Grey's Anatomy Review: "White Wedding"

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It must be wedding season.

After all, I was lucky enough to attend The Royal Wedding last week via DVR and was also cordially invited to Calzona’s special day in last night’s "White Wedding."

After a season of craziness for Calzona, including breakups, intercontinental separation, Mark Sloan, the awful car accident, and precious Sofia Robbin Sloan Torres (Whew! Say that five times fast!), Grey's Anatomy definitely brought on the wedding bells last night.

Mr. and Mrs. Torres? Robbins?

Whether you’re a fan of Calzona or not, you’ve got to admit they both looked absolutely gorgeous on their wedding day. Not so surprisingly, there was plenty of tension on the family and wedding front.

Then again, what would you expect from a wedding with two brides and one Mark Sloan?

I liked seeing the dynamic of both Callie’s and Arizona’s parents together. Mr. Torres was slowly accepting their lesbian marriage; The Colonel was not particularly at ease either. Speaking on behalf of all daddies’ girls, it couldn’t possibly be easy for any father to see their daughter grow up regardless of the circumstances.

As for Callie’s mom, she wasn’t on board with what she believed was a pretend wedding.

That’s too bad for her though, because she missed out on her daughter’s beautiful day. I honestly didn’t expect that Callie’s father would return at the end in perfect time for the father-daughter dance. That was certainly a touching moment.

By the way, baby Sofia is absolutely precious! She looks exactly like Callie. I’m not sure how Mrs. Torres could resist holding her. I get that she has her beliefs, but how could she refuse to even look at her granddaughter?

I’m glad that Calzona finally got their happily ever after, but I’ve been patiently waiting for MerDer to get theirs for what seems like much longer.

Moreover, how perfect were the scenes between MerDer and baby Zola? I couldn’t help but gush to see how excited McDreamy was to simply just be holding baby Zola. I still can’t believe that they are finally married and am thrilled that they will be moving forward in hopes of adopting.

I will say that I know better though than to get my hopes up thinking that baby Zola will easily be theirs. In Grey’s Anatomy style, I’m certain that it just won’t be that simple... especially since nothing ever comes easy for MerDer.

The Big Decision

They would make a lovely McFamily though. I have always seen both Meredith and Derek as people who would adopt. Just look how many people Meredith has taken into her home, and Derek has the biggest heart of anyone on Grey’s Anatomy.

Everyone definitely stepped it up this week in the race for chief resident. Well, except for Cristina as she spent most of her time apologizing to Teddy.

I’m kind of tired of seeing Cristina “on the sidelines” and think that she and Teddy just need to talk things through. Cristina needs to get back in the OR, but she also needs to be a little more respectful to Teddy.

Alex seemed to be leading the competition though with his orphans from Africa. Alex also has some dirt on Meredith and confronted her about jeopardizing the Alzheimer’s study. I can’t help but wonder if Meredith will admit to her wrongdoing, or if Alex is going to say something. What will this do to MerDer?

While Avery worked closely with Chief Webber, April deservingly received a recommendation from Dr. Stark. I won’t try to obliterate the patients’ names, but every single medical case was heartbreaking this week. For one patient, April’s corn porridge made a good impression on Dr. Stark. Maybe there’s still hope for these two.

Then, there’s Teddy. Dr. Perkins wanted Teddy to come with him to Germany. What about Henry though? After all, he is her husband.

Overall, this was a solid Grey’s Anatomy installment. One thing is for sure – I absolutely loved that this episode was named after Billy Idol’s "White Wedding." Moreover, everyone looked absolutely stunning at the wedding.

What did you think? Were you glad you attended Calzona’s wedding? What do you think will happen with MerDer and baby Zola? Who do you think should be chief resident?

Check out some of the night's best Grey's Anatomy quotes and discuss below!


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@Beth...I think you meant enumerate. Anyway, I did mean to say obliterate. Although, I could have also used enumerate. (: Aside from baby Zola, I just meant that I wasn't going to list out all of the other patients' names in fear of totally destroying the spelling of their names.


@ilovemerder, Meredith would never have cheated on the trial except for her desire to help Adele and the Chief. I thought it was pretty evident that her agonizing experience with her own mother and her so-close almost parental relationship with Chief Webber as well as the pain she experienced when Adele thought she was Ellis and cheating on her with Richard! -- I think all of that illustrated her motive for wanting Adele to be getting the drug that may help! SO, about the haters, y'all. Ignore them. No one of intelligence and grace agrees with them. Ugliness doesn't rule. We do. ("not a fan" of haters). LOL! :) They sit in a circle with their backs to beauty and spew trash to boost each others' narrow little minds. As Bailey says, "Rising above!"


Me and my friend were talking about this episode for weeks! (Well technically, since we found out about Calzonas wedding and the MerDer 'big life changing decision') We are not the biggest Calzona fans so we built up the whole episode in pur minds.
But all we could really agree on was that Calzona would get 40mins of screen time while MerDer got 5!
Its bloody GREY'S anatomy!
And I get the dilemma with the homosexuality subject and all. But Callie is NOT one of the original characters much less Arizona!
That's why I didn't mind season 5 being all about Izzie, start of season 6 al about George, start of season 7 all about Cristina. ALL ORIGINALS! (Just saying)
I don't mind that Calzona gets their share amount of drama but there should be limits!


