Private Practice Review: "God Bless the Child"

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Talk about opening a can of worms – and right before the season finale no less. Last night’s "God Bless the Child" was excellent and brought back little Betsey, finally gave Amelia a storyline, and as always, put all of our Oceanside doctors at odds.

I am really glad that Private Practice revisited Betsey.

I always felt like her story was left unfinished. Poor Betsey, though. When she said she didn’t want to be in the hospital because that’s where her parents and everyone died, my heart nearly dropped. Hasn’t this child suffered enough?

Tough Spot For Addy

As I am not Violet’s biggest fan, I kind of enjoyed Betsey telling Violet that she did not want to see her after asking her why she never visited. Cooper was right in saying that Violet should not blame Pete for not previously adopting Betsey.

As always, Violet has a tendency to be self-absorbed.

It made sense when Sam brought up how all members of the practice made the decision not to help Betsey long ago. Everyone certainly struggled with this as they decided to launch an investigation into her new foster family.

However, I thought it was predictable that Betsey’s new brother, Marshall, was the one who was abusing her and not her foster parents.

I get why Betsey wouldn’t come clean at first about the abuse from Marshall. She probably knew she was more than likely to lose yet another family and home.

Let’s not forget that sadness is all she’s ever known. From losing her parents to being abandoned by her aunt, Betsey really couldn’t ever catch a break.

Fortunately, Betsey will finally have a home and family with Naomi. I couldn’t have imagined a better and more perfect happy ending for Betsey and for Naomi as she exits stage left. Yet, with Fife out of the picture and heading back to D.C., I wonder how Naomi will leave Private Practice.

Can we say FINALLY about the writers giving Amelia a storyline?!

Although we’ve only seen her as a rock star in the OR, a maid of honor, and an AddiSam supporter, it was different seeing her in a vulnerable state. I have a feeling this is going to just be the beginning for a very difficult journey for Amelia. I am definitely looking forward to seeing Amelia fight her demons.

Nevertheless, I’m a little confused about her struggling sobriety storyline.

When Amelia confessed to Charlotte that she accidentally took a sip of what she thought was ginger ale but actually wasn’t at the wedding, I couldn’t help but recall the numerous times we saw her drinking wine with Addison.

What’s up with that? Are we supposed to believe that the slip up at the wedding was the first time she’s had a drink since she became sober? Regardless, she’s got Charlotte on her side. I love the dynamic of both Charlotte and Amelia and how close they’ve gotten.

I appreciated that Addison stuck by her patient who wanted an abortion. Addison was willing to support her patient no matter what her decision was.

It was obviously not an easy task for Addison. Although I am glad that Addison and Naomi hashed it out, it was nice to see that Naomi was there for her best friend in the end when she needed her most. That’s what real friends are for, right?

One more thing, wasn’t it kind of funny when Sheldon was playing with Olivia and making those silly noises? I really like Sheldon. Now that Amelia has a storyline, I’m waiting for Sheldon to get his own storyline as well.

Overall, this was a strong installment of Private Practice. Get ready for next week’s season finale! What did you think of “God Bless the Child”?

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I am very upset with the writers of this last episode. So much to the point that I am willing to take the show off the air. Naomi's constant message that abortions are wrong is taking women's rights in North America back 50 years. The idea that any writer would think that it was O.K to reflect this type of message and call it entertainment is sad for women no matter what their beliefs around the world. This show on many occasions has reflected this topic in only a negative light. I am all for introducing different point of views in the media, it is what keeps the world questioning everything, but any media that shows serious issues as this as only one sided, and as being for entertainment is doing an injustice.


I'm also really glad Amelia's getting a juicy storyline, but I was confused by it too. I don't think it was explained very well whether her addiction was drugs, drinking or both


I thought they were too preachy about their vision of the abortion issue. Never once did they bring up that THE BABY had any rights. That, in my opinion, pretty much negates the whole title of the episode, as the aborted child who was pulled out while "feeling pain" as a late term abortion clearly was not blessed by God in the episode.


I love Betsey!
This little girl knows to act! Really goooood!
And the boy is an even better psycho! Nice epiode! It had enough drama and trully touched me!
Ooooohhhhhh Naomi is getting on my nervs ! Addison and Violet should kick her ass I mean it! For me she and Sam go to DC all the way and never comeback.
Addison proved again why she got a tv show on her own! She gives the show live and spark!
Cooper I love how he loves every single child! A great Chrachter!
Amelia and Charlote I love them being BFF's just like BFF should be!
It seems that the practice is falling apart! And that makes the final next week interesting!


