How I Met Your Mother Season 7 Scoop: Explosive Barney Episodes Ahead!

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Wait... Barney is getting married?!? That was the reaction most How I Met Your Mother fans shared following Monday's surprising season finale.

What does the future hold for Neil Patrick Harris' perpetual bachelor? Producer Craig Thomas tells TV Line his show will revisit Barney's past with Robin in “complicated and juicy” fashion next year, while reminding viewers this wedding simply takes place at some point in the future.

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"How does Barney get to that place??" Thomas asks. "What changes him? What makes him want to do this? Who’s he marrying? How did they get there? What’s going on on that wedding day? Is he happy? Is he nervous? Is this going to go forward? Is it going to be a disaster?... I will tease that in November sweeps of Season 7, where there will be four huge episodes for Barney. It will involve Robin, and there will be some very explosive relationship stuff happening."

The producer also offered up two other spoilers:

  1. The season seven premiere will be "wedding-themed" and take us back to those future nuptials.
  2. Marshall and Lily will be "joyous and happy" as they embark on parenthood.

first of all just because he calls them aunt and uncle doesnt mean they are actual aunt and uncle sometimes close friends just do that and second of all has anyone thought about the possibility of one of marshalls brothers or teds sister getting involved with any of the characters????/


just cause he refers to them as aunt robin and uncle barney, doesnt mean they r married, that doesnt even make sense, them getting married wont make any difference to wether theyr aunty or uncle as theyr not related.....some ppl just call really close friends uncle and aunty.


only one prob with ted marrying barneys sister......he doesnt have one.. and also we already know hes going to marry the roomate of the girl he dated... remember the one he only ever saw the ankle of.. also the storyline isnt Ted still has at least two more years to have kids(2013) just because u think that it takes two years for people 2 hav kids and get married doesnt mean thats what will happen here.. and this will probs be the last season so he has to get married during it, so this year...


Its high time for him to get married.. tha last time is 2013.. the girl in the video looks 17 and its 2030.. the girl is 17 and the time to marriage and have kids, the lowest is 2.. so 17+2=19 & 2030-19 = 2011... hahaha... the story line is screwed !!!


why i hav a strong feelings as i kno Barney`s character so well...he is so rich and slept wid more than 200 women plus he prefer to do things differently...he first throws a party looking for his exact match...testing everyone and end up getting married with Robin.:)...just a hypothetical theory
the promo made me think this for a second
cant wait for season 7...


It makes sense! Future Ted only referes to Barney and Robin as aunt and uncle, so if he marries Barneys sister, that automatically makes Barney their uncle, so Robin marries Barney making her aunt.
I've just thought of this...


Ok so here is my guess about the mother of Ted's kids. It's Barney's sister Carly. He meets her at Barney's and either Robin or Nora's Wedding. This would pretty much fit to all the clues they have given us. 1. She's in college, 2. She meets her in a wedding, etc.


again....the wedding was punchy....and kelly's.....look at the s7 photos


Did you guys EVER think that maybe Barney and Robin are just FRIENDS? Doesn't ANYONE think that a girl and a guy can be just friends anymore??? I'm best friends with a guy and we are VERY close! Like, very close! News Flash! Barney and Robin! X[



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Barney: Ladies and gentlemen, I have in my hand a copy of tonight's Top Ten list. The category: top ten things I would've called my truck...
Ted: It was never your truck.
Barney: if Ted hadn't been a jerk and given it back.
Ted: It was a rental.
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