Nikita Season Two Spoilers: Alex vs. Mikita!

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So... what now?

In the wake of a shocking season finale, Nikita fans were anxious to read a few teases about what to expect this fall on The CW hit.

Aside from a move to Fridays - check out the new network schedule HERE - what else can viewers look forward to in 2011-2012? A press release has revealed the following scoops and spoilers...

Nikita Season Finale Picture

Season Two kicks off with Nikita and Michael on the run with a hard drive containing the government’s darkest secrets and conspiracies. Together, they are going to right the wrongs that Division has committed over the years, one mission at a time. But leading the hunt for them this time is Alex…and she knows all of Nikita’s tricks.

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Nice movie, Nikita u ar my girl


Alex is my favorite character i hope there's a lot of fight between nikita and alex


What's with the Alex hatin'? If I remember correctly, Alex is angry at Nikita for lying to her about her father. And regardless of the fact that Alex acknowledged that it was Division that ordered the hit, she must hold some resentment for Nikita seeing as Nikita was the one that pulled the trigger. Furthermore, Alex is NOT a little kid. She is a woman fighting the good fight with Nikita (or was), so for Nikita to keep her in the dark about the kill switch, about her father and about a few other things, of course this wasn't going to sit well with her. I adore Nikita, and I adore the fact that she was doing everything she could to protect Alex, but maybe she went about the whole thing the wrong way. I don't think the season will be about Nikita/Michael trying to take down Alex/Amanda, nor will it be the other way round. In terms of Nikita and Alex, I don't think either one of them is capable of hurting one another. They have an emotional tie, a very strong one. And I think each will end up saving the other time and again because they cannot help but do so. The motherly/sisterly love always prevails. And Alex will need Nikita emotionally when the situation with her father and his death escalates. Nikita will not hesitate in being there for Alex.


Does anyone knows the date of season 2


I love Mikita i hope they kick Alex's ass. She is just becoming really annoying lately.


i don't think dat alex is betraying nkikta it is just dat amanda wants to get back to nikiat through alex and alex has nothing to do abt dat coz remember alex isn't gud at making her decision, i feel dat alex will get back to nikita not for what nikita did for her. coz i believe dat nikita did what she could to help alex in any way.


I agree with you Georgia. Alex is annoying. She can try whatever stunt she wants, but in the end MIKITA will kick her ass. I especially want to see Nikita kick her ass for betraying her. Still pissed about that!


Mikita are gonna take Alex down! Alex is annoying me right now.
Michael and Nikita need to bust in and be all 'you need a little time out missy!'


can't wait for the second season this is one of my favorite shows.the onley reason it's going to be o friday nights is because of the new show thats going to be o secret circle which by the way also looks pretty good.Season 2 is probably going to be amazing because nikita and michael are now basicly on the run and alex might be joining amanda so she can get the guy that ordered her families hit but if she works with amanda and over sight then she will have to help them catch nikita.Alex is my favorite the show can't wait till season 2 starts.


i lone nikita one ? is maggie q ansd shane west togethere i can what for the secong season when is the secong season.I LOVE MICHEAL AND NIKITA

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