Taylor Momsen & Jessica Szohr Let Go From Gossip Girl; Kaylee DeFer Promoted to Series Regular!

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Gossip Girl is parting ways with Taylor Momsen and Jessica Szohr.

In surprising news this morning, it's been confirmed by TV Line that the two actresses will not be returning as series regulars for the CW show’s upcoming fifth season.

Both may be back on a guest star basis at some point, according to reports, but the actresses portraying Jenny and Vanessa are not part of the core cast anymore.

Oh Yeah, There's V
The Vixen Returns

The "core five" of Blake Lively, Leighton Meester, Penn Badgley, Ed Westwick and Chace Crawford will all be back this fall, as will Kaylee DeFer as a series regular.

DeFer, who first appeared last month as Serena's cousin Charlie, and who made quite the impression in last night's episode, offers the producers a fresh face.

Momsen has hardly made secret her desire to focus more on her music career, while Szohr’s character has been given little to do this spring ... or pretty much ever.

In that sense, maybe it's not too surprising. What do you think of these Gossip Girl casting shakeups? Are you excited or sad to see them go? Sound off below.

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YESSS!! best news ever


It SUCKS that jenny's gone now! Who the hell is Nate gonna end up now. He's just so useless without Jenny!! As for Vanessa I don't really care, I didn't hate her but I also never liked her. And please get Charlie out of the show...her voice is so annoying!!!
(Sorry for my bad english, it's not my first language)


Kinda sad Jenny's going....good drama w/her
But Vanessa? THANK THE LORD!! There's a reason we had a "Vanessa Uselessness Scale"


Wow, my fave couple is now gone. Why get rid of Vanessa. I LIKED HER! She wasnt just a regular upper east side snob. And GG=Life, you are so right!


I do not like charlie!!! I will miss Vanessa... yeah i know...i loved her and i have a huge girl crash on jessica szohr!! These is my last day in these site and Show..So sad what the writers and Some i am telling some Chair fans do to these show! Happy that Taylor and Jess are leaving t do something better...


yah! i am so happy that i will not see vanessa next season ;) i just don't like her!
as for jenny, i don't know. i never liked her and hated her actually. but i am not really sad that she is gone.
but charlie as a regular? i don't know. i just think georgina, juliet, raina or even carter(anyone remember him?) is better than her. especially juliet. she is so pretty and fit for the show!
anyway, happy to see vanessa is gone, i have been wishing it for seasonS!


I never had a problem with Vanessa actually.. nor did I pariculary like her. She wa always kind of boring, but (before she conspired with Juliet) I didn't understand why so many Vanessa-haters called her a bitch and such... okay, she was a little hypocritical at times... but all in all she wasn't the meanest of the girls. Not sad to see her go thoug, she qas boring, and now I don't have to read comments from brats on this site sayng "Vanessa is a bitch" or "Vanessa should be killed off".


Im sure all the Vanessa haters are happy. Regardless of what anybody said, I liked Vanessa and she's a whole lot easier to watch than that Charlie Chick. Why would they promote her and not that juliet character? Taylor Momsen outgrew the show anyways




I want Jenny, Vanessa/Jessica can do whatever she wants.....Taylor Momsen come back >

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