Nikita Season Season 2 Scoop: What Now?

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Next week, The CW is expected to officially pick up Nikita for season two. And it darn well better, based on how this week's episode left so many storylines open for the fall.

How will developments involving Alex, Percy and Amanda shape what's in store? Showrunner Craig Silverstein spoke to TV Line about the upcoming direction of his show...

Nikita Season Finale Scene

What does future hold for Percy? There’s a whole journey for Percy to go on, but the plan was never for him to get killed. It was actually to put a finer point on what really happened to him...I want to put Percy through his paces; strip him down and work him back up again.

What about Division with Amanda in charge? It will undergo a bit of a change. It might look a little more palatable at first, but that might be an illusion.

Will we see Alex going after Nikita? It’s not like Alex hates Nikita and wants to kill her, but her [arrangement] with Amanda will be: You help us catch Nikita and stop this crusade that she’s on, and we’ll help you get back your birthright.

Silverstein also confirms that Mikita will be on the run throughout season two, and Birkhoff will "definitely be back."

What did you think of the finale?




i got hooked to this show since season 1... so PLEASE.. let there be a season 3!!! i want to see Maggie Q!


i hate the fact that nikita might be canceled on a friday i am soo happy that im gonna watch nikita now there is all of these breaks :((((((((((( no season 3 !!!


I found Nikita on my movie streaming site. Watched season 1in a matter of 3 days. I couldn't stop watching. Amazingly epic. I apologize to CW for letting this show slip by without supporting the ratings. I did go buy season 1 on blu-ray right after watching it. Cant wait for season 2.


I luv nikita, shez so strong n cool. M abt 2 watch season 2 n i sure hop it'l b a blast


every scene was awesome,i'm hook!


how many episodes are there in seaason 2?
can't wait to watch it!
how many season of nikita will there be?


when is nikita going to be back on


i absolutely love Nikita!! will there be a season 3? Can't wait, i hope there is. brilliant work, story lines, fighting scenes and just everything!!! WE WANT MORE!


simply Best. This Movie is Best i have ever watch in my life

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Nikita Quotes

Ryan: Saying your goodbyes?
Nikita: More like good riddance.

Amanda: It's good to see you, Ari
Ari: I can't say the same.

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