Grey's Anatomy Review: "I Will Survive"

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Don’t you love Thursday nights?!

I’m biting my bottom lip now trying to simply review last night’s absolutely incredible episode, "I Will Survive," and desperately trying not to comment just yet on the previews for next week’s Grey's Anatomy season finale.

Honestly, I can't wait to see the repercussions from yet another strong installment. Now, let’s talk about the perfectly delivered, emotionally-packed performance by our favorite doctors.

Derek With a Baby
Adopting a Baby?

First off, I really liked the fact that Calzona was not the main focus this week. Without them in the limelight, we were able to see the competition for chief resident at its best. 

Not surprisingly, Alex told on Meredith about her messing with the Alzheimer’s trial. I just knew he would though. I doubt that Meredith will lose her job or McDreamy, but she will certainly be facing severe consequences. Rightfully so, though.

Then again, let’s not forget about what Izzie did and how she was only put on probation.

While I found it slightly annoying that Cristina didn’t follow protocol and tried to hijack a patient without even trying to talk to Teddy, I appreciated the new friendship between both April and Cristina.

It made complete sense when April explained that she always follows protocols because of the incident when she was fired for killing a patient due to missing a simple step.

April’s grown on me over this past season, but I still don’t want her to be chief resident. I can truthfully say that I have no idea who should be chosen now. 

Moreover, Owen was right. Cristina isn’t meant to be chief resident. She’s meant to be a surgeon.

As for Alex, I was happy to see that Lucy was back. However, it was unfortunate that it took him too long to realize just maybe his career shouldn’t come before a shot at love. I can’t say that I saw it coming that she would be the one to take the clinic job in Africa.

I, for one, liked Lucy and Alex together. With her out of the picture and his betrayal to Meredith, I wonder how Alex will react. Will what he did to Meredith affect their friendship? 

Charlie's Angel
Definitely in the Running

While Avery backed out of Chief Webber’s diabetes study for noble reasons, I realized that I almost forgot that he was a surgeon. After all, we haven’t seen him in the OR lately.

I found it a little strange that Callie was back to work already, but it’s great to see her happy with her “crack baby”. Plus, how amazing was Mark with baby Sophia?

As a Mark and Lexie fan, I loved all of their scenes together. Their chemistry is undeniable, and they just need to be together. Although there are so many issues for these two, it was completely obvious how much they missed and needed each other.

I also loved the MerDer and Zola scenes. As expected, Meredith was nervous about her interview with the social worker. I certainly liked how she admitted she didn’t know much about being a good mother, but she was willing to do whatever it takes to be a good mom.

I’m wistfully hoping that Derek forgives her for jeopardizing the Alzheimer’s trial sooner than later, and that things work out for them with baby Zola. 

Meanwhile, I can’t say that I’ve been fully invested in Teddy and Andrew Perkins or even Henry, but I do wonder if Teddy will really move to Germany.

Overall, I thought this was an excellent episode and am especially excited about the upcoming season finale. What did you think of “I Will Survive”?

As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. 


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At the person who loves alex: fine he has had a bad time, but answer me this- do u think mer would have told on him where the roles switched? @ Daphne Hanson: the preview always exaggerates things and melds two different scenes... She will never loose Derek.


HAS TO BE ONE OF THE BEST EPISODES OF THE WHOLE SERIES. EVERYONE HAD A SENSIBLE STORY LINE AND CLOSURE -- REALISTIC, DRAMATIC CLOSURE. I loved where things are heading for Mer and Der. And it never once seemed forced. They're DEFINITELY the parents for baby Zola. And not only is that a beautiful message to send out the world, but it's also quite simple when you think about it. A problem solved. Although I hope they'll be more drama either with the process or after having the baby. For Cristina, god I hated her in this episode, which only proves that Sandra Oh is an excellent actress. She made every scene that she did believable and human and very Yang. And I particularly applaud that VERY LONG scene from Mer, to Alex, to Lexie, then to April, only to be slapped in the face by the intense looks from the Chief and Teddy. Speaking of Teddy, (WHY DOESN'T SHE KNOW WHAT HENRY WAS FEELING FOR HER!? I thought girls always know!? :D) Maybe I just love rooting for the underdog just like the Chief, but they're PERFECT for each other. They have CHEMISTRY! Too bad he's not a doctor though. That line he had, the divorce thing, TOTALLY heartbreaking. I felt it, HARD. And what does this mean for Teddy's career in SGMWH??? Damn it, Perkins! To be honest, I really don't know if Lexie should go be with Mark or Jackson. I mean, I was a TOTAL Slexie (or Mexie, or whatever) shipper, but then Jackson and her make such a cute couple! Gonna leave it to the Rhimes fate of things, I guess. About April, she was merely an accessory to Cristina's storyline, for me, at least. It felt like she was this annoying, nagging imaginary angel of conscience on Yang's shoulder. Though I've grown to like her this season, will she ever have a decent SL other than that with Stark? (Not complaining, really just asking.) POOR ALEX. :( SO SAD TO SEE HIM GO THROUGH THESE THINGS AGAIN. It's the freakin' FOURTH time, if I'm not mistaken. The last scene before he tells Owen the truth about Mer, the way he teared up, really got to me. The man has endured through SO MUCH frustration in his life, I don't know if he can still take the pressure. And for Lucy to "pull the rug from under his feet"? Good storytelling to let the actress go, but really sad for Chambers' character, AGAIN. :( I really hope he'll be GLORIFIED next season or even the finale of this season. He needs a happy ending, he does. Arizona and Callie and Mark took the back seats on this episode, which I LOVED. They were included nonetheless, but the way they were written didn't actually hinder ample screen time for the rest of the characters. (The Callie fake gnawing at Sofia's leg was really cute, by the way. And the baby talk by Mark, and that scene where he says ". . .almost" created this BIG current pushing Lexie back to him.) Owen's a good pick for choosing the chief resident, but with the way things are becoming, I hope he makes the right decision, albeit never ending complications. Bailey also took a backseat this ep, and I hope she gets her own romantic groove back soon. ;D


Preview for next weeks finale shows Meredith losing both her job ánd Derek.


I love Callie and Arizona! As doctors and together, I agree they don't need 30 mins of screen time but, I absolutley love what they bring to the show in humor and love.


I don't think that Mer will be punished too badly, cuz if the trial works its saves adele and they will use the same drugs on the other group at later stage. Its a win win situation. She didn't cut wires or do unauthorized procedures. She tried to save adele and richard the pain she and her mother went through! What could be more nobler than that? Also Richard asked her to do whatever it takes to save adele. So she was just doing that!!! Alex is a bitch, who deserved what he got. He must learn how it feels to get screwed over If April or Jackson gets the job. I would be okay with it. They need a win in their lives. I love baby zola and she will make an awesome addition to the mcsheperd family!!!

Doe rae me

Of course Merideth will face consequences, and it may not be her word against Alex,there should be video tape of Merideth in the lab, and in the hallways, bumping into Alex. With the technology and security that is in place at the hospital, which includes video surveilence, I was having a hard time believing that merideth was able to get away with it at all.


You REALLY think she'll be "facing severe consequences" though? I mean, it's Alex's word against hers. She can say she didn't do it. There's no proof to back either story up. Lets also remember Alex was drinking when he told Owen. AND. Most importantly, the trial Meredith messed with happened to be the Chief's wife. Something tells me he would let her off the hook for potentially saving her life. At the most, I can see Derek getting pissed and not trusting her. That's it.


Alex is an A-hole.

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