How I Met Your Mother Review: "Challenge Accepted"

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New is always better. And this season's final new episode, "Challenge Accepted." proved that it is never too late for a finale to become memorable.

First off, though, a question: was that the set from the "Soup Nazi" episode of Seinfeld that Lily bought the soup from? It looked pretty similar. 

I didn't realize what was going on until Lily burst through the door and tried to stop Marshall from eating the meal. I was so thrilled for the news that I was sure would come that I didn't really mind how Lily's vomit sound actually resembled the T-Rex from Jurassic Park and not a velociraptor. Sorry for that Mosby moment. Who am I, Dino Dan? 

Stop, Ted!

As if Ranjit's return wasn't joyous enough, we were treated to Robin and Barney rehashing their relationship as only they could. Robin recalled how she motor boated a much heavier Barney. What an image. I thought the exchange between them was great, in and out of the car. As good as Nora looked, I think she will prove to be just a stepping stone for Barney.

So, the wedding where Ted's meets the mother turns out to be Barney's. We were lead to believe that it will be Nora he marries in the future, but I still think he ends up with Robin. The look on her face when Barney flirted with Norah said it all. 

I loved the self righteous Brooklyn guy who claimed Trader Joe's had made his beloved borough, and then offered to sell Barney and Robin weed to boot. Yet another classic New York stereotype well depicted. 

Oh, Ted you got me with the random blonde and the orchid. Reminiscent of Eddie Murphy's Ice Cream Man line from Delirious. Wanna lick? Psych! That was cruel, son. 

But what a way to end a very emotional season with the news that Lily was pregnant. All the emotional turmoil this season, like Marshall and Barney's dads among other things, were worth it to get to this moment. I loved seeing Marshall peppering his beloveds face with gentle kisses. 

A fitting close to the season. As the episode ended, I was certainly left wanting more. I very much am looking forward to what the future holds for the entire gang in 2011-2012.

Until next season, one final thought: What will Marshall and Lily name their child? If it's a boy, will they name him after his late grandfather or steal Ted's Star Wars idea? If it's a girl, I'm sure Barney will weigh in on what names will condemn her to a life working on the stripper pole.

Until then, have a great summer and keep checking in with TV Fanatic for teasers and clues to the upcoming season. 


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"I can see three hours into my future"

Anna maria

Robin and Barney HAVE to get married! it can't be Nora!


I called Lily being pregnant pretty much as soon as she started throwing up! Such a sweet scene at the end with them. I hope Barney marries Nora, BR just DO NOT work at all, and we saw that in S5. I wonder if Robin saw someone/something behind Barney, maybe Don? And that explains her face? Because she smiled at first and then it changed, and I dont think she loves Barney that way anymore.


If Robin and Barney were the ones who will get married, then for sure Lily will be Robin's Maid of Honor.. Am I right?


ahhh that finale was amazing! I really wanna see what's next! Barney getting married took me COMPLETELY by surprise!( I thought that wedding that kept showing was from that friend of Ted...punchy-that's his name, right?)
Lily and Marshall were adorable! Ted choosing flowers was the mosbiest this to do lol
Barney and Robin were simply hilarious, cute and deep! I really hope he stays with her in the end, not nora(she's cute but nor robi)! They're different people than when they started dating, things can work out XD


I'm getting good at pre-empting pregnancy reveals. The psych was great! I like Nora.


I think barney will marry Robin because a- Nora would have to be promoted to a series regular unless she appeared every three episodes which would make her a pretty absent wife;
and b) Robin's look at the end of the episode showed how she figured out she still misses barney; if they weren't getting back together what was their talk inside the cab for? To watch robin suffer untill she found a rebound guy that would last 2 weeks and then go right back being miserable? Now she doesn't ahve the dogs anymore...


@Anne: Ted said he met the mother at a wedding, not her wedding or his. Also, Ted has met Nora. Agreed about Nora marrying Barney though, and the time line you proposed.


I love how they editaded the end of the episode mixing both the arcadian and marshall and lily. It had a really beautiful meaning: the end of something old gives the chance to a start of something new.
The arcadian died but soon there will be someone to fill in for him in New York; it doesn't matter that it's a person instead of a building infested with cockamouses. By the way where will they go?
I knew even before watching this episode Lily would get pregnant: in mermaid theory they said lily was pregant the next year so if she was getting pregnant any time soon the finale would be the more convinient time to do it.


I think Barney will marry Nora while Robin fights to win him back, so that Barney leaves her either at the altar or later. They rush into the marriage, so that's why Lilly doesn't look pregnant yet. And finally - Nora will be the mother of Teds children, because in Episode 6.1 he says that he first meets her on HER wedding day (with Barney), while they show that same scene as in episode 6.24. So teds future wife must be Barneys wife! So Barneys wife can't be Robin, because ted always refers to her as aunt Robin, and it must be a girl that Ted has never met before, which again favours the version where Barney marries Nora before Lilly looks pregnant!

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How I Met Your Mother Season 6 Episode 24 Quotes

Robin: Ted, the future is scary. But you can't just run back to the past because it's familiar. Yes, it's tempting...
Barney: But it's a mistake.

Ted: Do you know how many people it takes to change fifty-thousand light bulbs?
Barney: Are these people Irish? Polish? Blondes? What are we dealing with here?