Hawaii Five-O Review: "Ho'ohuli Na'au"

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Tonight's episode was fun, but the real meat in "Ho'ohuli Na'au" came from the side story focusing on Chin and that infamous missing money.

Not long ago Chin had revealed that he took the fall after his uncle had stolen money from a police evidence locker in order to save his wife's life.

Chin's aunt passed away, and his uncle tried to make things right for Chin by going to Internal Affairs and confessing to taking the money. Chin, being the man that he is, decided to tell I.A. that he had actually stolen the money, not his uncle.

As valiant as Chin is for protecting his family and his uncle's record as a police officer there is no way this false confession isn't going to come back and cause problems later.

Especially since Chin used a bookie/loan shark to return the money back to the police. I'm all for doing what it takes to protect family, but I'm not sure I quite follow his reasoning. It'll be interesting to see how this continues to play out.

Kono also got a little side story as she reconnected with an old friend from her past. Except, she couldn't remember how lab tech, Charlie Fong, knew her until the end of the episode. It was a sweet reunion, and it seems there may be a chance their relationship will be rekindled on a more romantic level.

It was nice to get some more focus on Kono and Chin. It keeps things well rounded, and fresh.

The actual case in this episode was fairly standard fair. It was fun to follow along with, but even with the diversions meant to throw people off track it wasn't too hard to figure out who the murderer actually was.

Rick Springfield's brief guest appearance as the murdered photographer wasn't anything to write home about. In fact, if I didn't know who Rick Springfield was I doubt I'd even bother to make mention of the performance at all.

Danno got called out on his tie again, this time by a bookie. Some jokes never get old, and Danno's facial expression was pretty priceless.

Of course at the very beginning of the episode McGarrett received another package containing stolen evidence. This time a package turned up on his truck's windshield.

He discovered it after a jog. Evidence showing back up at his house is one thing, but there's a definate creepy factor now that something has turned up out in the open.

So, he's being watching pretty closely by someone. Is is merely Wo Fat toying with him, or is someone trying to help him?

What did you think of tonight's episode?


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Danny no tie


Good episode, much better than last week's. I enjoy the "side stories" a lot more than the case of the week stuff. I like the running stories of McGarrett and WoFat and everything with Chin and his family. To me, it gives the characters much greater depth, and I think a long running story brings people back week after week. The stand alone case stuff is still there for those who enjoy it, but for those who want more than just a procedural, the other stuff is doing a good job providing that. I think the show has found a nice balance between the two, and offers something for everyone.


I don't usually watch this show (it's all bromance and pretty people and scenery) but I tuned in because of the Kono and Chin storylines. Unlike Virg, I don't find the stand alone mysteries enough to watch for so it was nice to see them using the whole cast for a change and building up an on-going storyline for someone other than Steve or Danno. Still pretty shallow but I like the Chin story enough to check back later to see what happens.


@Mimi I very sorry that some fan post nasty things about your fav show but I don't like it when you do the same thing I find that very immature !! About the eppie it was great like that we got more Chin and the scene's with Steve/Danno like aways amazing those two are so great love this bromance,, And OMG!!! the promo for next week Can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


To the Hawaii 5-0 fan who left a nasty comment/ review on Castle... I echo the same sentiments for this show... Stupid and boring! Lacking star value... Although they may have enough talent to bring to this remake of what was once a great show... A long time ago...


Good actors doing the best they can with poor story lines. PLEASE stop will all the side stories and make stand alone mysteries again before you loose to much audience.


I think this episode like all the others was fantastic!!! Hawaii Five- O is by far the best show on TV. It blows away its competition!!!! I didn't think it was obvious who did the murder. There was absolutely nothing to suggest who the killer was and certainly no indication she was the victim's daughter. The only reason someone might suspect it was her is because the character was barely shown.

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Hawaii Five-0 Season 1 Episode 22 Quotes

McGarrett:This is going to clear your name.
Chin: Yeah, but at what cost?

Derek Marcum:I take it you are part of Honolulu's law enforcement community.
Danno: What gave us away?
Derek Marcum: You're wearing a tie in Hawaii.