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Mary hates romantic comedies. Well, there's no surprise there, but is it the love story she doesn't like or simply the inane ritual of two people who never say what they really feel?

The one thing Mary lacks is the patience to deal with anybody's crap. She says what she thinks and is frustrated when others don't do the same. As a viewer, I love Mary's candor, which frequently manifests itself as sarcasm. It's frequently entertaining to hear her unfiltered thoughts find a voice.

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So as much as I love a good romcom, I completely understood Mary's impatience with the star crossed couple in "Love In the Time of Colorado." If only one of them had voiced their feelings, imagine all of the angst that could have been avoided.

Speaking of angst, did you think Marshall was actually going to say something to Mary about how he feels about her at the airport? Oh, I knew it was a long shot, but I couldn't help but hope. 

I couldn't get enough of Marshall jumping to Mary's rescue when that sleazy training officer had his hands all over her. Not that I think she needed the help. It really would have been fun to see her take the guy down. It's just great to see Marshall's feelings for her boil over every now and again. He simply can't control it all the time.

I love that Marshall can admit to feeling powerless when it comes to all that Mary has been through the last couple of years. At least he can be honest about that with himself and his shrink.  Though I'm not sure how Mary would take it if he actually said it to her.

Stan putting Scalavino, the training officer on notice was great. Stan is like a little pit bull you always want in your corner. He fights for his people and not always by the rules.

Is Mary getting left behind? Marshall is obviously concerned. Brandi's getting married. Jinx is on the road to recovery. Marshall's got a girlfriend. Where does that leave Mary?

Mary's final thoughts told us that it isn't that she hates love stories, it's just that she hasn't found hers yet. We all hope that maybe she'll realize it's closer than she thinks, don't we?


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personally if Mary Leaves In Plain Sight I would not watch her in a situation comedy. If she wants to work let her keep on with this show.


on JAG they did get together;got engaged.....they waited til the series finale...


*-CONTAINS SPOILERS-* As an established Marshall fan, I enjoyed this episode rather extensively. Particularly the last therapy scene where he realizes his feelings of powerlessness. Although it wasn't said, we also know that he felt powerless when Mary got shot, and guilty because he wasn't there to take care of her as she did him in "Trojan Horst". And again, one of my favorite mannerisms of Mary is employed, when she quotes Marshall's words as her own to sound wise. I must question, however, Mary's apparent uneasiness at Marshall's comment of feeling "overprotective of the women in my life" and the ensuing conversation of the therapist having a crush/minor obsession on him when she shoots the target in the head.


To Debi: JAG never got their leads together. I remember because after 8 seasons of pointless will they/won't they I gave up and stopped watching. They didn't put them together until the last episode of the series which I always thought was a cop out. As for Marshall & Mary...I agree that there's chemistry there but I think I prefer these two as friends. I think they'd implode as a couple and then where would we be.


Sound like Mary become Pregeant in the mid season finale


I liked the episode last night because it was more like the original show that I fell in love with. I never saw or felt a sexual tension between Mary and Marshall to me it felt more like a brother/sister. Where did I miss that Mary is pregnant? Unfortunately, I have to say that I noticed the actress had that mole removed from her lip during the hiatus and now she talks funny and her facial expressions don't add up to what her character is saying. It is really annoying to me because she will be attempting to smile and it comes out all weird/jokerish looking. Plus it seems that the camera crew focuses on it more than they should.


I'm so glad that Marshall didn't say anything because every time the main couples get together, when that sexual tension is gone it's the death of a show,like Jag.


Marshall has always been the parachute to Mary's free falling. On paper these two do belong together. On screen Not So Much!


why does every cop show want to hook up the parnters we seen it and it ever work out


As individual episodes this show is fun. As a series this show is just painful to watch. The lack of story arcs make this show purposeless. Even the character bios online haven't been updated. Marshall : " Love, friendship what have you. It often blinds people to things right in front of their faces. Shakespeare built a career on it." No better paraphrase for this shows core duo. Although I want Mary to end up with her baby daddy. Whether it be Marshall or not.

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In Plain Sight Season 4 Episode 3 Quotes

Mary: Man of honor? That's not an oxymoron.
Marshall: Technically, no.
Mary: It's a something moron though, I'm pretty sure.

You like pep? Nobody likes pep.