NCIS Season Finale Preview: What Next?!

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After what many feel was one of the most intense, thought-provoking and dark episodes in NCIS history, it's hard to believe there's still one more left this season.

How will TV's #1 drama follow up Mike Franks' "Swan Song"?

The May 17 season finale will bring the team face-to-face with the Port-to-Port Killer at last, with significant and lasting consequences for the NCIS team.

Executive producer Gary Glasberg offered some hints at what's to come Tuesday, as well as how the controversial P2P arc came about. Excerpts below ...

Grab Your Gear

On the episode's title, “Pyramid”: "It’s a reference to where the weight and the power fall. It speaks to how decisions are made, where decisions are made, and where the threat is felt."

"It gets directly spoken to in the finale, so it will be explained."

On the finale's surprises: "Throughout the finale there are a number of “a-ha” moments. It’s very multi-layered and not only wraps up the Port-to-Port story but also a lot of other loose ends that have come up. People will hopefully be excited by it."

On the list of guest stars: "We have a lot of people coming back - Franks, Kort, Ray Cruz (Enrique Murciano). We’re putting together a really strong team of people to go after this Port-to-Port Killer, and it manifests itself in some interesting ways."

On Kerr Smith's performance as Navy Lt. Jonas Cobb: "The whole group has had a fantastic time working with him. Honestly, the emotional resonance of his performance has been wonderful, so I’m really excited to see how people react to it."

On the re-use of references and characters from years past: "That’s the [series creator Don] Bellisario Way! It’s been fascinating for me to learn that, and it presents tremendous freedom to call back to characters, things, lines of dialogue that have come up, and then build entire storylines around ancillary moments."

On crafting the serial killer arc: "In looking at the finale we had last season, and other finales the show has done, we really just wanted to present an adversary that was formidable, one we could really dig into - and yet do it in an NCIS manner."

"The challenge was doing it in a way that was commensurate with this show, and it turned out to be a lot of fun.

On the final body count: "I won’t give numbers, but there is a significant loss that happens for the team – and there is probably more than one. What happened in this week’s episode and the finale will absolutely rock the world of NCIS."

"There is tremendous emotional resonance that happens from the losses they experience, and that resonance will be felt well into next season. I have no doubt."

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I am retired and living in the Philippines, we get all the gret action swhow on the AXN cable channel( I think it comes out of Singapore) via the sat. I am retired miltiary so I really love the NCIS and CSi shows and follow them weekly over here. We didn't get to see the finale show for this season until July 17th and th wway they were promoting it on the TV as he Grand Finally. It lead myself and many of my buddy to believe the show was being canceledafter this season, until I checked this web site. Glad to hear there is going to be a season 9 and how many more and that the local cable service offers it again when it is released in this area. I hate when they put great shows on and show them for a couple years, get you hooked and then don't renew there rights to show future season's and leave you hanging there! Great job Gibb's and the rest of the crew, so mike's gone I liked him too, the others that got killed off or quit I could care less about!


I loved that comment about hope we don't see ej again in the new season unless she is in handcuffs...YES !!


What about AJ and Prentis? Couple loose ends there yet.


What is Chris Angel backwards? And the break it down to se if it natches the a word in like ChrisT, in Jewish, Where is the meaning look up jewish dictionary, Graciela Marie Archer wants to know!?


I think Toni's file had a picture of EJ becasue i think she is selling the information. I think CI Ray is one of the secret killers from the project that created the port to port killer.They didnt say they stopped the project and director vance did say that kort lost control of 1 of his agents meaning he has plenty more. Ray could of been a part of the project. I think Toni will play this secret project out better and will involve Gibbs because at the end he is loyal to sexy silver fox gibbs :). i wish i saw more of the Ziva and Tony track they like each other more than friends but wont admit it. i so want them to start dating


OMG ! That was awful, the ending !!! The look on Tony's face and all... cliffhanger 100% lol . Have to wait until...I don't know for the other season...And this thing in Tel-Aviv as well...Ziva is more than likely concerned ...


I agree about Gibbs I be gone without him so will a lot of other fans I disagree about Tony is a big part of the show so is McGee Ducky Abby Palmer and Ziva anyone of these characters leave it be bad for the show because they are like a house of cards you take one from the bottom the house will fall and that will happen if you take any one of them out NCIS will fall in ratings.
but Tony said he wouldn't go undercover and fall in love again. but who ever it is he knows them his face said it all so did Vance's so who ever it is there not too happy about it. but I respect your opinion and I agree with some what you said.


So let me get this - Tony will again work undercover without Gibbs knowing so more tension between Vance and Gibbs and Tony and Gibbs. Didn't Tony say he'd never do that again? Ray is gone, Kort is gone, EJ is gone, Cade is gone but none of them are really gone except secnav. I'm glad everybody on here likes Tony so much. he's my least favorite. I don't like his silliness most of the time and I would watch the show if he was gone. For me it's Gibbs. Get rid of Jethro and I'm gone.


I agree with Salix, they wouldn't have showed EJ pull something out of the guy's arm if they didn't plane to explain it next season. maybe both EJ and CI Ray are up to something maybe together or maybe on two different things.


I think that EJ's the one selling information. That would explain why she took whatever it was from her agent's arm. It would also put her quitting NCIS into context. She could have been using her uncle for information and since he's not SecNav anymore, she might be worried about getting caught. It would make sense with Tony's face when he opened the file. Obviously her story isn't done, or they wouldn't have given us that clip of her taking the item from under her agent's skin and then not explained it by the end of the episode (and season).

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