In Plain Sight Review: "Crazy Like a Witness"

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Just because you're paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't after you.

"Crazy Like a Witness" brought The West Wing alum Bradley Whitford into the In Plain Sight fold. For some reason, I expected his appearance to take a comedic turn. Boy, was I wrong. Adam's story was far more tragic than funny.

I couldn't help but feel for Adam, even when I doubted his theories.

Shannon, M

He honestly believed that Bachman engineered his wife's accident and he may have been right. Having lived inside the corrupt corporation, Adam knew the evil that lurked there and the fear of it drove him over the edge.

Adam's break with reality was compelling to watch. When he completely lost it, having believed his son was abducted, I could feel his unbridled terror. When he confused Mary for his dead wife, it was heartbreaking. 

Whitford's performance wasn't what I expected but I enjoyed it nevertheless.

Mary had to face her own paranoia…about weddings. When Brandi asked her to be the maid of honor at her wedding, Mary balked. Mary Shannon isn't the type to flip through bridal magazines or shop for wedding gowns. Go figure.

As Jinx tried to explain in her flighty, mile a minute, yet rather effective way, this wasn't about the frou frou accouterments of a wedding. This was about being Brandi's sister and perhaps, for once, enjoying the good times together. Lord knows Mary's stepped up for all of the bad times.

When Mary came home and pulled out a magazine to show Brandi a gown, it was the equivalent of wrapping Brandi in a hug and saying I love you. At least it's as close to it as Mary Shannon could get.

My only complaint was that there wasn't enough of Marshal Marshall Mann in this episode.  Something I hope they correct next week, even if it means seeing more of his girlfriend. 

Other than that, I'm absolutely thrilled that my favorite WITSEC team is back on Sunday nights and I look forward to seeing much of more of them.


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what is "joey"s name in real like....the son, he's off of a movie but i cant remember which one, he was really nerdy, had longer brown hair, real pale....anybody remember? or know his name in real life?


Please, yes, more Marshal Marshall Mann, much, much more. And let's get to Mary M's on/off screen pregnancy. Do we all know who will be delivering this tot? Can you say, Marshal Marshall Mann?


Can we get to see Mary in a bridesmaid dress for Brandi's wedding or will she be too pregnant. Even better, a very pregnant Mary in a gown! I'd love to see that.


Not sure how far along she is but I heard they'll introduce the pregnancy in episode 6 of this season. That should really make things interesting. Thought Bradley Whitford did a great job. Always happy to see The West Wing actors visit.


How far along is the actress who play mary in her pregnancy

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