Taylor Momsen & Jessica Szohr Let Go From Gossip Girl; Kaylee DeFer Promoted to Series Regular!

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Gossip Girl is parting ways with Taylor Momsen and Jessica Szohr.

In surprising news this morning, it's been confirmed by TV Line that the two actresses will not be returning as series regulars for the CW show’s upcoming fifth season.

Both may be back on a guest star basis at some point, according to reports, but the actresses portraying Jenny and Vanessa are not part of the core cast anymore.

Oh Yeah, There's V
The Vixen Returns

The "core five" of Blake Lively, Leighton Meester, Penn Badgley, Ed Westwick and Chace Crawford will all be back this fall, as will Kaylee DeFer as a series regular.

DeFer, who first appeared last month as Serena's cousin Charlie, and who made quite the impression in last night's episode, offers the producers a fresh face.

Momsen has hardly made secret her desire to focus more on her music career, while Szohr’s character has been given little to do this spring ... or pretty much ever.

In that sense, maybe it's not too surprising. What do you think of these Gossip Girl casting shakeups? Are you excited or sad to see them go? Sound off below.

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No no no no no no no no noooooooooooo!!!!! Jenny was my absolute favourite character, all through the 4th season I had to keep goingback and watching repeats of the 3rd season, because I missed her so much. Pleeeeeeeease don't let this be true!! They never fully played out what Jenny and Nate could have been. This is the worst news ever. I don't know if I will watch the next season, the 4th one was crap, so this will be horrible now that there is no chance of Jenny returning. I am actually so sad. I hate you writers.


Sad news. I really loved Jenny and was hoping to see her and Nate together. But then again, i've grown use to the show without her and there is always my other favourites as well as the epic B/S friendship :) As for Vanessa. GOOD RIDDENS TO BAD RUBBISH I SAY!!! Hated her from the beginnning when she destroyed NENNY/DERENA.


I dont think ill be watching the show alot now since jenny is not on because i really thought she would come back and go to nate which is what should happen nate is usless


Thank god, really. I never liked Vanessa. She's always calling out Blair, Serena, etc for being shallow and manipulative but she's just as bad as them if not worse because at least they own up to it. Her justification for scheming and manipulating? To show Dan the rich kids' true colors. What she constantly fails to grasp is that she's only managing showing her own colors. Dan KNOWS what the rich kids are like and he isn't bothered enough by it to stop hanging around them. Vanessa is just like them but her holier-than-thou attitude is unjustified and that annoys me way more than any of the shallow scheming Blair and the others do. As for Jenny, I don't care one way or the other. She was mildly interesting at times but that's about it. Ultimately I feel that the show can survive with or without her.


i am gonna miss jenny so much (not taylor momsen, but jenny). jenny's one character that i could related to - i mean, S, B, N are filthy rich kids living in another world.
i understood jenny's desire to fit in with the popular kids in school . and i also understood her ambitious to launch her fashion career. when i am in my "ambitious zone", i am like jenny - i, too, go all out to get what i want. :( it's sad to see V go too.
i know that her role on the show is to be the voice of reason, but the writers never made her rational.... -_-


I think that Jessica is a good actress... And is gossip girl that is not leaving her to show that... Good for her , for leaving, she can do better! I loved the last gg episode.. But i have one problem! These is the last season we will see all of them together.. And now we have t deal with Charlie.... Ew..


Im gonna miss jenny. Shes one of the best dresser in this show.


I think this was a good move for the show! Szohr's character was stale right from the begining of the show anyway, and let's face it, she's not a particularly brilliant actress. She didn't contribute much at all, and when she did, it was a dry and uninteresting performance. I also think Jenny's character was done, also. The writers made her spiral too far to fast into the Upper East Side's scheming ways, and it didn't look good on her. I think she would be a more interesting character in a season or two, when she's grown up a bit. As for Charlie, I'm quite excited to see how this turns out! It's nice to have a fresh face to shake up the world a bit - getting stuck in the comfort of the core five leaves limited storylines. As much as a love them all, there#s only so many times Chuck and Blair can have a fight, or Serena can pine after Dan and vice versa before it becomes repetitive and annoying. Sticking to what you know is what kills a show, it's always better to take risks and go exploring. Looking forward to the season finale and a brand new season next September!


what!!!!! I really gonna miss jenny, and vanessa not that much, she is like invisible right now in the show, i think she is taking a good decision in going out the show, but im gonna miss the both :(
And please i dont want charlie in the show, and i dont like darlie, they are likedan and fake serena!!


I'll actually miss Jenny. Vanessa needed to move on since no one really appreciated her on this show for a good reason but I still think she has potential. But I'm most disappointed about Charlie staying- she's so annoying!

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