The Finder to Fill in For Bones in Mid-Season

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Bones' spinoff The Finder will debut in mid-season, Fox said Monday.

The new show, introduced last month in an episode of Bones appropriately called "The Finder," will also coincide with Emily Deschanel going on maternity leave.

The Finder will take the place of Bones Thursdays in early 2012, probably for 10-13 episodes. Bones will air its normal slate of episodes this fall and next spring.

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Are you excited to see the new series from Bones creator Hart Hanson?

Many fans were lukewarm to the new show, but largely because it ate up an episode of Bones. On its own merit, The Finder at least partially won over the Fox brain trust.

Geoff Stults, Saffron Burrows and Michael Clarke Duncan showed promise as the anchors of the new series based on The Locator novels, however. Do you agree? Discuss.

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I think the finder is a bad spin-off, its booooooring


I'm happy for The Finder but I'm even happier that this means that there will be no Bones repeats and only one Hiatus throughout the season unlike this year when it seemed like we have 2 eps and then a 3 week break. We still get 23 (?) episodes of Bones so I can't complain:)

Sue ann

Bones is the only show I watch on Fox. I believe I will be keeping it that way. At the time, I was not impressed with The Finder, and in retrospect, I like it even less. The premise is ridiculous. The toilet eposode was in bad taste. The cockney accent was poorly done. Michael Clarke Duncan is charming, but to have anyone that huge sitting around essentially being a Greek chorus is also ridiculous. Finding Brennan's lost item with zero information was ridicuous. Do I overuse the word? The whole show was ridiculous. Thanks for asking.


I know that the finder just means more hiatus from bones and i don't live in the United States or even anywhere in south or north america so i won't watxh the finder unless a portuguese network buys it. The only shows iwatch online are How i met your mother, Bones, glee and of course Grey's Anatomy. And those were a litttle hard to find without having to download, or go to some website requiring for you to create an account or picking a freaken survey so i won't waste my time serching for a web-site for the finder.
Besides i thought the plot for the Finder was really boring some guy walking around in underpants (the highlit of it) and then we just see him sitting on the couch googling or whatever.
Let's pray for less Grey's hiatus so i'll have something to watch while bones is on hiatus...


I enjoyed the Episode and I loved All the characters.


If this is the best FOX has to offer for next season.
It will be one dull and boring season. The Finder was a big disappointment for me.
Overall is was a bad show with bad writing and horrible


it was good the lead guy was hot but saffron burrows fake cockney accent was grating on my nerves


Would not waste any more time watching this
crap. I saw the April 21th episode.... It was
boring. How or why did FOX pick up this for a
show... I do not understand.
Guess, I will be watching reruns of Law and Order
when this is on mid season.

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