Jennifer Love Hewitt to Replace Mariska Hargitay on Law & Order: SVU?

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Mariska Hargitay has signed a new deal to remain on Law & Order: SVU. But there's a surprising catch and twist.

The veteran actress will only stick around for 13 episodes. Around midseason, TV Line reports, Olivia Benson will take on a supervisor role, passing the gun and holster to a new female detective.

Mariska Hargitay Promo Pic
Jennifer Love Hewitt Picture

With Hargitay out, could Jennifer Love Hewitt be in?

And who might come on board in this role? NBC insiders are said to be recruiting Jennifer Love Hewitt, who guest-starred on the drama last season. We didn't see that name coming.

Christopher Meloni is yet to sign a new deal for the 2011-2012, but is expected to do so.


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When will the producers learn their lesson? When they messed around with the cast of L&O CI and got rid of D'Onofrio and Erbe, they pretty much damaged the series beyond salvation. I don't think bringing them back for the short swan song season is working...especially since they brought them back with no explanation in the series. Now, cutting Benson's character loose in mid season? Can you say..."SVU is canceled at the end of next season?"?


When Mariska Hargitay leaves the show, I'll stop watching. She and Christopher Meloni have phenomenal chemistry and no other actress/new character can fill that vacancy. Stabler and Benson are a TEAM!


Noooooo! That girl is not a good actress. I will stop watching this show if they make her the detective


Mariska also does a lot of work for abused women. She is the best. Nothing against Jennifer but she is too young and to skinny


I will quit watching the show. I do not think JLH is a good actress at all. When I see her on talk shows or any type of interview, she comes across as extremely self absorbed and conceited. She appears sweet, but I feel like she is only worried about how cute or sexy she might be so therefore, I do not think she is a credible actress. Especially not to replace Mariska. Finding a new partner for Elliot will be extremely difficult as Olivia will be leaving some fantastic shoes to fill. I wonder why Mariska is leaving?


If Mariska is not the star - much as I love Chris Meloni - I am through watching L&O SVU. Mariska is not only (for my money) the most beautiful woman on TV - she is a fine and sophisticated actress. I am not a JLH fan and consider her a light-weight replacement, unlikely to match Meloni's intensity. But then, no one could live up to Olivia a la Mariska! Why can't they just leave well enough alone?!?


Sorry to hear she has been replaced


Mariska will be terribly


OMG I love J-Love she is amazing. Its pretty awesome that Law & Order is trying to update the cast with a newer younger actors/characters. I'm pretty sure J-Love will do awesome, she is beautiful and a great actress. Her and Mariska are very similar in many ways; both naturally beautiful, down to earth, and both have amazing generous hearts. She deserves to be on TV and on an amazing TV show like Law & Order I will definitely be watching bc she is my most fav actress ever :)))))


f this actually goes ahead we must give credit to JLH. It can not however act like Mariska. Olivia Benson is an irreplaceable and beloved character, adored by millions of fans worldwide. I am Brazilian and here in my country this news has left fans aghast. Mariska is a beautiful woman, an actress of great talent and a human figure, odd, singular. I know she will leave, and leave many missing. But life goes on.