Private Practice Review: "Something Old, Something New"

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As a huge fan of Cooper and Charlotte, I was somewhat disappointed with last night’s episode of Private Practice, "Something Old, Something New."

Sure, Cooper and Charlotte are finally married now, but I just wanted to see much more than a runaway wedding to Vegas. Besides, we have been waiting since last season when they were first engaged.  

I get that the odds were against our newlyweds, but the wedding just felt like a letdown for me. I guess I’ve just been waiting to see her walk down the aisle, hear the organ play, and find out who’s on the receiving end of her tossed bouquet. They did seem so in love and happy on the plane, though, and that’s what counts.

The Big Day For Cooper and Charlotte

From disagreeable parents to a bickering practice, I did love that Cooper saw past all of this and told Charlotte: “All that matters is you and me. And the rest of them, they don’t have to agree or to like it or to like each other because this is not for them or about them. “

By the way, wasn’t Charlotte’s dress lovely? No, I’m not talking about the Southern traditional dress that’s been passed down for the past century in her family.

Regardless, of how they got married, they are married now! Just maybe, they can now get their shot at a happily ever after. Some happiness is definitely needed on Private Practice lately.

While some of our Oceanside Wellness doctors were torn between the future of the practice and protecting Violet, I knew where I firmly stood. I was actually glad that there was a possibility that Violet’s medical license might be suspended. I’m still crossing my fingers.

Violet acts unbelievably recklessly at times, and I do think she has crossed the line one too many times. In fact, why did Violet show up without an appointment to talk to the medical investigator? She said that she was just trying to tell her side of the story, but this is exactly what she did last week when showing up at Katie’s work.

Violet consistently put herself in danger with Katie, and now Oceanside Wellness is in jeopardy.

Why couldn’t Private Practice just end this episode by telling us what the verdict was in Violet’s trial? I’m hoping that this storyline isn’t dragged out like the Sam and Addie storyline.

By the way, it looks like they are through. How do you feel about that? For now, I’m just glad there was finally confirmation. It took long enough.

With Naomi back in the picture for now and by Fife’s side, I wonder if they’ll stay for the remaining episodes of this season. Also, why didn’t Sheldon bring Marla to the wedding?

And although Amelia made an awesome maid of honor, she seems more like a supporting character rather than a main character lately. Give this girl a storyline!

Bottom line, I really looked forward to this episode, but it just wasn’t what I expected. There are only two remaining episodes, and I’m hoping it will only get better. It just has to, right?

What did you think of “Something Borrowed, Something New”? What do you think will happen to Oceanside Wellness during the investigation? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.


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I forgot to mention Amelia! I think she is sick so she can't take alcohol with medicine!
So dereck can stop by and some crossover action at the start of season 5! And I think this kicking Addison out of the group will mix things up! She will probably dissappear for some time and come back!


Amelia is pregnant,and you know who's kid it will turn out to be? Sam's. Come on, how perfect/ironic would that be? He and Addison broke up over her desire to have a baby and he get's someone else pregnant. He and Amelia had a moment an episode or so ago, where she said things didn't have to be strange between them just because of him and Addison. That made me stop and go,hmmm. It would turn out to be more of a shocker since they never should them actually hooking up. Does anybody else share this opinion?