You made a LOT of points. First, let me say I'm so happy that your family is supportive in the face of those antiquated teachings. How great that your mom, dad, and brother are accepting of you and willing to agree the church "got it wrong." I have a friend who I teasingly say, "You threw the baby Jesus out with the bathwater," because she just decided to reject all of her religious background. But that's what works for her, and I can't say as I blame her. So, regarding Callie's mom, remember this is a tv drama -- and yet I do believe there are educated people who swallow very narrow beliefs. The point Callie's mom made was that she didn't believe she'd "share eternity" or whatever with her and somehow included the granddaughter in this. I think a show like this that shines a spotlight on ignorant views is doing a service just illustrating the utter nonsense of such views. Well, I'd like to hope so, anyway. Meanwhile. I'm pretty worried that Karev will tell about Meredith and the study. Remember when he told that guy his wife got a tubal ligation? I wanted to slap him, although I usually love him and his efforts and growth, etc. Derreck would completely freak b/c he is Mr. Integrity. What surprised me about this episode is that they went to the courthouse and finally got legally married with no fanfare or hoopla. Very Meredith. And Christina Tran? Who wrote the critique? I think the word you wanted was "ennumerate" and not "obliterate" :)
Beth V


I liked this episode, but in general there was just too much going on and not enough time to treat each story line with the time that they deserve. I tried really hard to understand where Mrs. Torres is coming from, but I just don't. And I was raised Catholic, went to Catholic school and even went to boarding school. While Callie gets on my nerves sometimes, I actually understand exactly the kind of family and life she is coming from. And being a lesbian, I truly understand and sympathize with the struggle she has had with her religion and sexuality. My family had a different reaction: they are totally accepting of me being a lesbian and their reaction to the church's stance was that the church is wrong on this one. My brother had already stopped attending Mass and is no longer Catholic, and had done that on his own time before I came out. My mom has stopped going to any church because of the homophobia. And my father attends because he draws from the spirituality of the Roman Catholic tradition, but he does not agree with them on everything, including abortion, same-sex marriage and the fact that women are not allowed to be priests. Mrs. Torres' reaction is the most extreme a Catholic can have to this whole situation, and she is, from my experience, very much in the minority. Most people I know who are still Catholic have found a way to be truly Catholic, without accepting every single rule or Papal degree without thinking about it and coming to their own conclusions. This is especially true of people with advanced degrees. Which is why I don't understand Mrs. Torres on this. As Callie pointed out, she's educated, she lives in the world, shes's a lawyer, her secretary is gay...where is all of this archaic Catholicism coming from? One thing to note is that she says nothing about what the law should be. She may, for all we know, be just fine with separating the law from religion and her main concern is for her daughter's spiritual life and well being, but be fine with legal, government same-sex marriage, because she can separate church from state. Coming from that same kind of Catholic background, though, I honestly don't understand her. And while I'm at at, I truly don't understand the phrase "I don't agree with homosexuality." That makes as much sense as "I don't agree with brown eyes" or "I don't agree with blonde hair." There's nothing to agree or disagree about. It just is. Maybe you don't like same-sex marriage, or maybe you think "gay sex-ew!", but one's sexuality orientation is not something one can agree or disagree about. It simply is. And it either grosses you out or it doesn't.


I wouldn't even dignify watching the wedding between Callie and what's her name....I don't plan on watching Grey's until they go back to being a doctor/nurse/emergency group program...when and WHY in the world did they become an offshoot of the glee show??????
The episode before the wedding was ridiculous with all the singing
Lets go back to the romance, sex and hot spots.....or I'm out of here!


Megan- thank you for explaining the mark thing.
@Kip- I get annoyed with fans who blame Mark for interfering with Callie and Arizona. Whether you like Mark or not if you look at the situation OBJECTIVLY you'd note that he isn't to blame for being in the middle. Mark has always been there and around,he's Callie's bff. I can understand arizona's annoyance but the blame was on Callie if blame was to be had at all because she didn't ask for spce from mark.she didn't want to. So instead arizona was rude to mark. and she was rude long before the baby stuff. she told him she didn't like him long before the baby stuff. he up until the musical episode had always been cordial with her. and yet he's continually berated by fans and its undeserving. how is it callie isn't held responsible for friction in her own relationship? I just find it interesting because if Mark was ever as disrespctful to Arizona (as he was that one time) as she was to him from the beginning he would catch more flak then he ever did. its sexist.


It was a beautiful episode, I loved that Calzona got married and are now commited to each other forever! And it was so sad to see Callie going through so much pain, because of her mother. Sara was wonderful in that scene. And Derek was so amazing with the baby...
Anyway, too much stuff for only one episode. Calzona and McDreamy are more than enough for me.


People are complaining that CA did'nt get enough screetime? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! They had enough screentime the past five eppi's to last all next season in my opinon. I was happy that MerDer actually had more than one minute. Calzona lovers neeed to not be stingy...MerDer have not had a lot of screetime this season and you know it. Be happy for us MerDer shippers beceause we finally got to see them. :/


@ Kip...I am wondering what show you are watching? Mark, always respected Callie and Arizona's relationship....they were broken up when he slept with Callie, in which she came to him for comfort and sex...just sayin. He tried to be friendly with Arizona, he even went to dinner with her, to try to build a relationship....I don't think arizona ever really tried hard to accept mark. And as far as him calling her nothing, he apoligizes for that....and we all say things in the heat of a moment...he had a few things on his mind...I am sure we have all said things we don't really mean!!! His character has grown....he has grown a lot!!

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