NCIS: Los Angeles Season Finale Promo: Hetty Goes Rogue!

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Hetty resigned and her replacement arrived in the closing moments of last night's episode, but if you think Linda Hunt is gone from NCIS: Los Angeles, think again.

In next week's season finale, the diminutive shot-caller carries out her mission - whatever it might pertain to - while the team members struggle to track her down.

NCIS' Rocky Carroll pulls double duty next week, guest starring as Director Vance, who knows exactly what Hetty's up to. It has to do with one of her own agents.

Watch the promo for "Familia" and leave a comment below ...

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Someone tell me when is Hetty coming back? Without her, no NCIS with me I'm out of here.


IS hetty going to be in the next season? If she is gone from the cast, I'll be extremely raged, she is a character that everyone has come to love.


will there be an episode where they track down and find Hetty,
or is that it, she is out there on her own if so it`s a bad ending.


Is it my imagination or did I see Nate in one of those pictures standing over someone in the promo? If it is and this is an episode about Callen's past, what does mean?


Linda Hunt is one of those superb actors who has the ability to create such unique and indepth characters we always want more. If she leaves NCIS L.A. The show will be another cookie cutter disaster. Please keep her


Yeah they bettr not. It's bad enough they messed up criminal minds by getting rid of a.j. And Lauren.


They'd better not ditch Hetty. As much as I enjoy the talent and chemistry of the young agents, I watch for the pleasure of Linda Hunt's superb acting chops when she walks in. Hetty goes, I go, for what it's worth.
Great show, though, has even surpassed Mark Harmon's original.

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