Major Drama, Tragedy Ahead on The Secret Life of the American Teenager

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Spoiler Warning: Stop reading now if you don't want to learn what major event takes place on the June 6 episode of The Secret Life of the American Teenager.

Okay? Prepared for serious intel? Following next week's two-hour wedding event, a tragedy will strike Adrian and Ben: the couple will lose its baby.

Or Not To Be Scene

“The possibility is so far outside the realm of what Adrian and Ben are thinking that they won’t see it coming,” creator Brenda Hampton says to EW. “She’s taken good care of herself, she’s done all the right things, but... these things happen. I think even though viewers are going to know what is going to happen, they too will be overwhelmed with emotion.”

What impact will this development have on the show's main characters?

Explaining how this is "one of the consequences of unprotected sex," Hampton says Adrian “will go from depressed to angry to acting as if it never happened to finally allowing herself to accept the loss, as well as deal with her past and why she has made the choices she’s made in her life.

"Then she’ll have to decide whether or not she wants to continue to make bad choices or learn and grow from the experience. Is the experience going to mean nothing, in other words, or will it transform her?”

Heavy stuff, indeed. Prepare yourself, Secret Life fans.

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i dident even cry i was just jokeing and i hate you vicky stop commenting


i hate ben he's fucked in the head if he thinks hes going to marry that slut ewww


OMG! reading this I started to cry. I am pregnant and losing my baby is my worse nightmare. This episode may be just too much for me to watch.


i wanted to see the baby.. i knew it was gonna be beautiful.. im hurt.. its kinda makin me wanna cry rite now.. i dont think i even wanna watch it..


I am torn about the the upcoming episode. While I understand that the death of Adrian and Ben's baby could really been a real life occurrence, I think even better would had been to show teens how hard life is trying to raise a baby, maintain a marriage, go to school (high school and college) and work. That's real life situations that even a lot of older people cannot get through. Look at the divorce rate. Look at the number of child abuse cases. Look at the number of college graduates. Etc, etc. They could had played that the other teens on the show stop having premarital sex because of the struggles they see both couples go through trying to raise children early especially because of birth control failure. Further, they should explore the aspect of STDs, HIV, HPV and herpes on the show because too many teens on the show are having sex anyway that I almost think it sends the wrong message. It seems like the mantra that "everyone is doing it" is the underlying subliminal message on the show that I prefer my daughter to not watch it now.


Sorry for any typos or misspellings my little girl is playing with my laptop...


Okay, whoever said the stuff about she was young and needed her mom... I am 20 years old and pregnant with my second child. I had my daughter and got married at 19 to a guy who is not her father. I know what its like to an extent. Trust me the junk food she ate had nothing to do with it...
As long as she took her vitamins and had enough of everything she needed she should have been fine, but sometimes no matter what you do this kind of things happen all the time.
Don't know if I will be able to watch this episode:(


I am an older viewer as well (33) and let me tell you that this is going to be very hard for me to son was stillborn 9 years ago. Let me tell you that it has nothing to do with what you or didn't do. It just happens and I never had an answer as to what happened it just did. It can effect anyone at any age but I'm just not sure how I feel about that being portrayed on a television show...


OK i am about adrians age and i am about to have my daughter. let me tell u as a real person the thought that this could happen has come to mind many times. and yes eating right helps but it really does not matter what u do its in gods hands not ours in the long run. thats not me saying do what u want it has no consiquinces becasue there are lots ok them i wish everyday i had been smarter but i wouldnt traid my daughter, but if bad the baby is not going to make it thats life. I am lookuing forward to this episode but at the same time its going to be hard to watch knowing that could be me. i hope to god its not. but it could be.


And if you're going to post comments, at least get "their, they're, there" right! their is possessive. when you say "her mom should have been THERE for her" you want to use "THERE" because it is a place or idea. Stacy, if you're an "older" viewer, perhaps you should learn a thing or two about your vocabulary words and also research more about pregnancies instead of adding how "it must be because of this." Like what was said previously, Adrian took GREAT care of herself throughout the whole pregnancy. I ate more junk food than her and my son was born completely fine. It upsets me when people that don't know ANYTHING about pregnancy presume things!