The Big Bang Theory Review: "The Wildebeest Implementation"

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"The Wildebeest Implementation" was the third TBBT episode in a row where the girls and the guys were featured equally. I think we can officially declare that the show has shifted its format, especially since the four guys were only together for a few minutes in the very last scene.

Overall, I've found this new dynamic to be entertaining and feel it will extend the life of this very funny show, although I do miss Penny's individual relationships with Leonard and Sheldon. Her character is getting a bit lost in the mix.

Raj in Action

The opening bathroom scene with the girls was funny. To talk or not talk while peeing? Between that and seeing Amy in the high heels shoes, she has shifted from an annoying character to one that I enjoy watching.

She was originally a female Sheldon and that didn't really work for me. Now that she is hanging with the girls, I'm enjoying her socially challenged ways.

Unlike Sheldon, who resists anything "normal", Amy is drawn to that. She wants to have a "bestie" and do girl things.

I'm sad to say that the least funny and dare I say it - boring - part of the show surrounded Sheldon this week. That may be a first in The Big Bang Theory history.

The joke about the game being for three people was not funny the first time with Leonard and definitely not funny the second time with Raj.

Actually, most of the Sheldon and Raj stuff at the apartment was just odd. Though, in the big picture of the episode it worked for me. In this case, the lows surrounding Sheldon made the highs so much better.

This episode had perhaps the funniest moment on television: Raj wooing the girl in the coffee house. When he took off his shirt, I just lost it. And, it got better from there. His undies! Stark-naked! My mouth opened so wide in utter shock.

Just thinking about it, I'm cracking up. Raj went from a mute around girls to having absolutely no inhibitions at all. Those drugs are a dangerous thing.

The dinner party proved one thing to me - Leonard is not over Penny. I'm not sure why Priya and Leonard are still together. Every week something happens to suggest that they should break up, but they don't. When will they finally do it? It has to be next week in the finale, right?

There hasn't been a single mention of Howard and Bernadette's engagement since she said "yes"; I expected Priya to say something about it in the kitchen. This is another storyline I would love to see brought up again in the finale.

Overall, this episode had a few very funny moments and TBBT quotes, while the rest fell flat.


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ZOMG! you mark! im trying to find real reviews for BBT and your stuff keeps popping up on google. i didnt know it was possible but your opinion is actually wrong. no really, your opinion just sucks. i dont think you understand the concept of season arcs or character conflict, because you keep demanding the writers to write it so everyone is happy and there are rainbows and Leonard gets Penny. Leonard-Penny is so boring, beauty and the geek relationship concept is well and truly run into the ground, give it up. its just so mind-numbingly predicatble. typical penny-leonard scene: penny: whats ____ mean? leonard: it means (complicated explanantion), how could you not know that? penny gets angry "tension" "conflict" "lame resolution" BBT are pumping out quality atm and u want leonard and Penny back together???? Priya creates tension and drama for leonard's character, stop questioning it, the writers arent stupid, leonard will have to make his choice soon, its called the slow-build, it keeps viewers hooked, if u were running the series the arc wouldve probably been covered in 3 episodes. Please PLEASE learn about what makes good television if you insist on bogging down my google searches


HAHAHA, I just realized my typo... Howard and BERNADETTE'S wedding...Not Amy...


I would like Priya if she wasn't such a snot to everyone. I was close to feeling bad for her when Penny, Amy, and Bernadette were attempting to manipulate her but...As soon as she was back in Leonard's face about Penny, turning him into a dribbling mess, I was instantly put off again. Leonard spent a long time trying to gain confidence after years of feeling inadequate and now he's groveling to keep Priya from being jealous? I get Priya wanting a little space to get the relationship off the ground but now that they've been dating for a while... There's no reason to be such a bitch about Penny. Who has been the guy's friend and neighbor for years. Before and after her relationship with Leonard. She's close with Sheldon, Raj, Howard, Amy and Bernadette...How can Priya expect her NEVER to be around? What about at Howard and Amy's wedding? Should Leonard ignore Penny while at a mutual friend's party? Stir up unnecessary drama? Leonard isn't a cheater. If she thinks he would bang Penny while with her then maybe she should consider looking elsewhere. Although there aren't that many people that would put up with her crap. Especially since she won't stand up to her parents, when her baby brother Raj has done so...On numerous occasions. Seems pathetic.


I think Priya is a breath of fresh air. They needed a real normal person on the show and she is perfect.


I've noticed that they have started to dress Penny up more lately. And she's wearing more makeup. I fist noticed a few episode ago when she and Priya were walking up the stairs together. I wonder if this is Kaley Cuoco's idea or production. If it's Cuoco's idea and she's competing with Priya(Aarti Mann), it's a lost cause. Priya wins hands down.


Joey, I think you might be right. I also think that Raj and Penny might hook up.


Raj is moving in with Sheldon because Leonard and Priya are getting engaged. That's where I see it going.


Raj IS moving in with Sheldon at the end of the season. CBS has released this in their press release about the season finales. Some great moments this week: (POSSIBLE SPOILER ALERT!!) -The opening scene in the ladies' room with the Girl Group.
-Leonard and Amy's exchange in the hall after she toddles up the stairs in her new shoes.
-The whole shoe subplot with Amy and Penny.
-Leonard's befuddlement at dinner when confronted by Priya. (He sounded like Porky Pig.)(Hey Priya, insecure and jealous much?)
-Bernadette's breakdown during her involvement in the "operation." (Melissa Rauch was HILARIOUS!!)
-Raj's reaction to yet another experimental drug from those maniacs in the Pharmacology department.(Won't he ever learn?) Overall, a much better episode than last week!


Does anybody know who is the designer for the cream red trimmed strappy open boot like high heels?


I agree with the review regarding to Amy. At first I really didn't like her character but now with the girls, she's awesome. I loved the scene with Leonard xD

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