Grey's Anatomy Season Finale Photos: Major Fallout ...

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No gunman will shoot up Seattle this year, but Shonda Rhimes has promised that there will be major emotional damage on next week's Grey's Anatomy season finale.

It will also focus on three characters - all originals.

In May 19's "Unaccompanied Minor," news of Meredith's dishonesty in the clinical trial comes to light, leading to unanticipated consequences for her and others.

Meanwhile, Cristina finds herself in a compromising situation forcing her to decide between her career and her relationship, Owen posts his decision for chief resident and Teddy makes a surprising choice regarding her love life and her future.

Mer and Alex Photo

What these decisions and consequences are - and how Alex fits in - remain to be seen, but we should know more after tomorrow night's episode (see sneak peeks).

Follow the jump for more photos from next week's finale ...

Lil Grey
A C-Yang Photo
Whistle Blower
Rule Breaker
Henry, Teddy Photo
Medical Onlookers

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These pictures look so depressing. I think Alex is not going to be viewed in a favourable light by the staff for hurting the chief and his wife. Mer has done something very wrong, but for admirable reasons. I find it a bit hard to believe that a member of staff could get a family member into a clinical trial when they work at the hospital. The temptation to fix things in favor of a loved one is too great. Plus henry won't get his op either, so Teddy will have to stay at SGH so he can continue to claim on her insurance.


If meredith could kill alex with her eyes that's how it would be...


People are such hypocrits!! You love Alex when it suits you and hate him when he's doing something to hurt your precious Meredith. Over the years, Alex has been as good to Mer as she has to him; in fact, she's the only one he's ever truly respected. What she did with the trial was wrong on so many levels: she screws up her husband's (one of the top neurosurgeons in the country) ability to do anymore research-based work; she screws up the hospital's position on being able to continue to do FDA-based research. People think that no one would have known if Alex didn't say anything. Not true. The FDA also has safeguards in place to ensure that protocols are followed. Each package was numbered for a reason and, if FDA doctors followed the way the tests were distributed they could find out that one was switched. Why else do you think Alex gave Mer the speech about how bad what she did was? It's because the FDA has its own guidelines to monitor the veracity of the research. So, don't blame Alex . . . Mer would have been found out eventually. Also, Alex didn't steal Arizona's idea . . . she was upset because she wasn't able to go back to Africa (as she had promised she would do)to check on the kids, so it was Alex's idea to bring them to Seattle. HE did all the work and was prepared to go in debt and even to jail because he didn't have the money; thank goodness the old bat came through for him. AND, Mer/Der wouldn't have a baby to adopt if it wasn't for Alex. Finally, a big NO to bringing Izzy back (a horrible woman in the show and in real life); a big NO to Lexie with McNasty Mark the philanderer; a big NO to Cristina being pregnant (why aren't Mer/Der worshippers pissed about this?).


Keep in mind the guy had been gulping double whiskeys (stinko!), had just been betrayed by yet another lover, and had been stung by the ever-diplomatic Christina. Also, it wasn't a considered move, he just blurted it out.


Alex came out of character. Remember the Lvad wire and Denny? Remember what Alex said to the chief in the investigation of who cut it? Remember the prose about being a team and never ratting a team member? ALex telling on Mer was out of character. There is no competition between Mer and Alex. They have always had a bond since day 1. Not good writing.


Dis����int in Grey's �n�t��y se�s�n 7.   


Alex's an ass how could he have rat the one person that never saw himm like the frat boy and overall gave him a roof for 4 seasons!
These pictures don't show nothing from what might happen the only thing i take from them is that April's hair looks realy cute.


Alex was an @ss to rat out Meredith.
1) He has no ethics (demanding money from a dying old lady) and his actions were only to further his selfish ambitions, not about right and wrong.
2) Meredith has always been loyal to him and provided him friendship a home. (even when he didn't deserve it)
3) He doesn't even know for sure what she had under her arm, it could have been another pregnancy test result.
4) Meredith may have crossed a professional line but I think her guilt over her mother hurting Adelle and her own dedication to the chief (who is like a father to her) make it an understandable lapse. Under normal circumstances I think she would be a very honest and excellent chief resident!


in terms of research, meredith was wrong and should have been reported. i do not like alex, but he makes a valid point about the potential future of a research and teaching based hospital at seattle grace.


Oh and that room is definitely Alex's. I'm sure that Alex moves out...specially if mer/der adopt that kid

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