She's What?!? Bones Producer Speaks on Game-Changing Season Finale

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Executive producer Stephen Nathan spoke about "The Change in the Game" after the Bones season finale aired last night. If you haven't seen it, we won't give away any details in this paragraph, but you should probably turn back now.

We don't want to spoil the last 10 minutes for you, because there aren't too many episodes that leave you bawling, then gasping and exclaiming "WHAT!?"

Here are excerpts from Nathan's chat with EW ...

Big Bones Moment

On whether Brennan is for real: "Absolutely. This is not a dream"

On whether this twist was built around Emily Deschanel's real-life situation: "This was something that we had been discussing even before Emily found out she was pregnant."

"It’s very difficult to find a way to deal with two characters who everybody knows should be together without embracing what everybody calls the Moonlighting curse."

"We had to find a way to keep Booth and Brennan Booth and Brennan and keep the integrity of those characters intact, and yet move them along because you can only wait so long."

"So we wanted to avoid that part of the relationship where you first get together and the fresh glow of love, and you’re sharing dessert, and you’re overly polite."

"We didn’t want to do that. Booth and Brennan have disagreed about fundamentally everything - except each other - for six years. That will continue."

"Their characters will remain the same: Booth and Brennan will have completely different ways of dealing with the pregnancy, completely different ways of dealing with where their life goes from here. Booth is the marrying kind as we know, and Brennan is not."

"Where are they gonna live? How are they gonna raise the child? All of these issues will be dealt with in the way that they’re always dealt with - from opposite sides."

"The ultimate pragmatist meets this romantic who has faith that everything will be worked out as long as you look at it the right way."

"These are issues that won’t die. We hopefully have found a way to continue what everyone loves about Bones while really kicking it up a notch and adding a whole new set of complications now that these two people actually find themselves together."

Baby Time!

On when Season 7 will pick up: "It’s not gonna be two weeks later. We’ll see them a little bit further along. Exactly how far along remains to be seen."

On the time elapsed between the last two episodes: "Probably at least a month."

On whether B-squared did the deed once or multiple times: "I think that’s up to every viewer. I have my little feeling about it, but I don’t want to impose my opinion on that on anyone."

On their future as a couple: "Well, we’ll now see them as a couple - whatever a couple means to Booth and Brennan. [Laughs] It will be that unique couple. It won’t be what you expect."

On adding a baby to their dynamic: "We want that to affect the show, but it’s not gonna be a show about having babies. It’s not Parenthood. I’m sure there are gonna be viewers who are upset. 'Oh, the baby’s gonna do this and do that.'"

"A lot of viewers always make up their mind on how we’re gonna ruin the show before it happens. [Laughs] And hopefully we will disappoint those viewers. As for the viewers who have faith, we hope we won’t disappoint them. We’re very, very excited."

On how the babies will change the show overall: "Bones is still Bones. We’re still gonna have gruesome murders and find the killer. That’s still always the main thrust of the show. We’ll follow their lives and follow the progression of relationships, but that’s always gonna be the backdrop against killing people."

"The babies will definitely factor in the show. Every week? I can’t imagine. But it will be a part of their lives. We’ve known these people for six years. We’ve seen them grow."

"They have children and their lives progress and evolve, and we’ll see a part of that while we’re, you know, tearing the flesh off of a horrendously decomposed body."

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Great way to end season 6. I didn't see the pregers announcement coming, but I like it. This will force the B&B relationship to a new level -- it remains to be seen if it will be a good or not so good level. Booth is a stand up guy, down deep loves Bones, and will want to marry her, and be an active part of raising the baby. The main question, I see, is if Bones will allow herself to get married. Looking forward to season 7 and trusting the producers & writers to do the right thing for us fans.


I will be turning in next season, I wish it was Sept already. I am very happy with the producers for this point and for putting them together. I am so happy she is pregant with his kid. Although I do agree a kiss, hug something. We have been waiting 6 yrs now. I will stick around next season in hopes that the producers keep them together and and make them face the fact that they love each other. If they break them up or have them fall in love with someone else again then I don't know if I will continue to watch Cause besides murders, its about B&B and I didn't like it at the start of this season with Hannah, it just wasn't normal. I do hope we will get flashbacks and stories of what took place and also hope that we will see them kiss and act more like a couple.


Did anyone see the disaster that was Angel after season 2? Lead cast babies suck. I think it would be better if something more interesting happened... what if Brennan miscarries? Baby dies at birth? (I'm not saying those are great things, because these events are horrible and traumatic, but it would be different) That would add an interesting dynamic more than hijinks with bottle feeding. It's doable with Hodgins and Angela because they're side characters, with Bones and Booth... definitely hard work, plus it'll be more of the same scenes that we'll see with Hodgins and Angela. One baby, ok.... two? Of the permanent cast (not counting rotating interns), that's 2/3 of the cast tied up in baby stuff. I mean, it will only be amusing the first few scenes, after that... it's a hindrance. Who's going to watch the kid while they're saving the day? Are they going to be "nanny" parents? I don't picture Booth doing that... nor Bones with her Anthropological viewpoints. It would be a village raises the child, so what impact will that have? Babies at the Jeffersonian? My point is: this will be exceedingly complicated to write well, and we have been disappointed by the writing in the past (Zach = Gormagon's apprentice anyone?). I agree with those that said this is better than the drawing out the beginnings of the relationship - I agree that they are beyond needing to do that. They've known each other and worked with each other for years. They're beyond that, and it would be boring anyways. I just wish they'd done something a bit different than _another_ pregnancy.


You siad yourself that they are not 100% effective so there is a chance that it could happen. Also they siad that a month difference between the las two episodes and that they could have had sex more than once. so they proberly did use protection as you siad if they didnt it would be out of character but that doesnt mean that her being pregnant is immposible. things like this DO happen.


I seriously doubt this pregnancy is going to hurt the show. It just gives it another dynamic. And as far as the romance thing goes...I'm sure there will be some next season. The pregnancy was supposed to be a major shock to everyone. They have gone this long without ruining the show and as long as they keep the characters intact then it will continue to be the show we all know and love. This baby FORCES them to figure their relationship out NOW rather than later. I am very excited about it and where it will take the show.


Like brennan's already pregnant i guess they'll try to spend more time around the other and the kid and then eventually they would end up together...if not there will be forever the window of opportunity so they're forced to at least being in the same room without being at work...


One question: Do you them to have a boy or a girl?
My vote goes to girl because there's already Parker and Michael and we nead a change around bones.
And besides booth playing with Barbies; i don't know, i'd probably ditch scholl to watch that episode earlier...


Yes I wish we had more of a confirmation on their relationship status before she told him she was pregnant. Max even told them to act more 'coupley' and although they did in I've seen you naked and liked it way they weren't that obvious! Wish we had seen something! I'd have even been happy with holding hands or arm round the shoulder than NOTHING for 6 years!


@Gabi sounds like you don't know how to use them, or, just guessing, you had sex more than once? the liklihood of getting pregnant with contraception is pretty damn small. even if the condom fails (90% effective), or she's not on the pill (95%) most couples don't get pregnant on the first time. it's not only astronimically unlikely, it doesn't make sense considering bones is A SCIENTIST and booth already had a kid b/c of unprotected sex. it's just SO out of character

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