Taylor Momsen & Jessica Szohr Let Go From Gossip Girl; Kaylee DeFer Promoted to Series Regular!

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Gossip Girl is parting ways with Taylor Momsen and Jessica Szohr.

In surprising news this morning, it's been confirmed by TV Line that the two actresses will not be returning as series regulars for the CW show’s upcoming fifth season.

Both may be back on a guest star basis at some point, according to reports, but the actresses portraying Jenny and Vanessa are not part of the core cast anymore.

Oh Yeah, There's V
The Vixen Returns

The "core five" of Blake Lively, Leighton Meester, Penn Badgley, Ed Westwick and Chace Crawford will all be back this fall, as will Kaylee DeFer as a series regular.

DeFer, who first appeared last month as Serena's cousin Charlie, and who made quite the impression in last night's episode, offers the producers a fresh face.

Momsen has hardly made secret her desire to focus more on her music career, while Szohr’s character has been given little to do this spring ... or pretty much ever.

In that sense, maybe it's not too surprising. What do you think of these Gossip Girl casting shakeups? Are you excited or sad to see them go? Sound off below.

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Seriously though? How boring is that Charlie character, just a new upper east side bitch that of course will date every single guy from the show and will fight with every single other character till they dump her for another blond head.
By the way I don't find Gossip Girl that exciting anymore.. It's lost it's credibility.
Jenny was the best character the show had, next to B. Knowing we'll never see Taylor Momsen again really sucks, she's such a great actress and Jenny is what kept GG interesting! No matter how crazy the shit she did, it always stayed kind of realistic. GG, you're going down hill!


I can't imagine that the "public opinion" can have such an influence on the show - there were a lot Vanessa and Jenny haters which resulted in them not having any good storylines at all.. If that means that writers are going to follow the public opinion on Chair, I guess we can stop watching the show, cause we know how it's going to end..


NO! I have never really liked Jenny, but that doesn't mean I would want her gone! She stirred up drama and made the show interesting! Bring back Jenny and take Charlie the hell out..she sucks!


This show sucks without jenny u.u
so goodbye gg you are officially irrelevant !!!


cousin Charlie on Gossip Girl = cousin Oliver on "The Brady Bunch" IMO


its official they should change the name of the show to the van der woodsen's and their 2 friends (Nate and Blair) because everyone else in the show is either blood related (serena & Eric, Dan & (now gone) Jenny) or they r legally related (Dan, Serena, Eric, chuck,(now gone) Jenny) Rufus and Lilly r married AND now they add the Van Der Woodsen's cousin Charlie. seriously they could rename the show "The Van Der Woodsen's and Their Two Friends"!


Yay! I hate them both. Jenny is an annoying little bitch and so is Vanessa.


Honestly ... Thinking about it I think Vanessa was more useful this season then Nate! She became a villain and was backstabbed!!


Good riddance to Vanessa! Not gonna miss her one bit! Bye bye! Dont even want to see your mug next season even for a second. stay away for good! I will miss Jenny! Please bring her into really good storylines next season!


WHAT THE F*CK!!! JENNY IS GONE FOR GOOD?? I literally watch every episode this season wishing Jenny would suddenly appear when they turn the corner and now there's no reason to hope cause she's not even a REGULAR anymore!!! D:< ugh worst mistake EVER! And I'm sad to see jessica go I really hope she finds other work cause I like that actress and I liked her in piranha 3D! Lol sure Vanessa wasn't very useful for most of the show but she did help out in some of the drama and I HATE to see series regulars replaced by other ppl this is just like The OC luckily they didn't Kill Jenny like they killed Marissa though! But seriously changing series regulars usually=end of show! Especially now that Charlie is the new series regular! Seriously? WTF were they thinking!!?!? How about all the other awesome guest stars like Eric, Georgina, Damien and Juliet! They were all better then Charlie! Ugh I'm so irked! I really hope Taylor guest stars a LOT next season!!! Now I guess Nate and Rufus r most useless... Personally I think Nate is more then Rufus, at least Rufus gives off some helpful advice every now and then Nate just stands there and looks pretty! Awww now I'm disappointed cause I realized why I liked Nate in the first place.... I always wanted him to end up with Jenny! Ugh ..... Sad day for me :(

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