Jessica Szohr Speaks on Gossip Girl Departure

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As she told us in an exclusive interview this month, Jessica Szohr is ready to move on.

Along with Taylor Momsen, the actress will not appear as a series regular on Gossip Girl next season. But Szohr doesn't sound very broken up about the development.

"When I started the fourth season, I kind of had a talk with the producers," Szohr told E! News. "We didn't know what we were going to do with the characters. After playing someone for four years, it can be a little repetitive. So I was ready for a change."

Vanessa is Back! Yes!

The door remains open for Vanessa to show up again at some point, but the actress makes it sound like that's a long shot at best.

"I had so much fun and I made friends I'll have for a lifetime and it was so great to work in the city, but I got the most I could out of Vanessa."

Will you miss Jessica Szohr on Gossip Girl?

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I will miss you Vanessa LMAO !


can't say i'll miss vanessa but best of luck to jessica she made the right choice :)


@Aires93 I agree completely with everything you've said.


I think that Vanessa was a fantastic character for the first and second seasons. However, the writers got lazy with not only her character, but a lot of other characters around season 3. I think that people tend to notice it more with Vanessa because they never liked Vanessa to begin with. You won't find a bigger Vanessa fan than me but even I thought that Jess leaving the show was the best idea. I hated what they did to my favorite character. It was so not in character.


Oh yea, Leighton and Jessica are good friends, I bet Leighton is gonna miss her best girlfriend to hang around with on and off camera....


Her character is useless and needs to go But it's just sad cuz she seems like a very nice person. She's very tight with Leighton and Michelle as well so... Hope to see her around, but not as Vanessa


Vanessa was totally useless in the show.I am glad that she is not coming back.Jessica seems to be a really nice person,why do people hate her so much?Just because you dislike a character that doesnot mean u have to hate the actor too.Same goes with Ed westwick.Just because he plays chuck,he gets lots of negative remarks.Personally I absolutely HATE the character Dan but that doesnot mean I hate penn.People have to remember that they are just actors and they do what they are told to do.


I never liked Vanessa, the writers really ruined her character. Jessica seems like a rather nice girl, hope to find her acting not like Vanessa xD


The most she could get out of Vanessa was NOTHING!


I don't know about her or her POV, but I find sad the admission that they didn't knew what to do with the characters at the beginning of season 4. How many TV shows have lasted 6 years, 7, 8, 10 years and they have kept the quality of the writing, their fandom and/or both? Friends, ER, Will & Grace, Seinfield, Lost, Alias, The Sopranos, Smallville, Supernatural, 30 Rock, etc. It says a lot about the quality of GG writing staff.

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