The CW Reveals Fall Schedule, Shifts 90210, Nikita

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The CW will air nights dedicated to both Josh Schwartz and Kevin Williamson this fall.

Each producer has a new show debuting in September, as Schwartz reunites with OC star Rachel Bilson (below) on Hart of Dixie and Williamson takes the reigns on Secret Circle. When will these programs air? And what series will be shifted around in order to make room for them?

Hart of Dixie Cast Pic

Check out the new lineup below:

8 p.m. Gossip Girl
9 p.m. Hart of Dixie (NEW)

8 p.m. 90210
9 p.m. Ringer (NEW)

8 p.m. H8R (NEW)
9 p.m. America’s Next Top Model

8 p.m. The Vampire Diaries
9 p.m. The Secret Circle

8 p.m. Nikita
9 p.m. Supernatural

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ok jacquline thats mean i think its gonna be great i like the new schedule i think the new shows and new seasons will be great.


Maybe i'll move to the US, your TV is amazing!!! then again, i probably wouldn't leave the couch. looking forward to the new seasons of OTH, SPN, GG, Smallville (S10), Hart of Dixie, Supernatural and so many more.


But when does The Vampires Diaries Season 3 (CANT WAIT!!!)start? Like the month and day??? XD


Love Nikita. Any day any time


I'm so exited to see Rachel Bilson on TV! Thank god for Hart of Dixie! And of course a 5th season of Gossip Girl! I won't be able to catch all of these on the air, but I will stream every thing online!


TVDObssession- Hellcats is cancelled and Heavenly will not be on at all as it wasn't picked up from pilot to sereis thank god. I will be check out Ringer, for sure watch 90210, Gossip Girl, Nikita, Vampire Diaires, Secret Circle, Hart ofr Dixie, America's Next Top Model,.


So excited for the secret circle & the ringer. can't wait!!!!


what abot oe tree hill and supernatural oohh and castle and ones


Gossip Girl was the only show I watched on Mondays! UGH, won't be able to watch it in the fall bc of the air time conflicts with my driving home -_-


i think that they should have 90210 on thursday nights after vampire diaries.

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