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No gossip about the 5th season yeat? What will happen to Pete?


Chemistry pairings seem to mean nothing on this show! Nae and Sam were HOT together and brought out the passion in one another. Why the producers won't let them be together (have to have both with white partners) when they obviously are so HOT together, I don't get! The chemistry is much more than just making a statement! Addison and Sam die together. Too cold, no chemistry. Neither of their faults, but just the way it is. LOVE Charlotte and Cooper together. Both are expanding their characters beautifully! Miss Pete being playful and smiling alot like he did in the beginning. He needs to recover, dump selfish Violet (who brought down the practice and left to serve her self-serving interests) and get together with maybe Amelia, or some other playful person! Sheldon does need a storyline. Maybe he can fall for a hot patient, but can't date her until she isn't his patient anymore! Glad Fife is gone, he was not a character that brought much to the show, except maybe he & Violet could have left together!!!!


two words
Seattle GRace that equals crossovers and addison can go with mark,alex or owen will be free soon and he ants a baby


Addison should go back to Seattle open another clinic.,become a staff doctor at Seattle Grace take Amelia and Cooper,Charlotte and maybe Pete.This would allow cross over episodes with Greys and Addison can go out with Alex or Mark


i think Addie should leave California and go back to Washington.She can open another clinic and start over.Wipe the slate clean.Take Amelia and one or two other doctors and become a member of the staff at Seattle Grace.This would make it easy for crossovers between Greys and Private Practice and would help do two hour specials and boost the ratings of both shows.Maybe Addie could get together with Mark again or with Alex


I was disappointed w/the finale. Everyone seems to be going in circles. How many Mothers can just go away for 3 wks when they have a child? Sick of Violet and I hope Pete will live to be back next season. Sick of the Addison and Sam saga...Needs to make the story line better or this show is going to get axed!


Amelia told Charlotte that she'd been drinking again, a lot recently. Beyond her control. So Charlotte replied that's a gate way. The reasons Charlotte needed to go to an NA meeting was because dealing with a rape victim was making her relive her own experience and that it could make her feel like she's almost over the edge again. That all she wants is so silence the pain by taking pills. As for Charlotte's past experience of drinking martinis, she was not drinking them as excessively as Amelia and for all we know Charlotte could have been in a dark time, so she resorted to alcohol instead of drugs.


I am very over Violet, but hope she returns to save Pete. Second thoughts would be great here. I am not opposed to Sam and Addison...however, he is being all about him, which is not his usual way. Love the mellowing of Charlotte...thinking the issue with Amelia could bring a guest visit by Patrick Dempsey!


So sick of the "Violet's a bad mother" accusations.

She was nearly reduced to tears saying goodbye to Lucas, how is that a bad mother? She's not running away, she's trying to make something good out of a bad situation. The medical board has suspended her license, which puts her out of a job for the time being. She's being banned from doing what she feels is her purpose in life, the book tour is offering her some meaning to her existence beyond her maritual and family obligations. She didn't take it to escape, she even envisioned bringing Lucas with her, but put that idea to rest when Pete said no. This whole season all we've seen of Violet and Lucas proves what a good mother she is. The fact that she chooses to go away temporarily for work-reasons doesn't dispute that.

As for the laments about Violet abandoning the practice in need, I need to ask what exactly is Violet supposed to do? She's already fought the medical board once and lost, her words hold no weight with them. Aside from maybe being moral support for the rest, there isn't really anything she can do. Naomi left, too, and Addison almost did as well... Sure, Violet's book is at the base for what is happening, but everyone who read the first draft were all for her publishing it, they only objected after the alternations which dragged them into the book... had Violet published the original draft (who they were all behind her on) the book still would've included Katie, still would've lead to the lawsuit and Katie's lawyer still would've made that call to the medical board.

As for the whole Violet should've seen Pete's heart attack coming? She *did* ask him if he was alright, if she should get something for him, but he dismissed the problem himself. What is she supposed to do then? Assume he's lying? That he doesn't know his own body better than she does? He blamed it on the case being draining, and it was a pretty plausible explanation... She isn't to blame for not knowing he would collapse.

I can agree that she made a selfish choice, but that it makes her this horrible person/colleague/friend/mother/wife? That I can not agree with. If we were to scrutinize every character on this show, none of them would come up without bad sides, without major flaws, without a history of bad choices.


Addison doesn't need Sam, Pete doesn't need Violet, Cooper DOES need Charlotte, Sheldon and Amelia need storylines, and Violet needs a comeuppance like nobody's business. It never ceases to amaze how somebody with that much emotional baggage and that little empathy ever imagined she could make it as a therapist of any kind. with every single situation about her, how does she treat anybody?

and i'm sorry, but Addison and Sam just plain suck together.

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