Parks and Recreation Casting Call: Who Should Play Tammy the First?

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For a sitcom, the Parks and Recreation season finale sure dropped a few bombshells.

One of the most outrageous moments involved a coif-singed, eyebrowless Ron Swanson being confronted by his ex-wife, Tammy Number-Two (played hilariously, as usual, by Nick Offerman's real life wife, Megan Mullaly), and then simultaneously being blindsided by the appearance of first ex-wife, Tammy Number-One, who we only partially saw through a window.

Ron and Tammy

Just the mere mention of her name was enough to terrify Tammy Number-Two and send her into an expletive-laced, expedited  departure. Who could possibly be so awful that she would scare the bejeezus out of the woman that Ron claims resides within "Satan's butt-hole?"

Better yet, what actress would you love to see cast in the role? (Debra Messing, anyone?)

Fortunately, we won't have too terribly long to wait, as Parks and Recreation will return in the fall rather than making us suffer once again through a wait until midseason.

In the meantime, toss out your casting suggestions now. Who should play the first Tammy?

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6) Kristin Wiig. Love Her. She is a few years younger than Offerman, but might be too young for the role, and with Bridesmaids, I am not sure she'll have the right hair colour...
7) Salma Hayek. IF they could get her.
8) Demi Moore (another Brat Packer to go along with Rob Lowe... and could make for interesting plot lines if they hooked up on teh show) With Ashton out of the house doing Two and Half Men, maybe she'd be willing to do a short stint on TV...


1) Debra Messing. I'd like this, except I think she is too young to be "Tammy #1".
2) Bebe Neuwirth. We've seen her in the role of ex-wife who makes life miserable before, so I don't think it would have the right sense of novelty.
3) Tina Fey? Really? I love her, but she is far too busy with 30 Rock and SNL hosting.
4) Michelle Forbes (Maryanne from True Blood) would actually be great for this role.
5) Susan Sarandon or Madonna? you got to be kidding me! From what has been suggested so far, Michelle Forbes is the clear winner, but I will give Bebe a distant runner-up. What we know about Tammy, is that she has to be a brunette. Yes women can dye their hair, but I think it is best to pick a natural. Here are my 5: 1) Catherine Keener. She was such a biotch in Synecdoche, New York, and is in the right age bracket.
2) Kim Delaney (other than Mullaly being a great actress, in the inside joke that she is Nick Offerman's Actual wife adds to the humour, so why not go for a bit of that by picking an actress he has worked with, even if only in the loosest sense).
3) Fran Drescher OR Maggie Wheeler (Janice from Friends).
4) Justine Bateman
5) Annette Bening (or would she come off as too similar to her role in American Beauty?)


Susan Sarandon


Tina Fey is a clear winner!


I know many of you probably hate this idea.
But that would be good.


tina fey! that would be awesome!


Tina Fey...


it would be awesome if Debra Messing played Tammy 1! amazing season finale


Definitely Bebe Neuwirth.


bebe neuwirth would be perfect in my mind

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