to become a "mom"? I get it Grey writers, Meredith wants desperately to have a baby, but she can't; Christian doesn't want a baby and she get's one-- irony stretched for its dramatic effect can only work for so long. Can we get some creativity in the writer's room, or do we have to rehash the same dry story lines with the same formulated ironic twists. Is Christina selfish? Yes, but didn't Owen know that before they got married. What about Christina screamed "I want to be a mommy!" Does Owen have the right to want a baby, yes. But he should have picked someone who shared his values. Has Owen sacrificed everything? Wow, did he not try to choke Christina to death? How quickly forget two seasons of PTSD. Let's get to Teddy and Henry. Finally Teddy gets a decent storyline. I actually liked the build up of Teddy's fake husband for insurance, from which a friendship forms. I thought it was kind of cool and I like Henry. I didn't like the rockstar but isn't he what Teddy really wanted, a stable relationship with a guy that was into her and understood her work? So now we have drama, she goes for the guy who's sick and needs her. So drama build up to "the kiss" that is suppose to demonstrate that she's falling in love with Henry--only the kiss was more like two faces mushed together. Zero passion, zero chemistry, zero anything. Snore me a river because now what looked like a potentially interesting storyline dried up like the Sahara. That brings us to Derek and Meredith. Let me say Meredith's monologue was the best thing about that storyline. Okay, is this the same Derek that was driving his car and getting put in jail on a weekly basis? The same Derek that just started removing a guy's brain to prove that he was surgeon of the universe? The same Derek that made a mistake and cost a guy's wife? Now that same Derek is arguing the fundamentals of right and wrong? Wow, and let's not talk about Meridith's situational ethics. Are we surprised that she swapped out the trial sample for Adele? Were we shocked that souless Alex ratted her out? Were we shocked that Derek high and mighty, but oh so selfish emotionally checked out and left Meredith with a baby she didn't want or ask for? How do you take two of the most likeable characters and make them so completely unlikeable? However, in Meridith's defense, I thought the last scene with her and baby Zola was excellent. I did like the drama of the plane crash and the fact that no one survived except a little unaccompanied girl. That was the antithesis of last year's finale where there were causalities everywhere. This one moved the casualties into the waiting room and the absence of trauma actually created a more emotional compelling story. I loved the compassion of the grieving families and how that storyline was developed. But what a waste of Bailey this season. Thanks for giving Bailey some love, but it's made her less of a Nazi, less centered and less steady. You deconstructed Bailey and made her less than the woman she was before. I won't get into the moral compromise of having Bailey perform Callie's wedding. I will never forgive you for that. The finalebcertainly didn't leave me wondering what's going to happen next season, whereas I was counting the days last season. So thanks for at least sparing me the anxiety of waiting for next year, which I hope will be the last year if the writing is going to continue to be so uneven and non-compelling. Let Grey's end on a positive note before you write it into the sewer.


Not the worst season finale on record, yes ok was the emotionally charged one that shonda promised and well she delivered big time.
Not surprised Der has gone to the woods for soul searching thinking time. Yeah he said some really hurtful things to Mer about being a bad mother and you said for weeks you would be. Mmmmm dude she trying for you! Honestly thought it was cute how in the woods he has actually rolled the sleeping bag out in Zola's room, he still wants her badly. Mer hasn't said in any of her messages that she has her at home. Did anyone else see that when he looked at the word CRIB he was almost in tears. So i would like to see at the start of season 8 for Der to go back to the hospital to have some Zola only to find she's not in the room. When he will ask the midwife that helped Mer with everything where she is for her to say oh "your wife took her home last night" the next scene would be Derek running into the house upstairs to find his 2 girls asleep together. As for Owen and Cristina, yep it's gonna be a rough ride but i think she will decide to keep the baby after helping Mer with Zola it will change her views totally. Also really want to see the Bailey/Eli matchup move forward next season as well very cute moment them walking off together holding hands, Bailey finally letting him meet tuck will be a warm fuzzy moment. Anyways TVFanatic bring on the spoilers for season 8 as they come to hand please!!!!!!!!!!! 4 months is a long time between lines. Oh i guess will have to wait til mid july when they get back to work lol.


Alex? What's the matter with you? He couldn't see that throwing the one person who stands by most of the times under the bus is wrong. Mer was the first to help him when he failed his boards. Mer was the one who took him in when he had no where to live. Mer was the one who helped him through Izzie's illness. Mer was the one who helped cope when Izzie left him. Mer was the one who helped him when nutty Rebecca went off. I could go on, but I think you are all getting the drift. I loved, absolutely loved when Cristina reminded Alex about what Mer has done for him. But in the end its all about competition. Now lets talk about Cristina. Ok I can totally understand Cristina's stance. She has made it absolutely clear that she doesn't want children from the very first time she got pregnant with Dr. Burke. And she has made it clear numerous times that she is not the mother type nor does she wants to get pregnant. Cristina have always let everyone know what she is all about. So when Owen was trying to convince her that being pregnant and making a family isn't so bad - its like talking to a robot who is program for nothing else but working. About April, I really have to agree with Jackson that being Chief Resident (CR) April will be most hated person because now she will have boss Cristina around. Oh dear. I am feeling a little pity for her. Oh dear, regarding Meredith and Derek. Wow those two never have a dull moment. Once upon a time, it was Derek who was chasing Meredith via cellphone. Now its Meredith chasing Derek.


I really think it's the most appropriate finale for season 7! Since this season became the season where all characters grew up from their previous characters. I just think that MerDer will definitely be back together, but I don't think we won't see it in the first few episodes of season 8. Although I think Derek can't resist Meredith especially when he remembers what his mother told him in season 5. He sees things in black and white while Meredith does not. If Mer will just tell Derek what made her do that and the thought that Adele might be just like her mother, I think Derek will understand Mer. He does not get her at first but I know he will. Lol I think Mer will be back to her dark and twisty mode in season 8. And I really hope Mer will use the power of the post-it on Der and also their vow in their legal marriage.


I don't know why everyone is so mad at Derek. I love Mer but she ruined the trial!! He started the trial to SAVE HER to protect her from what might happen to her if she got Alzheimer's. HE LOVES HER. Now the trial is no more he cant stop her from getting Alzheimer's now, he can't save her. He has the right to be a little pissed off. We know that Derek is black and white and Meredith isn't. He is having problems seeing that. He's not being an ass he's being human. He loves her and that's why he needs a a little space. He is angry. He's not leaving her...he wouldn't leave her...he's not running away... As for him telling Mer she'd make a bad mom, that's a little far. But Mer said she wanted to be treated like a colleague regarding the trial, so he is treating her like a colleague. Mer didn't say they got Zola in her voice-mails which means he doesn't know yet that Zola came home. Cut him some slack.


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