I loved this episode more than the Grey's Anatomy one.
I thought the wedding was perfect for these two. Even the choice of venue they decided to go to last minute.
Charlotte and Cooper are fair by the best two characters on the show and I'm glad the wedding happened. I thought something was going to happen towards the end because by the time the wedding came up, there was only 8 minutes left. Far from enough time for everything to play out right. Either way, love the development of the characters and who've they become. :) Addison, where do I begin? Honestly, I love this girl, but as Naomi said (in regards about her relationship with Sam) "I just hope it was worth it". Those words were much more harsh than the reviewers rating for this episode in my opinion. Honestly, I get why Naomi is disgusting by the fact Addison got with Sam, but what pissed me off more was how Sam himself turned on Addison. I actually wanted to strangle him. I'm glad Addison told him off the way she did. I have always been an Addison fan, and I'll always be an Addison fan - no matter what mistakes she makes. After all, she's human, we make them. I understand that Addison crossed a line by going out with Sam, but from her perspective, she gave it all up for love. She risked everything to be with him because HE pursued her. After so long, I'm glad they're over now. Time for Addison to find a new guy. :) Violet. Where the hell do I begin? This woman, my God. Is she mentally ill? Is she missing a part of her brain? OR is she just plain stupid? How did this woman become a doctor in the first place? Honestly, she is reckless. How she was not harmed years ago, I'll never know. Her actions have now effected the practice. This is how far she has gone. She has cost her friends/co-workers and place of business AND the practice's patients records. This woman has to be my least favorite character out of every person on this show. Her actions have consequences and look what it has caused, a hell load of trouble. HOWEVER, I find it to be an interesting storyline and I hope it goes for at least another episode or two. I think Violet will have her medical license suspended and the suspension will take place over the Summer break so that when the show comes back on, she'll be working again. I apologize for the rant everyone. :) As for other characters:
Naomi - Glad to see her around. I feel as though we've missed a lot of her and I want to get as much out of her until the character departs at the end of the season.
Sheldon - When can this guy get a break? He was doing good with Marla and to hear his rant to Charlotte's mother at Addison's house sounds like they broke up. I love this guy and I want him to have someone. Him and Addison perhaps? XD
Pete - Where he goes, Violet goes. I'm not really worried. He gets a lot of decent storyline and I don't think he needs another till next season.
Amelia - OH MY GOD! GIVE THIS GIRL A STORYLINE! I'd like to see something happen with her. This character has so much potential and we know enough about her to see something interesting happen. A drug relapse, perhaps? I don't know. But Shonda, seriously, give this girl a storyline. She is Derek's sister after all. Also, to a comment about Amelia being pregnant, sorry to tell you, but she's in NA (Narcotic's Anonymous). They don't drink as drinking is a gate way into relapsing on drugs. You don't have to not drink, but they advise against.


I love Private practice, and Addison was my favourite character in Grey's , but I feel like I'm starting to look for reasons to love Addison now. They gave her TOO many flaws without having her redeem herself a little bit more. She needs a good storyline to prove that she still has the magic that made everyone pick her to be the boss back in season 1. Also, is it just me, or has Private Practice gone so much darker this season? Hell, it's even waayy heavier and more depressing that Grey's Anatomy. I find myself feeling sad and unsatisfied upon watching the last few episodes. I miss the thrill of the fun group interactions they used to have. I hope Shonda knows where she's going with this investigation storyline. It's a very interesting plot, for sure, but I hope in the end everyone does something to show that their practice best because of this system they have in place. that being said, I loved how cooper and charlotte got married. they are my favourite couple, and to me they are like the MERDER of private practice, they went through so much together, and cooper was right, the wedding is about them, not everyone else. I thought the scene on the plane was perfect! but yeah, sick of naomi wheelchair guy and sam. they can all die in the finale. haha.


hi just wondering if anyone can explain the why all of a sudden Amelia can't drink. I know she had a pill problem like Charlotte but also like Charlotte she still drunk alcohol (she was drinking with Cooper the night Charlotte was attacked, doing shots i beleive ) and I'm pretty sure she drinks other times too, unless I'm mistaken then please correct me. Just a little confused to if she has been drinking before why now she asks for ginger ale then spits out the champagne.


Amelia spitting out her drink could be foregrounding a storyline for her - relapse perhaps?


It was a pretty solid episode! Don't know what U were watching?! Joke! Everyone can have his opinion! I love the realistic approach! The writers have done a really good Job! the Cooper and Charoltte Parent talks were like I was hearing my relatives talking about are family in love! The naomi, sheldon and five talk were giving some other perspective from Five showing again that he has a heart! The Addi&Sam realtionship is just how it happens in real live! The Violet story could've been done better! But I think they are giving some intros for season 4! I would give them 4 stars at least!


Amelia is so not pregnant. That's about her sobriety


Amelia is sooooooo pregnant!!! When she spat out her 'champagne' thats a big give away!!!!


I love Charlotte and Cooper. I was hoping for a big wedding, but these 2 are far from traditional, so I think the getaway wedding was perfect for their characters. She looked amazing! I am so over Addie and Violet's characters. Addie always acts so righteous yet she goes after her best friend's ex husband and now is miffed that the best friend is angry with her. She is high and mighty except for her own actions. Same holds true for Violet. I have never cared for her character so if she loses her license, that isn't a big deal to me.

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