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I don't think it will renew.... the ending was obvious since the flash back of Alex under the bed and how Nikita was the one to save her. I like the series but the ending really killed it for me >.>;; so obvious of what was going to happen. I'll be happy if it renews and continues with the storyline. It's just that the Season Finale wasn't as good as the other episodes.


Wow! Alex should have listened to Percy and Amanda. Every character had great moments.


Loved the episode, can't wait for season 2!!!

I want more Mikita and less Alex. Alex is great and all, but the show is called Nikita.

Also, how awesome was it to see Madeleine? That was a great nod to La Femme Nikita.

Amanda is totally awesome. Other than Mikita, she's my fave.


EXCELLENT episode, as always! Couldn't have asked for a better season finale. This HAS to get picked up for another season!


Finale was great. It showed that you don't need crazy cliffhangers and random deaths to make great TV. It closed a few story lines and had a smart setup for season 2. A few things I didn't enjoy. The shootout in the loft could have been done better. At least one of the girls could have been shot while fleeing. How did Alex get off the roof alive? Maybe they could have showed/implied Nikita taking pain medicine to cope with her broken ribs and injuries but other than that it was great. Best scene was the breakup of Alex/Nikita. So much emotion. Season 2 is going to very interesting.


AMAZING episode. and the ending when they drive into storm. :O just wow.


Ya, that was fun to see Alberta Watson here! Hope the show will be pick up. No more Smallville to see...A SAD FRIDAY TODAY...

By the way @L, your a A**.


Terrible show. So flat and one-sided. There's no shades at all in this show. Horrible acting. Especially compared to the original show, it is at such a low level that I hope it doesn't get picked up for the next season.


That was the best thing on television last night. I was disappointed with Vampire Diaries, but Nikita just blew me away. Every minute of it was entertaining and nothing about it was predictable.

Amanda is a beast, she's now my favorite character. Great screen play.


i love the show i hope it will be a nest season. love nikita

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