So glad Betsey came up. It was good that they revisited it as they left it open-ended. I'm so glad Naomi decided to take it. Best decision ever. :) FINALLY! Amelia gets a storyline. I like her friendship with Charlotte. Best friendship on the show. :) Over Violet and Pete's characters. They're just boring and really annoying now. Same for Naomi, glad she's going. As for Addison, I'm glad her and Sam are no longer together anymore. Felt sorry for Addison aborting that womans child. Last thing she needed. Poor Addy. :( Cooper and Charlotte are amazing. :D


Violet was the only one wanting to keep Betsy the last time, yet she was the only one being rejected by Betsy, I'd say she had the right to be a little upset. She was forced to take the bad guy role in Betsy's life (being the one who took her in and then send her away when she asked to stay) to protect everyone else at the practice, and also to protect Betsy from the knowledge that no one else there wanted her. And now she was being punished for that, and add that to the investigation and how most of the practice is ready to turn their back on her to save their own behinds... She's getting blows left and right and this is another one... Of course, it was good that Cooper pointed out her own failures regarding Betsy, but despite that, I'd say she had a right to get upset with the situation. Say what you want about the book and the investigation, in regards to Betsy she was being unfairly painted as a villain. Everyone else is gettig free passes from the girl, except Vi, and she was the only one who really wanted to keep her.


I think that in regards to Amelia's storyline is not necessarily a plot hole just not very explained very well or explicitly. Its a fact that Amelia had drug problems and we know this because she stole Derek's prescription pad and she has admitted it as well! And she decided to get sober after what happened to Charlotte and her part in what happened with Cooper. IT was very lightly touched upon put Amelia was going with Charlotte to her AA/NA meetings and I think it was Amelia starting to try and get her life in order, I don't think she would be going to meetings and not try and stay sober. So while the whole amelia thing hasn't been very well explained, It doesn't surprise me, and I agree finally she has a storyline!! yay


I am so glad that Naomi took Betsy. She would've when the Aunt first abandoned her. I'm also glad that Naomi and Addison hashed out everything and they are good. It would have been great if Naomi was going to be there when and if Addison gets pregnant.
Am I the only one who thinks that Audra should just move permanently to LA? With regards to Amelia, I think either there is a major plot hole or she only has a problem with spirits like tequila and vodka but is fine with wine. They need to decide and tell us.
Can't wait for the finale. It has to top season three one.


What I can remember of Amelia's story, is she had a drug problem, she stole Derek's prescription pad and had an overdose when she was a teenager, she also stole Derek's car. I think Amelia drinks she is clean of drugs. I could be wrong. Let's meet her other sisters.


The whole Naomi Betsy story line did it for me. It was a long time since a saw an episode of PP and thought "now this was good". This episode was. And 'Addomi' reconciled. Fantastic.

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Private Practice Season 4 Episode 21 Quotes

When it comes to abortion, everybody has an opinion. Everybody is going to want to tell you what to do. If this were 1972, it would have been a back alley and not my elevator that you collapsed in. Because back then, you didn't have a choice and now you do. But, it's still hard. And even after you make the most difficult, personal decision that there is, it's still unsafe. Because you have some fanatic who claims to value life who can walk into an abortion clinic and can blow it up. Pattie, you are the only who knows if you can have a child. Everyone else's opinion is just background noise. So, if you want to keep this baby, I'll support you. If you want to give up for an adoption, I'll help. If you want to have an abortion, I'll do it. I'm not here to judge you. I just need you to know any decision you make is for you. Not for me, not for Dr. Bennet... for you.


Charlotte: My mom always says God doesn't give with both hands. You're young, beautiful, brilliant. There has to be something you can't have.
Amelia: Some days I'd give that all up.
Charlotte: That's just the craving talking. The longer you go without a drink...
Amelia: I drank at your wedding. I thought it was ginger ale. I spit it out.
Charlotte: OK, since then?
Amelia: Nothing, but I can't stop thinking about it.
Charlotte: It was an accident. Don't let a slip turn into a fall. Get your butt to a meeting.