House Season Finale Review: A Cliffhanging Crash

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“No one will see it coming.”

So said House executive producer Greg Yaitanes about the cliffhanging conclusion of "Moving On," and there's no doubt that he's right. No one could have seen House driving his car through Cuddy's living room coming.

But does that make it an interesting ending? Or did it come across as a shocking development purely for shock's sake?

Rock Bottom for House

Did House try to - gulp! - kill Cuddy?

Throughout the episode, Cuddy and Wilson tried to make it seem like their friend was at some new low. Yet hasn't he always been a miserable SOB? House himself has always hammered home the message that people don't change - and he's someone who's practically reveled in his depression for years. It's made him feel special.

Could it be that his split with Cuddy has truly sent House over the edge? Sure. But I've had the impression over the last few weeks that he's just back to his old, destructive ways.

Perhaps it's the recent news that Lisa Edelstein is not returning next season that makes me believe this ending was created simply to give the character of Cuddy an out. Producers didn't know whether or not Edelstein would sign a new contract when the episode was filmed, and it's not hard to see how this open ending could have worked in either direction.

It's an understandable dilemma - the show had to prepare for both scenarios - but, from a storyline standpoint, it also had the negative effect of not feeling earned. I simply don't buy that House had reached a point in his fall where he'd react in such a manner to the sight of Cuddy and another man. I actually got the opposite feeling via his interactions with the patient (played by Oscar nominee Shohreh Aghdashloo)

"[Life] doesn't mean anything," he said to her. "You don't need to depend on people who are gonna let you down."

Sounds like something House would have said in seasons past, doesn't it? And he never destroyed a home and multiple friendships at any point then, did he?

All that said, am I curious about where this will all go on season eight? Absolutely. Cuddy will clearly have transferred to a different hospital and Wilson will... what? Continue to enable his friend? At some point, you just need to cut ties. As soon as that bumper touched Cuddy's lawn, I'd say the point was reached.

Finally, I need to touch on Taub's double pregnancy to echo Yaitanes' point above: I did NOT see that coming! Taub has made for solid comic relief this season, becoming the first member of the team about whom I can say I'm legitimately interested.

You certainly can't say House played the season finale safe, can you? What did everyone else think? The season finale was...


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I for one applauded when House drove his car through Cuddy's house, after how and for the amazingly petty reason that Cuddy broke up with House right after he SAVED HER LIFE I felt she definitely deserved it. As for the people complaining that House could have killed someone, he didn't, pure and simple. The way House just casually said "yeah, I'll feel better" and walked away after that made me laugh too.


For me, the only thing that could possibly be more stupid than how the season ended would be having a season 8.


Shore said it wasn't a dream. Problem is when House drove up the street and came back someone could have walked back into the room. Cuddy's daughter could be there. On the bright side the show will find a new audience with OJ and his cellmates.


As someone who's seen every episode of House (most multiple times) I feel like this is where the character has always been heading. First off, this wasn't attempted murder in anyway. House has a keen eye for observation and a genius-like ability when it comes to deductive reasoning. He assessed the situation and knew where everyone in that room was, probably through a bunch of obscure details in the dining room (if they ever do a court case, he'll probably list them). Secondly Tritter, Vogel, Ambers death, and his stint in rehab have all been challenges for him, but they aren't things that dealt with personal, close relationships. Look at how he reacted in those situations, now imagine his reaction when he gets put in a situation dealing with something he's never been good at. Doesn't driving a car through a house seem like something he'd do? And all episode, Everyone was pushing him to deal with his emotions, but he refused to, and felt solace in embracing his ability and shunning people to rely on. This is reflected through his interactions with the patient. When she changes her mind about radiation, he flips out, because he had seen her as making a similar choice to the one he was, a was sickened by her accepting a loss of ability for a person, because he believes people will always let you down. Arguably this is the second most important event in the episode. I could go on, but this is already too long. All I can say is I'm ready for next season, and that House will never jump the shark :)


What's so psychotic about driving a car into a home? It's irrational, yeah, but definitely not psychotic. House saw that the party cleared out from the dining room before he drove into it. It's ok to change who you are or make a giant romantic/sacrificial gesture for the sake of love, but it's not ok to lash out? Cuddy was the only meaningful relationship House had for like 7 years. And she just...dumped him! By making everything seem like his fault, on the top of that. Plus she's his boss. Plus she almost lied to him when she said she's not seeing anyone and then making him reveal his naked feelings. She manipulated House with a self-appreciating picture of rationality and power and togetherness...I never bought their chemistry. House doesn't need a mama figure for a girlfriend. He needs someone who in his own words 'doesn't speak judgemental'. And he is exactly the kind of guy who would drive his car into your living room as a symbolic gesture. What's all the whining about?!


house is a good show with good writers. im sure they will figure out something that makes sense. i cant wait for season 8.


according to IMDB this season of house ain't over yet, & if I can recall they've had 24 episodes in the past, the final episode airs on the 10th of june, not exactly sure why they have this massive gap from the 23rd of may. but nehoos I just wanna say hold yer horses people it ain't over yet!!


This episode was so full of holes you could drive a car through it. How did House know Cuddy was seeing someone? Just because she has her sister and a couple of guys over? Give me a break...How did he get out of the country? Did they not put out an APB for attempted murder? So. Next season, a new cast and a new location? He can't come back...or can he? House's character has been flailing around all season and now they're trying to get the old House back. Well, you can't go home again, guys...


If the crash was a hallucination...I have to say they've been there and done that a few seasons back, when House hallucinated a relationship with Cuddy a year before it happened for, subtract 5 points for lack of originality. Also, how could "we" see House's hallucination continue (the shocked reactions of Cuddy, Wilson, et al) after he'd already walked away? If the crash was real, how did House escape arrest...and how will he avoid (as another contributor noted) jail time...lots of it...for attempted murder? I guess they could steal from "St. Elsewhere" and say the whole series was a hallucination in the final episode, but I don't expect that.


So Boris remains displeased, and now House is Boris's (Royal Pains) new physician? Explaining the quick get away.

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