Grey's Anatomy Review: "I Will Survive"

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Don’t you love Thursday nights?!

I’m biting my bottom lip now trying to simply review last night’s absolutely incredible episode, "I Will Survive," and desperately trying not to comment just yet on the previews for next week’s Grey's Anatomy season finale.

Honestly, I can't wait to see the repercussions from yet another strong installment. Now, let’s talk about the perfectly delivered, emotionally-packed performance by our favorite doctors.

Derek With a Baby
Adopting a Baby?

First off, I really liked the fact that Calzona was not the main focus this week. Without them in the limelight, we were able to see the competition for chief resident at its best. 

Not surprisingly, Alex told on Meredith about her messing with the Alzheimer’s trial. I just knew he would though. I doubt that Meredith will lose her job or McDreamy, but she will certainly be facing severe consequences. Rightfully so, though.

Then again, let’s not forget about what Izzie did and how she was only put on probation.

While I found it slightly annoying that Cristina didn’t follow protocol and tried to hijack a patient without even trying to talk to Teddy, I appreciated the new friendship between both April and Cristina.

It made complete sense when April explained that she always follows protocols because of the incident when she was fired for killing a patient due to missing a simple step.

April’s grown on me over this past season, but I still don’t want her to be chief resident. I can truthfully say that I have no idea who should be chosen now. 

Moreover, Owen was right. Cristina isn’t meant to be chief resident. She’s meant to be a surgeon.

As for Alex, I was happy to see that Lucy was back. However, it was unfortunate that it took him too long to realize just maybe his career shouldn’t come before a shot at love. I can’t say that I saw it coming that she would be the one to take the clinic job in Africa.

I, for one, liked Lucy and Alex together. With her out of the picture and his betrayal to Meredith, I wonder how Alex will react. Will what he did to Meredith affect their friendship? 

Charlie's Angel
Definitely in the Running

While Avery backed out of Chief Webber’s diabetes study for noble reasons, I realized that I almost forgot that he was a surgeon. After all, we haven’t seen him in the OR lately.

I found it a little strange that Callie was back to work already, but it’s great to see her happy with her “crack baby”. Plus, how amazing was Mark with baby Sophia?

As a Mark and Lexie fan, I loved all of their scenes together. Their chemistry is undeniable, and they just need to be together. Although there are so many issues for these two, it was completely obvious how much they missed and needed each other.

I also loved the MerDer and Zola scenes. As expected, Meredith was nervous about her interview with the social worker. I certainly liked how she admitted she didn’t know much about being a good mother, but she was willing to do whatever it takes to be a good mom.

I’m wistfully hoping that Derek forgives her for jeopardizing the Alzheimer’s trial sooner than later, and that things work out for them with baby Zola. 

Meanwhile, I can’t say that I’ve been fully invested in Teddy and Andrew Perkins or even Henry, but I do wonder if Teddy will really move to Germany.

Overall, I thought this was an excellent episode and am especially excited about the upcoming season finale. What did you think of “I Will Survive”?

As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. 


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Alex, he d�es n�t underst�nd wh�t � w���n w�nts� I d�n't re�lly like his ch�r�cter. M�rk �nd Lexie, I �� sick �f w�iting, i feel even by l�st es�i�de �f this se�s�n 7, Lexie will still be with th�t J�cks�n.I PITY MARK. Kind �f w�ste �f ti�e WAITING.Christin� �ight be � l�y�l friend, but definitly � shit wife. As f�r Med �nd Derekg��d luck�


Great ep really ! I just watched it! Mer really wants Zola but she is scared to be a bad Mom and they showed it really good! I love the part when Mer talked to the social worker! April Oooh I like her! She is on top of her game but she can't be evil as the rest of them! But she will learn! XD Alex is being on the top of his game! But got kicked in his but by a GIRL! I love the crack baby! So sweet! Christina she is the best! I love her ! She knows how the game is played! I love how the patient stud up for her! Teddy want go, she loves Henry but he will probably die! he said him self he falls into hyper/hypo glykemia every 5 seconds! Truly disapointed by Alex he got kicked by a girl and now he plays like a girl and tells about Mer! That would do Alex from season 1 or 2 but now new Alex!!


The show is in the death throes. Good writing and story telling is replaced more and more with wild plot developments. It think Grey's just ran out of gas. Put it down before it gets too ugly. It just isn't a good show. It's a million times better than Private Practice, but it isn't particularly good anymore.


This episode was great! I love the MerDer scenes in this episode especially when Der handed Zola to Mer and he kissed her. I also love when Mer was really worried about Zola during her surgery and then Der was there to comfort her. I just think in this scene Der loving Mer more than ever since it's his dream, having a child with his dream girl. I also love the scene where Mark is talking to Der about how he will be a good father to Zola, and I love how Mark talked like a child that Sofia will be best of friends with Zola! I also love the scenes of Mark and Lexie!! I just hope they will be back together. I like Jackson and all but I think Lexie is better off with Mark. They are just adorable together! I liked that in this episode they did not focus on Calzona and they focused more on MAC. I just really hope Alex will have a major storyline for the finale and also for season 8 since I haven't seen Alex in the front line. About the promo for the episode, I just think Der will not leave Mer for good but I think they will have a time apart. Although with their post it and their marriage is legal I don't think it will take them a long time to go back to each other. I also hope that Teddy will realize that she loves Henry over Andrew. I just think that they look cute together!!


I agree that Mere should rightfully face consequences, but I hate that Alex did that - Mere has flaws, but her best trait has always been the absolute loyalty she shows her friends, and here is someone she has supported for years, and been an EXCELLENT friend to, sabotaging her entire career out of spite.


I love how this episode focused on the residents. and LEXIE AND MARK talking! ohemgee, Shonda Rhimes don't let us suffer in the season finale.


Love Mark and Lexie!!!! They were so sweet in this episode..they clearly love each other. Hope they get back together...


Meredith its going to get what she deserved. She was egoist and selfish to do something like this. You can break the rule to do something you think its right, thats not how it works. If you break the rules no matter how good are your intentions you are going to be punishe, there are going to be consequenses. She was selfish to put the trial, the hospital and her husband career in risk. Instead of thinking about the chief wife she should had think how this was going to affect the career of the man she say she love. In my opinion Alex did the right thing, wait you know something he didnt, he should have not say anything. Meredith should have been the one to come clean, if she were brave enough to mess with the trial, she should have been brave enough to come clean and admit her error.


to Kath: Teddy is a cardiothoracic surgeon.... meaning heart and yes, crystina would have to go through Teddy for that patient......


OK, by looking at the promo we can tell that: A) Derek does not leave Meredith. She enters another room (probably Alex), not theirs. So stop freaking out. Plus, Shonda said years ago they won't split ever again.
B) Meredith does confess what she did, otherwise why would she say 'I'd do it again.'
C) What is it with babies this season? If Cristina decides to keep the baby then next season will surely be the final one... I mean, everyone will be dealing with parenthood, and I think there's already a show about that. But I'm not confident about it since Callie got pregnant this year, same storyline would seem unoriginal. Still, LOVED this season.

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