NCIS Season Finale Preview: What Next?!

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After what many feel was one of the most intense, thought-provoking and dark episodes in NCIS history, it's hard to believe there's still one more left this season.

How will TV's #1 drama follow up Mike Franks' "Swan Song"?

The May 17 season finale will bring the team face-to-face with the Port-to-Port Killer at last, with significant and lasting consequences for the NCIS team.

Executive producer Gary Glasberg offered some hints at what's to come Tuesday, as well as how the controversial P2P arc came about. Excerpts below ...

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On the episode's title, “Pyramid”: "It’s a reference to where the weight and the power fall. It speaks to how decisions are made, where decisions are made, and where the threat is felt."

"It gets directly spoken to in the finale, so it will be explained."

On the finale's surprises: "Throughout the finale there are a number of “a-ha” moments. It’s very multi-layered and not only wraps up the Port-to-Port story but also a lot of other loose ends that have come up. People will hopefully be excited by it."

On the list of guest stars: "We have a lot of people coming back - Franks, Kort, Ray Cruz (Enrique Murciano). We’re putting together a really strong team of people to go after this Port-to-Port Killer, and it manifests itself in some interesting ways."

On Kerr Smith's performance as Navy Lt. Jonas Cobb: "The whole group has had a fantastic time working with him. Honestly, the emotional resonance of his performance has been wonderful, so I’m really excited to see how people react to it."

On the re-use of references and characters from years past: "That’s the [series creator Don] Bellisario Way! It’s been fascinating for me to learn that, and it presents tremendous freedom to call back to characters, things, lines of dialogue that have come up, and then build entire storylines around ancillary moments."

On crafting the serial killer arc: "In looking at the finale we had last season, and other finales the show has done, we really just wanted to present an adversary that was formidable, one we could really dig into - and yet do it in an NCIS manner."

"The challenge was doing it in a way that was commensurate with this show, and it turned out to be a lot of fun.

On the final body count: "I won’t give numbers, but there is a significant loss that happens for the team – and there is probably more than one. What happened in this week’s episode and the finale will absolutely rock the world of NCIS."

"There is tremendous emotional resonance that happens from the losses they experience, and that resonance will be felt well into next season. I have no doubt."

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Aura z

Ang: The P2P Killer has lost his knife into the chest of Mike. Then he took the Franks' gun and went to attack EJ and her team. Everything happens in one night. He goes to the building with the gun because he has no time to get another knife. The trap to ambush EJ was ready and did not want to waste it.


Erik: I think I've read your posts before on the AV Club site where you were also flogging Dish Network. Dude, give it a rest, will ya?


I like everyone on Team Gibbs. If anyone dies I hope it's Vance hes the only one that I can take him or leave him. Kort can die too hes not that inmportant to me so I would be upset if he died. Franks death was so sad. I agree with all of you who can't stand EJ either wish she would be dating the killer.


And if EJ had a relationship with P2P ?


@ Sam People die its a part of life if nothing changes how can they as people grow


Hi! Excelent script.. I can hardly wait to see the season finale... My view is that Director Vance will be somehow involved in a bad way with all p2p case! He has made wrong decision and as Gibbs said during the Swan Song episode he is "investigating" him!I think that we also find out what was the purpose of Rays visit in NCIS.. I dont think that he would just like to surprise Ziva and get i indroduced to her team.. He has a role and we will definetely going to find out in the last episode! Also p2p killer uses a knife... in all his attacks, he doesnt change his habbits so how come he uses a gun against EJ ? Something goes wrong!! As conclusion i will guess that the big surpise of the season finale will be the involment of Director Vance in all this p2p case...


I don't understand the need to kill of a regular character in a TV series. Killing Franks added not one dam thing to the story and made no sense at all. The shows with him were always good but someone somewhere decides it makes for good TV to kill off a regular. NOT!! This show isn't broke and needs NO fixing or changing. All of the characters are excellent just the way they are.


jenna you are so right.ncis without tony would not be worth watching,andjrayner sorry you feel like that but thats what makes tony so good is his sillyness so please tony never change.


Tony doesn't need to be killed off hes one of my favorites he can get rid of EJ then he be OK again because she brings him down.


They need to have Tony grow up or kill him off. He makes me barf. The rest of them are terrific

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